Can This Chef Create a Kid’s Imaginary Meal?
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Can This Chef Create a Kid’s Imaginary Meal?

– Ugh, yikes. I just wanna say that I
would never ever make this for myself, but I really hope he likes it. (light music) – Hello! – [Woman] Hi Jackson. How are you doing? – [Jackson] Good! – Good. Okay, cool. So, if you could have any
dish in the world today, what would you have? – It will be dragon fire chicken
with pizza stuffed inside. – What is that supposed to mean? What is dragon fire supposed to mean? Maybe you could draw it for
me and help me out a little. – [Jackson] Here’s a chicken part. – Okay, is it just a
regular chicken flavor? Does it have, is it garlicky? Is it spicy? – Spicy. – Spicy, you like spicy food? Whoa, okay. What’s spicy to a kid? Like, how much spice can he handle? You know, I don’t want
to go too overboard, so, I’m just gonna you know,
tiptoe into spicy territory. Oh that’s a big chicken. Let’s talk about the pizza. – [Jackson] Here’s a pizza. – [Alexis] What toppings do you like? – [Jackson] Peppers. – Peppers? Does it have pepperoni? – Yes.
– Yes? Okay. Okay, green and red peppers, pepperoni pizza. – [Jackson] Here’s the dragon. – That’s the dragon? You know there’s a full on
dragon inside of this chicken. What? I mean, I don’t know what I’m gonna do. And you said that there’s dragon flames? – [Jackson] Uh huh. – What do dragon flames taste like? – It tastes like olives. – I would assume dragon
fire could be like ketchup. Or you know, something like red and saucy. And he said tastes like olive. Okay, this is really helpful. Thank you so much. I mean, I’m gonna try my best. Do you believe in me? – Yes.
– Yes? Okay. That’s the vote of confidence I need. My plan, we’ll see how it goes, I’m going to pound a
chicken breast really thin, put a bunch of spices
on it, not too spicy. And then fill it with
marinara, mozzarella, peppers, pepperoni, roll it up, and then I’m
gonna take puff pastry and brush it with tapenade. And then I’m gonna put the chicken inside of the puff pastry and wrap it up. That way you have some of
the like, dough component of what pizza could be. And it’s gonna hold it all together, so it’s not gonna be like this giant mess. I don’t know if that’s really gonna work. But, we’ll see. Okay, so I’m gonna start with
just a tiny bit of cayenne. Cayenne’s pretty aggressive
and Jackson is six. So don’t want to get too crazy. Some Italian seasoning,
paprika, maybe that’s like a nod to fire and flames too. Two teaspoons of salt. A little pepper, so he
wanted red and green peppers. There’s not gonna be that
much room for filling, so I don’t think we need that much. I was thinking that the
pepperoni should be layered, but maybe it should be chopped. Anyone? – [Voiceover] Full pepperoni. – Full pepperoni, okay. So now we’re gonna pound
the chicken breast. Gonna wash my hands. (light music) And just gonna go for it. (mallet pounds) So I feel like pounding the
chicken breast really thin is just gonna give more
options for filling it. It might not be what he intended, you know, artistic, (classical music) what the (bleeps) the word? – [Voiceover] Creative liberty. – Thank you. I was gonna say liability,
and it was like, [Voiceover] Liability? Yeah, but taking a creative, – [Voiceover] Liberty. – Liberty. So, spiced chicken (laughs) I’m gonna wash my hands again. Sorry, I forgot that the
oven needs to be pre-heated so I just did that. Let me just check the
temperature, one sec. – [Voiceover] Sorry, what? – Oh no, I’m just talking to myself. Now I’m gonna layer some mozzarella on top of this ruby chicken. I think a layer of pepperoni. He seemed really enthusiastic
about the peppers. Like, this feels like a
lot to me, but we’ll see. Oh, and another layer of cheese, kids love cheese, it’s tasty. Okay. So, okay so this giant chicken mound, okay this cheese clearly needs to leave. So we have this like weird chicken log that we’re gonna chill in the
refrigerator for a little bit. My work here is done. I forgot marinara sauce. Oh no, it’s like kind of crucial to pizza. Should I unwrap it? What should I do? – [Voiceover] Yeah. – (bleeps) Okay. Agh, okay. Back again. Okay, oh boy. This is like, what am I doing? Okay, back to the fridge. So, now that the chicken
is chilling for a bit, I’m gonna roll out the puff pastry and see if I can make some puff pastry flames. (laughs) Does this look like a flame? I don’t know, it looks
like a sad turkey hand. Like, maybe it needs some
more, like, flames on flames. Like layers of flames. What? Huh? You know, actually if you
hold this upside down, it could almost look like this flame. I feel like the bone is more
successful than the fire. It unfortunately does
look like a dog bone. I feel like he could have, you know, he could have tried to
do something similar. Now I’m going to brush the puff
pastry with olive tapenade. Since dragon flames taste
like olive, of course. With beef wellington you
have a layer of like, minced mushrooms called duxelles. So, maybe the tapenade won’t be that bad. So, just gonna fold it
up like a little present. Okay, so it turns out that this is smaller than I anticipated. So maybe there’s only room for one flame. I think the flames can overlap. It looks like a dragon egg. Hey, that’s a really good start. So I’m gonna brush it in egg wash, sprinkle it with flaky sea salt, because you know, I
doubt Jackson will care, but I just feel like it’ll
make it a little nicer. And in the oven it goes. The bones a little dark. So this needs some more time,
but I need to remove this so I don’t feed him a
totally charred bone. This is not my best planning, let’s say. It actually looks better
than I anticipated. I feel like the flames actually really came to life in baking. It did explode a bit on the bottom, but he’s not gonna see that. And I know, it didn’t call for parsley. But I just can’t help myself. (loud choir sings) Jackson’s about to eat
this weird creation. I don’t know if he was expecting
this kind of interpretation but I feel like it looks good. And I hope the flavors work together. Crossin’ my fingers. Are you ready to see what I made? – Yes. – Okay. (laughs) Okay, so everything is inside. So the chicken, and pizza
stuff is all inside of here. What do you think so far? (laughs) Okay, lets’ see. Do you want to try it? – Yes.
– Yes! – [Jackson] That’s a huge knife. – It is a huge knife. Whoa. So there’s the chicken, and
inside there’s pepperoni and cheese, and peppers,
there’s olives on the outside of it because that’s what you
said dragon flames taste like. Okay, ready? (fast saxophone music) Is it spicy? Too spicy? Oh no! (gags) Oh no. Too spicy. Okay, so I’m a little
afraid to do this now, but if you had to rate
this dish in emojis, here are all your choices. (laughs) That’s probably accurate! (laughs) You know what, that’s a fair assessment. It’s not that bad. – [Jackson] Which one? (laughs) I think I’m this one. It’s not that bad. It kinda tastes like pizza chicken. Maybe if it wasn’t spicy
it would have been better. (playful instrumental music) Take some creative liberties to make sure this isn’t absolutely repulsive, so. (laughs) (friendly chatter) (playful instrumental music) (snaps) (playful instrumental music)

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  6. Kids have the strangest yet most cute imaginations ever. Im nearing my teenage years and I still have the weirdest Imaginations and a lot of ‘What Ifs’ going on inside my head

  7. I am a year late but i think the chef went a little over board with making it spicy he is little so his level of what he considers spicy won’t be the same as an adult. So maybe if she had put less spice he would have liked it.

  8. When i was little i tried kimchi (very spicy) for the first time. It was way too spicy and i chugged a whole glass of milk afterwards, but then i asked for more kimchi because I still liked it even though it hurt

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