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100 thoughts on “Catch And Cook Giant Soft Shell Turtle Day 11 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Texas

  1. 25:40 wtf really you have to blur shit out its a survival channel but youtube just seems to be one big advertisement you sell that shit cya

  2. Hi. I'm new to your channel. I just wanted to say that I love how you make time in your adventures to have a relationship with Jesus. Blessing your food that the Lord has allowed you to catch and reading and studying your bible. The bible says "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you". Keep putting Him first and He will continue to bless you in your everyday living. ☺

  3. Youtube doesn't make any sense. I would like to see how he processed the turtle. If you cant handle it, why watch your probably not going to survive.

  4. Look I get it, I love turtles too so makes me feel bad. But if surviving meant me eating that fucking turtle, you better believe I’m eating that turtle

  5. God bless you bro in Christ, that's the way I like to live too. Coffee, Bible, pray and start the day in the beautiful outdoors, makes it for a very blessed day!

  6. Late ik but you guys should have made a over head log system so you guys could walk to each other without having to deal with rain or being as wet

  7. I hope you make a video Survival Chalenge again with Chris Thorn,,for me you're the best youtuber outdoor,,i learned a lot from your videos,,i learned a lot from you,,thank you ❤️

  8. the correct and delicious way of cook the turtle is with the shell..belive me.. cook the turtle with the shell.. and u find that the turtle liver is the best in the world 😁

  9. i love how you pray over every meals and show you having your quiet time and just praise God every chance you have. I've been bingeing this series and its just awesome to see!

  10. I'm not sure why I enjoy watching this, but I do. Maybe because I'm retired Army, I know the struggle, the struggle is real.

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