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100 thoughts on “Can These Chefs Turn A Kid’s Dragon Drawing Into Delicious Dishes? • Tasty

  1. Keturah kind of reminds me off Clawdeen from Monster high.Clawdeen was my favorite character in that show….They both are soo pretty and funny and cool!

  2. i don’t think the chemistry between these two chefs worked. but i like how there was finally a kid who appreciated a savory dish

  3. When katurah was explaining her dish …
    Her:so I'm making,(a bunch of stuff whose names I still don't know)
    Me:what!wait,there's a thing like that!……have I been living under a rock all this time???…..

  4. Hahahahaha,l've just noticed,the girl with a pink outfit should be in the pink part,and the girl with a green outfit should be in the green part,ahahahha!!

  5. This is easily one of the best episodes of I draw, You cook.
    Each chef has their own flawed moments and risks they took and the match really could've went either way. Kudos to both and I love their personalities

  6. they said I'm pretty confident because I'm doing sweets but the other girl is doing her fav foods she actually listensed

  7. I've always loved spicy food and spaghetti and fish has been one of my favorite meals since I was her age. I would have loved that plate as a kid too. I also would love right now lol

  8. I loved Keturah she is so funny and friendly! The only thing I hated her nails.. 😶 too long and nailpolish.. really doesn't look like a chef ~

  9. After 58 seconds of the video
    I really don't understand the dress , the fake lashes, the fake nails all of that make up, accessories for a kids show

  10. When Kutuara said everything we’ve done today we thought were simple… Me: if you think your dish is simple, I don’t want to know what you think is hard.

  11. i don't get why merle made a vegan dish,i know she is vegan but she won't even eat it so i wouldn't risk the kid not liking the vegan cake

  12. Why do I feel like those trees she made looked like the trees drawn in the pictures in slender man?

    Ya know. /|

  13. The cook who made fish asked the kid if it was sweet or salty and she said Sweet so why did she make a dish that wasn’t sweet.

  14. very sick of at least one chef every episode going full blown sugar. it’s the same thing everytime, just with a different theme

  15. Am i the only one who things Keturah has a horrible personality and is most definitely full of herself because she was in MasterChef? I mean, "I'd rather cook for Gordon Ramsay" like seriously? That was arrogant and insensitive. I love Merle and I hoped she'd win❤️

  16. 7:03 Well lady, I guess you haven't met me yet then. Because I'd choose savoury or sour foods over sweets but I do love sweets though, not as much.

  17. Keturah totally deserved to win this one! Usually the kids choose the sweet dish, even if it isn't accurate to what they want.. I'm glad this girl was smart and chose the right one

  18. it feels like 90% of kids on this show always choose the diabetes plate, so Im glad Keturah won her dish was very creative and smart

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