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100 thoughts on “Can This Chef Make Candy Corn Fancy?

  1. I’m sorry but there’s just no amount of fancying up candy corn that’s gonna make me wanna eat it. Still a good video

  2. I love how the titles a question, like can this chef make ……. fancy?
    Why would they even ask that, like as if Rie would turn around and be like naah sorry boiz, maybe next time.

  3. Unpopular Opinion but idc! I used to really enjoy her videos but since she really became popular Rie has became a complete and utter stuck up bitch. You can tell she thinks her shit doesn’t stink just because she’s popular on the channel. She’s shitty to her other coworkers and treats them like they’re stupid. She speaks condescendingly to everyone she encounters. Cancel this series so you can knock this cunt off her high horse.

  4. Another tip if you want your desired colour but you're to afraid to put more Liquid gel colour use POWDER COLOUR it doesn't add moisture to the buttercream

  5. Rie: this is a new rule — i have to wear a costume!
    Me: she's gonna dress up….as a damn chef.
    Rie: I'm Colette!
    Me: called it.

  6. Did no one catch that she didn’t put butter in the macarons, but when piping them said to work quickly because the butter will softened again??? 😂😂🤔

  7. Candy corn is never ever gonna be fancy it’s the worst candy ever when I get this on Halloween I throw it in the trash

  8. omg this is my favourite video EVER my favourite chef dressed up as a character from my favourite movie made my favourite treat WITH my favourite candy OMG

  9. can we please see a behind the scenes version of this series – like how rie comes up with ideas and whether she has to test the recipes before hand?

  10. Honestly, Rie is the cutest human ever ^^ I remember how she once said she was insecure about her accent when speaking English but it's the cutest thing.

  11. can rie try a “silent baking challenge” where theres a “soundcalculator” who can’t reach a place, then she looses or something?

  12. Rie commenting how she hopes me make Macarons after the video ends
    Me- Bet! 🤩
    Me realizing I don’t have a functional oven
    Ps. I don’t care what y’all think, candy corns are great… alright I’m calm

  13. Next time pour that candy corn mixture into fresh whipped cream with cream cheese and whip it and it’s a fantastic filling, much better than French butter cream

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