Camp Chef vs Grilla Grills | Double Wall Insulation Test in Cold Weather
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Camp Chef vs Grilla Grills | Double Wall Insulation Test in Cold Weather

Today here in Michigan we got our first frost,
so we thought this would be a great day to talk about an attribute that both the Silverbac
and Grilla have, that is often overlooked. It’s called a steel thermal jacket. Both these grills have double wall insulation
on the inside, which allows these grills to obtain the higher temperatures in the cold
weather. So looking at our competitors, we got Camp
Chef, we got Traeger, we got RecTec, Louisiana, GMG. They are all good grills and nothing bad about
them but what they offer you is a additional thermal blanket. Well couple problems in my mind is one, I’ve
seen people talk about how they got to store these nasty, smelly, greasy blankets. Two, you have to lift your lid with a blanket
on top of it. And three, they cost money man. I mean these things are anywhere from 79 to
150 dollars for this blanket. So, that’s something that is built into these
grills. That thermal jacket that we talked about,
is basically from here down. So that allows all that heat to stay in there. We also got the 12 gauge stainless steel lid
that helps keep the heat reflected back in there. I got a cut away here that kind of demonstrates
it a little bit better. So as you can see, from the grates down, there
is a thermal jacket installed. This is aluminized steel, won’t rust. What that does is help keep the heat in, the
cool out and it does that by having a barrier here. Much like a double pain window. You just need a little bit of an air gap in
there and it acts as great insulation. Much like the Silverbac, the Grilla also has
that steel thermal jacket on the inside. Opening the lid, you can see there is steel
thermal jacket that wraps around the inside of the grill. Basically from here down. Again that keeps the cold out, heat in, creates
that basically inch to 3/4 inch barrier between the fire and the outer-body of the grill. Okay so today we are going to do a little
bit of test to help show you what these thermal jackets can do. So we have the camp chef single wall, we have
the double wall Silverbac, the double wall Grilla. We got them all running at 400 degrees. We are going to take some temperature measurements
of the body.That’s showing you how much heat is getting out and is on the surface. Alright so the Camp Chef we are at about 300
degree on the outer skin of the grill. Silverbac double wall, we are about 215. Grilla double wall, 215. So as you can see with the single wall versions,
the double wall versions out shine them, and it’s no different than double pan windows
in your house man, it’s what you need to do to get good efficiency. We have seen up to 33 percent better fuel
efficiency. You are going to get that cost savings through
the life of the ownership of the grill. You won’t find that double wall construction
until you get 1200 – 1500 range then you might start seeing other manufacturers that have
that, and again that is standard on our grills. So we think that is really a great thing that
people need to consider when you are looking at an all weather grill. So again, I’m Mark Graham, engineering manger
at Grilla Grills. Thanks for listening and hope some of the
information I shared today will help you make a sound decision in your buying purchase. Sign up for our newsletter, we got a lot of
new stuff coming out. Sauces, rubs, accessories that are pretty
slick and we are excited about. Shoot us an email, and you can always call
me as our customers know I’ll be glad to answer any questions you have, and have a great day.

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25 thoughts on “Camp Chef vs Grilla Grills | Double Wall Insulation Test in Cold Weather

  1. I love my silverbac. It's used numerous times a week. My only complaint is it over shoots on temp settings and my temperature probe has quit working. But other than that it's very nice. I put some high temp gasket material around the lid to keep smoke from rolling out around it. I'm very satisfied with my purchase.

  2. I essentially use my Silverbac just about every day and couldn't be happier with the purchase. One person commented about the temp swings, but that's what it's supposed to do! The only thing missing is a front shelf. The hopper top can be used as a shelf, but to transfer food to it becomes tricky and my dog knows to stand close as I drip things on the transfer. Other than that, I wouldn't change a thing. Time will tell with quality of product, I've had mine since May and some minor maintenance and it all seems to be going well. I seriously use it 4-5 days out of a 7 day week.

  3. After searching high and low without finding much, I've started a forum for Grilla grill owners where we can have discussions, tips and hints, recipe sharing, show off your creations with photos, post your youtube videos, etc. There is very little content on there at the moment, but I hope that once it starts to grow, it will be worthwhile. Also, there will never be any ads, monetization and fluff associated with Facebook and other social media sites. You can find the forums at Thanks.

  4. The other issue with blankets is the smoke stains the outside of the units instead of just blowing away.
    I keep crossing my fingers to win a Silverbac. I kick myself for not buying a Grilla I spotted on Craigslist, the guy bought it and got a job transfer or something. I should have jumped on it. I was in a hurry and did not have time to research before he sold it.
    But what I learned about Grilla Grills greatly impressed me. It will be my only choice when I get ready to buy full size unit. I bought a GMG Davey Crockett since I could get in at $300 delivered. But it's kinda not a home run for me.
    GREAT job Grilla!!!! You guys impress me I tell everyone I can they need to look at you guys. No one had heard of you out west but that is changing !!!

  5. Do you know someone who is looking for a smoker this holiday and winter season? Make sure to share this video with them!

  6. Hi, im a jerky maker and i have the smoke vault from camp chef 18" version, and the door is from stainless steal but the rest of it, it not, and i noticed that the door has a lot of heat on it, and the jerky that is close to the door, gets cooked very well, but the other walls, specially the one on the back its not being cooked, how can i make it more efficient? with a stainless steel on the back?

  7. This is a awesome grill.>>>    I used it to smoke a brisket. This is the way it should always be done!

  8. I think you need to repeat your temperature test and measure temperature on the top of the grill on the lid. We all know that heat rises and I would bet that a significant amount of heat is being lost at the uninsulated portion of the grill. Would Grilla consider doing a double wall lid?

  9. The double wall is a good concept for efficiency. I agree that the blanket idea is not a good answer. On the other hand, I would rather see the grills made with a stainless steel body that won't eventually rust out and spend the extra on pellet consumption. I can see the application of engineering with an attempt to keep the price down in the design. Once a pellet grill gets up above $400, it becomes a significant purchase that people are going to want to use for 10 -15 years before having to replace the entire grill. Grilla Grills have more thought in the design than many others. Not a bad grill for the money from what I have seen.

  10. I have 2 Traeger grills and I know from experience they have trouble maintaining temperature when it’s cold outside the GRILLA grill looks like it would be better maintaining temperature
    I have also found a moving blanket works good to help maintain temperature and they don’t cost a hundred bucks

  11. Aluminum dissipates heat quickly, I have not seen a double insulated anything, just an extra piece of metal… meh. gorilla ? wtf does a gorilla have to do with a grill? sound the same and they are tough? do they have a PID algorithm ? say no. lol

  12. I live in the Great Lakes area and been looking at pellet grills for a while. But having to store it out side and wanting to grill year round. I been wondering how these would work on cold windy days? How are they in the middle of January?

  13. need to make a tray standard………… and a quick way to empty the ashes and the left over pellets IMO

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