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100 thoughts on “Catch n’ Cook Aquarium Fish!

  1. I rarely ever fish but I’ve recently gotten hooked on your videos, no pun intended lol. Also you seem really nice and respectful when traveling abroad so that’s good

  2. I was sitting next to my aquarium and when you said that these fish can be food I turn around and I’m like “…dam…”

  3. I would never eat my 4 baby's there my friends my shark black tailed catfish and sum other catfish forgot name and an Albino red eyes algeaEater Naw not eating them there my baby's i talk to them and i love them alot xDD

  4. すごいいいやつ彼は同じことをする Que cara legal eu como aqueles que são bons para você não é algo que eu diria

  5. Man I'm late watching this but I'm from the us and ppl don't deal well with asking for permission to fish on there property

  6. Brazilian women love white guys.. Ringos.. 🇧🇷 I would go fishing for the gorgeous brazillian women. They got nice bootys

  7. I love watching ur videos! I don't fish at all but these videos just seem to calm me and take me to another place and I love it.

  8. People their casually giving you tasty things

    English news be like
    We only had five school shootings in every state today bravo bravo

  9. i want the small one that you got there, is a freshwater pike, here we call it mataguaro. the other ones that you ate are one kind of geophagus or eartheater i had 2 on my aquarium.

  10. Ever think about having an aquarium to stock fish? I know someone who stocks lobsters and crabs, but they also live off the coast. They stock them for when the weather is bad and they can't get their boat out to fish. Fishing is fun and all, but if the weather is bad, fish aren't biting, or whatever, it seems like a good idea to have a 'just in case' stock at home.

  11. Eae ace, sou brasileiro e adoro seus vídeos. Muito bom! Só pré Isa melhorar seus português por que você parecia com o mestre Yoda falando kkkkkkk. Aqui no Brasil somos bem gente boa então nem precisa se preocupar. Parabéns pelos seus vídeos e fique com Deus!! Por favor me responda kkkkk

  12. If people come over my house, I’ll offer fresh fish.. their faces as I grab fish out of my aquarium would be hilarious 😂

  13. I thought they would have been at least one VSCO girl in the comments saying sksksksk save the turtles😂😂😂

  14. I’m 85% sure he said he got his first bait at a taco store

    And I…..am thinking…..we all know what I’m thinking 😳🗿

  15. I love to fish, but right now I can because I will someone Washington where there is no rivers and no Lakes

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