Can Chefs Make Broccoli-Haters Change Their Mind?
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Can Chefs Make Broccoli-Haters Change Their Mind?

– Knock, knock. Who’s there? – (man) Who there? – Me and this *Bleeped* broccoli that I’m about to make you eat. No, that’s my own. (Dramatic music) – I hate broccoli. – I hate everything about broccoli. – I hate broccoli. – My parents tried to serve me broccoli a bunch of different ways,
and at the end of the day, as soon as they left the
room, I would often just throw it away. – Whenever I go out to eat with friends and I get broccoli on my dish, I always give it away to somebody else. – I went on a date where a guy told me he was going to cook me dinner. And it was a nice steak, which I love, and then a huge side of
broccoli, which I hate. Do I eat the broccoli and
hope I don’t throw up? Or do I not eat the broccoli
and then I’m the 22 year old who still won’t eat her vegetables? So I ended up just pushing
it around my plate. Never saw him again. So. – I just think there
is no way that anybody could make me like broccoli. – There is nothing that any of these chefs can do to
get me to like broccoli. It’s been tried. It’s not going to happen. – I don’t think there is anything you can do to make me like broccoli. My name is Ross Pineda, currently a junior sioux chef over at Pig and Cow. Been cooking professionally
for about three years now. – I’m happy, healthy, latina. Aka chef Yadi. Aka the vegetable slayer. And I’m bringing that plant
based natural Caribbean flavor to all the cooking that I do. I think I’ve been cooking
professionally for about five years. A lot of the work that I do is actually with children, and so I’m constantly having to
hide and tuck vegetables and blend them and deconstruct
it and bring it in some way. – I have to be a picky
eater. Since growing up, I’ve had a lot of allergies. You kind of grow around it and learn how to substitute things. With my experience with picky eaters, It’s a little bit difficult
sometimes, not going to lie. At the end of the day, you got
to make everybody satisfied with what you do and what you cook. For all y’all picky eaters out there, we trying to meet y’all. Come see us. – Bring us our victims. – Throwing it down. – We’re ready to make believers. – We here that you’re one of these people now that don’t like broccoli. Why is that? – I don’t like the taste,
I don’t like the smell, I don’t like the texture,
I don’t like the color, I don’t like the gag reflex it gives me. – Oh, it makes you gag! Oh, that’s a new level of hate! – Oh, that’s new! – I think it’s the texture, you know. – Texture. – Just, like, the little
fuzzy bits on the top of it. – Florets. We learn something new today. – [Yadi] Yes! – I don’t understand how
you’re supposed to eat it. It confuses me. Do I eat the top? Do I eat the bottom? Do I
eat it all at the same time? – Our taste buds change, our
pallets develop and change as we get older. I
think you have this scar with broccoli, but you may not… – Lots of scars. – You may not have… lots
of scars. Emotional scars. – I think the only times
I’ve ever been presented with broccoli it’s just been steamed. And it’s just not…. – Well, this is what I’m
always talking about. It’s not that people
don’t like vegetables, it’s that they don’t do the
same things to vegetables that they do let’s say to like proteins. Season it, put sauces on it. – What are the kind of
things you do like to eat? – Spicy food. – Okay. – Savory things. – Very herbaceous foods. – I like savory, like spicy. – I dance when I’m happy. – Yeah. – So you’re saying things that I like, so like savory, spicy. You’re going to be in a
situationship with broccoli after today, okay? – Okay, I can get with that. – Not a relationship,
just a situationship. – A one night stem, if I might add. – Good luck. – Thank you. – I appreciate it. – Y’all need it. – May the odds be ever in your favor. – I think they’re going to go from hating broccoli to at least mildly liking it or possibly loving it. – Who knows what is going to happen. (Upbeat music) – [Yadi] I cannot wait to mix in Dominican and Caribbean
flavors into vegetables. I decided to go two
chains on this broccoli. I’m going to make it two
ways and I’m going to deconstruct it. First I’m
going to bring it into a broccoli, corn, and
black eyed pea fritter. And then I’m going to
do a charred broccoli chimichurri sauce on the bottom. I don’t think they’re expecting some heat, some spice, some savoriness. I’m bringing sweet corn into my fritters to balance out the broccoli taste. But my chimichurri has
sofrito in it which is a Dominican Caribbean green spice blend. So that’s my kind of
different little take on it. – Got a little trick up my sleeve. What I’m going to be
making is a corn aioli with a chimichurri mixed inside. Shhhh! People are always like scared about the flavor of broccoli. The
char adds flavor and disguises the broccoli. If you like BBQ, you like anything charred, you know what I mean? I think that introducing the corn with the chimichurri will make it over the top. (upbeat music) – [Yadi] So much broccoli! – [Ross] Mad broccoli, right? – [Yadi] Mad broccoli, son! They said they like spice,
they like herbiness, they like brightness.
So I got Jalapeno to get Jalap in your face. I
got some chopped cilantro for the herbiness and I’m
coming back with the zester. So, we’ve got some
broccoli corn fritters here over a charred broccoli
sofrito chimichurri with jalapeno, fresh cilantro,
and lemon zest garnish. We came to slay the broccoli game. – [Ross] So, I finally finished my plate. What we have here is a charred broccoli charred corn aioli with sirloin and a charred broccoli chimichurri on top. (dramatic music) – [Yadi] One for each of you. – Ready, okay. Let’s go. – It’s not that strong of a broccoli taste at all. There’s a lot going on. – Yeah. – If it were not for the color, I wouldn’t know that there was
like green veggies in here. – I think that slight
edge is going to go to the veggie dish. I like the
spicy Jalapenos going on. – This is really hard, because like, both of them were really
good and they were both super flavorful. I
thought it was interesting that both dishes also had corn. I think the corn masked the
broccoli taste really well. But I feel like I prefer the appetizer dish over the steak dish. – The appetizer dish had so many different flavors. And when I was biting into it and thinking
about how many vegetables were in it, I was just like so shocked. And the steak dish was
also great. The fact that it had like vegetables and broccoli on it, but I liked the appetizer dish. – Dare I say, do we have some
broccoli lovers a little bit? If it was… did you
love the broccoli today? – I’m not a broccoli lover, per say. But, I’m a believer now that you can make broccoli taste good if you have some bomb ass professional
chefs prepare it for you. – My mom would be smiling
really proudly right now. Maybe crying. – Yes! – So do you think we
slayed this challenge? – Teamwork make the
dreamwork, baby. It’s lit. – Broccoli!

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100 thoughts on “Can Chefs Make Broccoli-Haters Change Their Mind?

  1. You did two different versions of cover the broccoli taste and then asked them if they loved broccoli? They even said they didn't taste it!!

  2. Bruh, I need to be on this show. I dont eat any vegetables except for fried yuka
    I don't even eat lettuce and tomatoes on burgers

  3. They seemed to hide the broccoli more than try to show it off in a way the people who like. They kept trying to mask the broccoli, not make it good. People liked the dishes because they couldn't taste the broccoli

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  5. I hate broccoli 🥦 but I’m starting to like it………..I don’t love broccoli I just like it a little bit

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  7. That girl wearing the black shirt is also in the Brussel Sprouts video. Wow, just be a carnivore girl. Don't eat vegetables anymore

  8. I love broccoli.
    Broccoli omelet with rice and soy sauce is literally my favourite breakfast.

  9. I Love boccoli its my favorite vegtable and I have no fricking idea why people hate broccoli so much…!

  10. What about the thing that is distasteful.
    It's a chunky meaty green plant that has mass to it. Yu eat the whole thing.

    It's like eatin a small tree dat ain't got no wood!

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    I tried once and i like it i want to eat it again but my mom never cook any broccoli. I guess it's because it's expensive here in my country, idk how expensive though.

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