Catch n’ Cook SPICY Crawfish and WILD Trout!
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Catch n’ Cook SPICY Crawfish and WILD Trout!

What is going on guys I hope you guys having a great day How about we go do some fishing check this out. There’s this beautiful river here. This river is Full of trout the water is clear Crawdads should be out It’s a warm day today, but not too hot which usually means the fishin is gonna be fire And I’m super excited for today because I have something a little bit unusual so I was reading through my Comments and I get a lot of great comments from you guys, by the way, and a subscriber was telling me Hey, you should try using crawdads for trout and I thought that is a great idea I’ve never done that before catch crawdads and use them as trout bait. So that’s what I’m gonna do today We’re gonna go around and you can see the water is very clear a lot of good rocks we’re just gonna start flipping over some rocks here and Find some crawdads and then I’m going to cut the crawdads up and use them as trout bait Oh, man, this water is cold but But that’s what makes it such good trout fishing Alright, so we just have a very simple rig on here just a split shot rig I’ve just a regular bait hook and a teeny-tiny little split shot on there now. We just need some bait Through this spot right here. It’s nice. Rock should be a crawdad under here Let’s try this rock Yeah, there’s one All right, so I’ve already chilled them and we’ll just that’s just nerves I already crushed him just gonna pinch off the tail and then Think I’m just gonna I think I’m gonna just take all the shell off I think that would be best. Yeah and just use like soft meat like that By the way the crawdad moving – for you guys who are new to the outdoors – all creatures move even after they’re dead In fact, I’ve had catfish that you cut their head off Gut them throw them in the cooler and like 30 minutes later They’re still kicking in the cooler, but they have no head and no guts. So that’s normal. So Don’t be alarmed that this that this part is still moving. Okay, so there’s a soft piece of meat. Let’s put that on a hook Slides on it seems tough The the crawdad meat does but not too tough It seems like nice and soft like a trout would like to eat. Look at that little morsel that has to get a trout Guys I got to tell you I have a really really good feeling about this all right first cast ever with crawdad for trout I have used live like a whole like crawdad for bass before but never Never this method for trout. I Got one I’m not kidding you What was that? I ought to count later. But how old how many seconds what did I have to wait? Oh It’s a rainbow looks like Look at that guy this first cast ever and it’s a wild trout, too so if you guys are new to fishing whenever you have like Rivers and lakes stuff like this they’ll have wild trout in them, but the wild trout population isn’t a lot There are a lot of smaller or the wild trout, but it just isn’t a lot so what the fishing game does is they stock them with stock trout just to keep the Populations healthy and this is a full-on. Look how beautiful that is wild trout Only bad thing is he really swallowed that? That is so cool. The very very first cast So I usually don’t keep wild trout just to you know Just because they’re not as common as like the stocked ones but this guy he has swallowed the hook So so well, there’s no way that’s that’s coming out. So I’m actually gonna keep and eat this one and So yeah, cool So this next one will kill them like the last one And then what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna actually take a piece of corn meat this time, let’s see if Claws have enough meat in them Guys, look at this Right there That looks fantastic to me It’s gonna go on the hook perfectly, I think Look at that that looks beautiful for trout. Let’s try that. Think I just saw a flash I did see a flash right down there Got it Oh guys, this is a good one this good one, but this is a good fish this a good fish Oh Look at this Look at this trout Look how beautiful this fish is. I saw a flash in the water And I just I just casted right toward it. Oh This is a nice trout Look at that another wild one. Look how beautiful that fish is Oh my gosh, uh-oh, and he swallowed this He swallowed it, too Huh? Let’s see if we get the hook out. I cannot believe look how gorgeous that fish is. That is cool I just saw a little flash Casted right toward it. That must have been him You know with this one, I think Though this trout is so big that hook is so tiny in its throat That I think it will be fine. It will a call that hook Eventually and it will be totally fine. So we’re let this one go I’m gonna take the time here to find a few crawdads because I’m gonna cook up Some crawdads with my trout later. Oh, here’s a nice one Well, that’s a really good one that’s gonna have some claw meat on it right there We’ll save this one for eating ourselves Well, excellent spot here guys a couple trout some nice craws Now though, we’re just gonna keep let’s keep moving down the river and let’s find another spot like this Let’s check out under this bridge here. I’ve never been under here before Let’s see See, what’s cooking, huh? Yeah, there’s a little pool right here. I wonder if there’s some crawdads in this calm calm little pool They’re big enough rocks to flip over there will be Yeah, now let’s look for some crawdads Guys I was just walking back with this crawdad There’s a nice sized one right here Adam, you know when you’re flipping over rocks Who knows how many I miss there’s doubles this is a oh, this is a dozen now. I’ve got a dozen crawdads Let’s find a few more so we can have some for bait as well and if we have room in the pot I have a small pot that I’m gonna cook these in We have room will throw the extra ones in Well, this was a good little spot. Let’s uh Glad I stepped here. Let’s go keep moving and let’s try to find a fishing spot now This is kind of cool. You know, I might When I’m through fishing and catching crawdads, I might just kind of sit under here like a hobo and cook up my, uh… Cook up my meal. Now this is a cool-looking fishing spot as well You know what? We’re gonna cast a line. Oh Man, yeah, this looks really good. This looks really good. Let’s get baited up here. Look Just like that All right, oh man, this looks like dynamite right here I’ll get a bite. Come on take it Got it. Oh, it’s a tiny one. Oh, it’s a tiny tiny one that Oh, this is a wild one too. Look at those colors Look at those color fits. I’ve never caught three wild ones in one day Ops. There he goes That is cool three for three on the wild trout Well, I thought that spot would be money But it wasn’t I think it’s too obvious of a good fishing spot. So it probably gets pounded So anyway, check this out though Got my own little private beach here Beach with a view and I am starving So I’m gonna get my catch and cook stuff out and let’s cook up a little dinner Guys, this is this is crazy as I was coming down here I had to leave my crawdads for a minute to get something out of the vehicle, and it’s good thing I was just going a minute because a mink Was trying to carry off My trout and my crawdads hopefully he didn’t cause any damage. Look there he is there he is right there. Hey. Hey you Well, he’s mad oh he’s mad He wants it, all right now look you little rodent I know you want it but can’t I’ll share something with you later All right, I’m gonna I have to I have to prepare this trout anyway hey hey, hey, he’s mad he’s like hissing All right, just one second, dude Just one second. Hey, hey, no, no. No, I don’t want to All right, you come get your trout You can have the head You have the head, okay? There we go Hey the head is yours There you go, there you go That’s funny Got this nice big flat rock here. This will act as our table Set up our catch and cook stuff All right while I was setting up, look who’s back hey what he is BOLD AS BRASS You Hey So I have here There’s the trout near the guts that I saved for him, we will set it there Oh there he comes through the water He smells it hey, you know, there’s some guts there. There you go Pour in the water, we’re gonna boil up the crawdads first Look at this guy he is he’s trying to get hey, hey. Hey no, no He’s trying to carry off my bag of crawdads Look I can’t even I can’t even cook anything. He he he keeps coming back I’m trying to keep my crawdads alive until the last second He’s like: “But I really really want one I really do” Make a coat out of him It’s so cool how they swim Don’t you hiss at me I just fed you! I’m gonna have to keep these up by me So we got some water boiling Or starting to boil There and so while that’s going on I have for the lineup for cooking the crawdads In the water I’m gonna put some of this Zatarain’s shrimp and crab boil, which is very spicy very high concentrate You only need a little bit of it I’m gonna put some lemon and then this is actually roasted garlic and herb seasoning which my brother got for me for my birthday Which normally you put it directly on meat, but I’m gonna add a little bit to the water Just just for the extra flavor and then of course we got salt and now I just need the water to boil If you guys want to check out anything that I use in this video I always put links to everything in the description as well as check out my new online store right now I have my crab t-shirt on effect see that Nice crab on the back. No, I am at the moment actually working on a crawdad shirt I don’t have credit shirt yet, but probably by the time this video is posted. We should have a crawdad shirt So I never do plugs for my online store and I always forget so for the first time remember check out my online store I’ll put links to that as well. You’ll get some pretty cool shirts and phone cases and stuff Since the water is close to a rolling boil. We will add our salt Always had plenty of that. I have done it before where I don’t add enough salt to my Crustaceans and it doesn’t like the flavor of them leeches out Add some Crawdad boil I like mine spicy. So that was actually even though that wasn’t I was actually a really good amount Some of this Good grief! Boiling like crazy now I can add my crawfish I turn it down a notch Then we add some Keeps trying to boil over have to keep blowing on it Then we shall add our crawdads They’re hanging on to each other well, look at that baby dude right there big old claws. BIG MEATY CLAWS! You know what I’m talking about Every time I do a video where I dropped live crustaceans in the in the boiling water there are always a couple of people in the comment section or like Like oh my gosh. That is so cruel dropping Live fish or live crawdads in boiling water or crabs or whatever. It’s not it’s just it’s not a A tiny crustacean in a big thing of boiling water, it kills it instantly as soon as it hits that water I’m telling you It’s at the very least just passes out and then dies. It doesn’t sit there and go. Oh my gosh, I’m dying. I’m dying that’s boiling water. If you imagine like imagine a big swimming pool and a giant swimming pool That’s just rolling boiling water. And you do a cannonball off into the line that would rolling boiling water You would die instantly You might even die just for that You might even pass out just from the heat of the steam before you even hit the water. So It isn’t It isn’t humane to drop crustaceans in boiling water and it’s funny because some people like oh you need to put them in You need to put them on ice before you drop them in boiling water Okay, so slowly freeze them to death in the cooler before you drop them in the boiling water that Does not make any sense. I’ll just drop them straight in the boiling water you can tell the crawdads are done when you see how there’s some white there like the the Tail is splitting away from the carapace. And that means that these crawdads they’re all about done Nice nice. We’re gonna drain our craws Look at this. I got this little setup here from Walmart Voila Bright Red crawdads. That’s that looks so good. And then while the crawdads cool off, I’m gonna cook up my little trout here And drop ops, shoulda cut the tail off, oh well Oh well… Salt the little booger And I’m very excited look garlic roasted garlic and herb seasoning Actually brought out here for the trout, but I’d add to the crawfish to Hmm, looks good looks appetizing You squeeze some lemon Oh fantastic You know it for this one. I’m not gonna eat it out of the pan before it’s completely cooked I’m gonna leave it and you leave it Have a little self-control It is done it is totally done Check it all about presentation Say a quick prayer for this blessed day All right Trout with skin Wild trout – oh man, that is too good First time using roasted garlic and herb My brother my brother gave that to me. Thanks, bro. Let’s try crawdad Go for this big fella Break off the tail Peel the tail Haven’t seen my mink friend here. He should be coming around now that the food is ready. Look Look at that Mmm Not as good as a lobster or crab But the best thing you’ll ever find in fresh water like that That’s a big claw, not all the crawdads have claws big enough to eat So it’s kind of fun when you catch one that has a big enough claw. Oh man! And the claw meat is always softer. It’s just like crabs – the claw meat is always more tender than the tail meat Mmm just a tiny bit of spice but not too much shout out to pineapple gaming steezy fishing in the Maine trout whisperer thank you guys for always being some of the first to watch comment and like Claw meat Thank you guys for hanging out today, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and I’ll see you guys in the next one

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