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100 thoughts on “Can This Chef Follow A Pupusas Recipe In A Different Language? • Tasty

  1. Many years ago I went to Johnson and Wales in Miami for professional development. In the mornings the Chef Instructors would fix us breakfast. One fixed pupusas. I was the one most curious about this product and asked a few questions. When I tried it I thought it tasted much like hot water cornbread with a cheese filling. The Chef had not heard of hot water cornbread. So we had a nice conversation. I love how food brings people together.

  2. As a salvi i LOVED THIS EPISODEEEE but they forgot the salsa 🙁 y al igual que Curly, yo pongo el.curtido y salsa aparte JAJA

  3. who uses that many freakin bowls to cook lmao, literally took the meat from the pan into a bowl just to dump it in the processor….

  4. My high school spanish teacher was salvadorena. I remember eating pupusa with pickled cabbages. Years later, I bought some from the frozen section from costco and I was so disappointed.

  5. That thing is definitely not a "chicharron", like we have tons of salvadorian people living in Guatemala and selling pupusas and they use crispy pork skin…

  6. Ríe struggled a lil bit due to Curlys accent but anyways she always does a great job. I’d love to have pupusas one day. You dont get to find those in the DR. Xoxo to everyone at tasty 😘😘😘

  7. The fact that I can understand his englis better than his spanish, tells you how diferent people speak spanish in diferent regions. (I'm from Honduras, really close to El Salvador.)

  8. Am i the only one bothered by his accent? Im salvadoran, spend my entire day around different salvadoran people yet his accent is so far from sounnding salvadoran

  9. They should actually do it with no pointing and giving/taking items that help the chef. And add extra ingredients that is not in recipe for an extra challenge. I feel that’s more challenging 😆

  10. Faltó la salsa especial pero se ven muy bien. ¡Gracias al Colocho, Rye y Tasty!
    The special salsa/sauce was missing but they look really good. Thanks to Curly, Rye and Tasty!

  11. I think the fact that curly speaks more spanglish than traditional Spanish probably make this one a bit easier for Rie than the one with Gadiel.

  12. Omg I really felt that cuándo Curly said his English is not good pero neither is his Spanish y that his Spanglish is on point. I always forget some English words and se me hace difícil to explain things to people some times!!

  13. I thought Rie would be the one to speak a different language because I wanna listen to her speak Japanese badly :((

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