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100 thoughts on “Can These Chefs Turn This Robot Drawing into Actual Food? • Tasty

  1. Oh god hes so cute and adorable and the way he keeps complimenting them is frickin adorable i fricken melted

  2. “A kid wouldn’t choose savory over sweet”

    Wrong. There’s just a certain feeling of happiness your cultural food brings vs eating a sweet junk food that doesn’t.

    Uhm, if you grew up with an ethnic background that’s big around food that’s apart of our culture, you would understand that food overpowers sweets, even for kids. Our parents taught us growing up the importance of foods, and the joy and love it brings. For example, Hispanics, Asians, African, etc.. If you put a slice of cake and some candy on one side of a Mexican kid, and some tamales on the other… they’re going for the tamales. When you grow up eating delicious food apart of your culture, you’ll always choose savory. Like with Filipino people.. as a kid growing up I would choose some sinigang and lumpia over icecream and cupcakes any day. Again, there’s just a certain feeling of happiness your cultural food brings vs eating a sweet junk food.

  3. I cringed when she didn’t rinse the rice…. or season the canned beans or add ANYTHING.

    Coming from an Asian.. also black.

  4. Alexis in one video: can barely use a micorwave

    Me: Wow!

    Alexis in this one: uses it perfectly

    Me: I see you made progress.

  5. Tasty, please do a lot more of "I Draw, You Cook' video. we are having so much fun watching this episode with the great chef and the children. Love ; )

  6. 4:28. I’m that kid that prefers ground beef over caramel. Both dishes looked good though. I think the dessert one looked cooler, and the savory food one looked more appealing. Ya, I know. I’m weird.

  7. I don’t think many people would like Betsy’s dish, as it’s vegetables and fruits. Unless you like vegetables and fruits, though. 😂

  8. Betsy’s meal was something you would find at Nando’s and it looked so delicious except the fact it had nothing to do with the robot theme

  9. they don't have older kids on because they would take really long to draw the thing cause they want to make it look perfect (mood)

  10. I wish I could do this but let’s be real, I would curse a lot and I’m a pretty picky eater. Like I hate peppers, dark Chocolate, onions, corn, peas and more

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