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100 thoughts on “Catch And Cook Rainbow Trout Day 3 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

  1. They are called "Meerkats" in South Africa. That is to say we pronounce it like beer but with an m and cat but with a k, as there is no c in the Afrikaans language.

  2. I'm watching every episodes!!! Hope you'll do a lot more 30 days challenge in the years to come! I really love them!! Keep up the good work

  3. Im still watching every episode

    Cuz i love that serie, and seeing you eat all these fish makes me want to go and fish.. too bad i don't know how to xD

  4. Been pretty cool to watch every episode so far. It looks like the Canadian Rockies offers a wider variety of edibles than what Texas did. What do you think? Cannot wait to see the end of the season

  5. "Im watching every video" and dude, whenever I see your video, I jump on it. This series has been great to watch so far. Please keep making more!!!!

  6. Hi, "I am watching every episode" with my kids. We go on hiking, camping adventures with our doggies and it would be great to learn how to catch some fish. You are inspiration for us. We love your videos.

  7. Trout not to large but larger than the last ones (Im watching every episode)
    By the way I love fish but naven't eaten some for over 3 months

  8. Wouldn't you like a biggole bowl of broccoli and a fat ribeye about now?! Gonna be rolling with you guys til the end.

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