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Hey guys, it’s a Ro. Today, I’m hanging out with my dad Papa pizza,
Papa Pizza: Hi guys! It’s great to be here.
Ro: Halloween is just around the corner. It’s like 10 days away I’m getting super excited, so I thought we would have to make a themed food today, and you know if Papa pizza’s here That’s very likely that we are making a pizza this weekend,
P.P: -and we’re be making a pizza with three different kinds of cheeses Ro: That’s right. If you can’t tell but from our sweaters. We’ve got little candy corns and dad’s says “I’m so corny” [Ro laughs] Ro: I thought that was perfect for you ‘cos you tell alot of like, corny jokes. Pappa.P: I do Do you know what pants ghosts wear? Ro: What? Pappa. P: Boo-Jeans. [Ro laughs] Ro: So today, we are gonna be making a candy corn themed cheese pizza. You ready to get this show on the road? Pappa. P: Let’s get this show goin’! Ro: Yeah!
[nomnomnomnomnom] Ro: The things you’ll need to make this pizza dough will be: . 2 and 1/2 cups of Bread Flour . 1 package of Active dry yeast . 1 Teaspoon of Salt . 1 and 1/2 Teaspoons of sugar . 2 tablespoons of olive oil . 1 Cup of water – about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Ro: And for the toppings we’ll use: . Mild cheddar cheese . Mozzarella Cheese . and Sharp cheddar cheese. …All of which will be finely shredded. Pappa. P: Then to make the white pizza sauce you’ll need: . 1 Cup of whole milk . 1/4 cup of shredded Parmesan cheese . 2 Tablespoons of All purpose Flour . 2 Tablespoons of Unsalted butter . 1/4 teaspoon of onion powder . 1/2 Teaspoon of Garlic powder. .And salt and pepper to taste. Pappa. P: The first thing we’re gonna do is to make the dough. Foamy and while we’re waiting you should tell a funny. Joke. What do you got? Well you know why zombies don’t? eat pizza with her fingers They eat their fingers separately Our yeast is ready, and this is what it should look like mm-hmm now. You’re gonna add half of your flour boo berries Then we add oil and salt take it away you dad No dad I’m gonna have you add the second half of the flour and mix it together once again. I’ll hold the bowl Thank you Okay teamwork teamwork teamwork keep mixing until it becomes very thick in dough like I think we’re there yeah Oh, yeah, that looks good You sprinkle the surface So our dough doesn’t stick and we’re gonna keep meeting with our hands until it’s nice and smooth show me what you can. Do dad Oh That’s really good this looks so good. I wouldn’t eat it right now. Maybe I just have pizza for lunch The dough is looking good, and you know it’s time for it to rest yes It’s gonna take a little nap in this clean large bowl. We have over here You want to drizzle in a little bit of oil and I’m just using a little paper towel to spread the oil around we don’t Want the dough to stick? Mm-hmm Papa pizza lift it in there ooh, and you can see what he’s doing He’s giving it a spin around so that while the dough Rises it won’t stick anywhere

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100 thoughts on “CANDY CORN THEMED PIZZA w/ my Dad!

  1. His mustache reminds me of the lorax! Its great i love it!!
    U guys r like daddy and daughter goals ❤❤👌

  2. Ro: I have a joke dad
    Papa Pizza: What?
    Ro: You want to hear a pizza joke?
    Papa Pizza: Yus
    Ro: Nah.. Its too cheesy
    Me: I'm sorry Ro, I already know that joke from ItsFunneh

  3. I was confused when it said “candy corn pizza” and then farther in the vid I’m just like “oh ok”

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