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100 thoughts on “Catch And Cook Gopher Day 4 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

  1. GIVE AWAY to enter all you have to do is comment "Im watching every episode" or something to that effect in the comments of all the 30 Day Survival Challenge video! #1 PRIZE, A brand new set of all my gear i take on adventures or $1000 cash. As well as a 100 other prizes for 100 runner ups.

  2. “ huh maybe it was a soap holder all along “ after he was scrubbing his face with it had me laughing so hard 😂

  3. I loved the first season you did in texas, man. Truly inspiring how resilient you show we can be in times of hardship. I can't wait to see the outcome of this one.

  4. "I'm watching every video." I really like all of the gear. It is super neat. Also, fishing is one of my favorite sports. I honestly like survival videos too, but I used to never be so fond. Now, these are my absolute favorite videos on Youtube!!!

  5. "Im watching every episode" with my kids. The soap looks interesting. I checked the website but couldnt find any mention about how the soap affect the nature… I hope it was made nature friendly… not just made with natural products.. would love to know the answer..

  6. So far ”I’m watching every episode” all the way from Sweden!
    Those Gophers actually seem really tasty. Don’t think I’ve ever eaten something quite like it, if it isn’t like the big moose we eat up here in Sweden!

  7. I'm watching every video! loving the content brother! my wife had to ask "did he just say gopher stew?" when she heard me watching it. cracked me up

  8. IMHO: that "scrub-brush" is a "soap dish"!….. "D'oh!"…. LOL!!!! I like "Kirk's Castile Soap" It lathers GREAT!, and smells Super "Clean"! and it lasts!!!

  9. Can you get some of Greg's videos up so I don't have to watch your crap anymore. A bit overwhelming and quite annoying

  10. I’m watching every episode and living vicariously through this adventure! Hoping I can get out and do this someday!

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