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100 thoughts on “Catch And Cook Brook Trout Day 2 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

  1. I'm watching every episode and I see you got some fishies going for you now, nice to see that you have enough food to fully enjoy this 😀

  2. I've watched every single one of your videos since the 30 day survival challenge Texas, you got me into hammock camping/outdoor survival and I can't thank you enough, keep up the awesome work!

  3. Hey Zack 6" is average in some parts of the world ok bud lol just tuning in to your n Ovens 30 day challenge loving it so far guys!! Keep em coming. Also love your guys playful compition on fishing

  4. What a peaceful sound and feeling it must be laying in that hammock listening to the rain falling. 🙏”I’m watching every episode too”

  5. I stumbled upon the first video randomly on youtube and I love it! it really makes me want to go camping. I might have to try that soon but I need to do some research and get prepared first!

  6. I’m watching every episode awesome job, keep up the shenanigans lol… i watched the first two seasons of alone and loved it, now im gonna watch the rest, along with all your stuff too, its pretty awesome, love the outdoors and you have lots of things to teach others. great job man.

  7. i'm watching every episode starting today.. you really have this genuine survival and bushcraft videos.. and these makes me calm and relax

  8. If I could get the gear that you have I would be so stoked and would spend 2 months out there and I of course watching every video I love this stuff

  9. Day 1 and 2 is under your belt. Hey Zachary hope all is well. I'm watching this through all the way to the end of the 30 day challenge. God bless you

  10. It's funny for me to see someone consume brookies as an avid C&R fly fisherman, but the smoked preperation on them makes them look too hard to pass up. I know that some of the wild trout populations are not the strongest in the US, but it's nice knowing there's enough to harvest for a few calories in this video. Loving the series so far, especially the little neck knife,can't wait to watch more.

  11. So far ”I’m watching every episode” all the way from Sweden!
    Greg seems like such a cool guy (and ofc u as well Fowler)!

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