CHEESE SCALLIONS BREAD No-Knead Dough | Crown Crust Idea
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CHEESE SCALLIONS BREAD No-Knead Dough | Crown Crust Idea

Dough recipe in the description box On work table with flour Makes 1 large size or divide into 2 smaller size I divided into 2 Sprinkle cornmeal into baking try lined with parchment paper Take one part of the dough flatten around with finger Lift and stretch out with the back of hands Brush with vegetable oil around the edges Place 12 pieces of cheese around the edges Lift the edge of dough between cheese. Fold inward and press down Top with shredded Mozzarella Chopped scallions Italian herbs, salt pepper Bake in hot oven 225°C upper third, 15 minutes Garnish with fresh tomatoes, place anywhere you prefer (optional)

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72 thoughts on “CHEESE SCALLIONS BREAD No-Knead Dough | Crown Crust Idea

  1. Always love your recipe, looks easy to make it and beautiful bread in the end. But please could you also put the measurement in gram. Thank you

  2. Looks amazing!!!!!!! We are having this for dinner tonight with a yummy salad. I am adding garlic and extra spring onions and I will use cheddar and mozzarella cheese. Thank you for the recipe!!!

  3. Can you say if the cup you used for the water was the glass one for liquids or the cups that are used for flour. or if you can say in grams for the water please. Thanking you

  4. Thanking you so very much for answering and explaining. Just LOVE your recipes. Looking forward to making them. Thank you.

  5. You are a dough artist. And it's good that your masterpieces are preserved in these videos, because I'm sure they are devoured immediately after baking!

  6. Omg Ninik….your killing me…..😂😂😂 I'm actually dieing inside because I can't taste this deliciousness. It looks good enough to eat from beginning to end. Keep up the good work.😊

  7. Hi ninik i hope you doing well.can i make this in the evening put in the fridge and bake in the morning?😉

  8. Hi I tried this pizza 🍕 at home everyone is surprised…and it’s 😋 yum thanks for sharing this recipe

  9. Boa noite Ninik linda não sei se vc ja esta dormindo porque aqui é agora 00:22 ) quando vc puder e tiver um tempinho e puder mandar essa receita pra mim te agradeço muito!! Essas massas são tão molinhas vou tentar tambem faser para minhas netas de 7 e 15 anos elas adara massas!!! Bjiss lindona Deus abénçoe vc👏👏😘😍🌺🌹⚘

  10. Being a baking student, I’m on free bake exam a day after tomorrow and I’m choosing this recipe. I tried it worked well now I pray that it works well there too and be score achiever for me ☺️

  11. 1000000👍👍👍👍👍💓même je comprends quelques mot j'ai tout compris merci thank you👍👌

  12. Ninik vc pode passar essa receita pra mim por favor?vou faser para o lanche da noite!! Cheese scallions bred.te agradeço de ❤bjisss

  13. I made this last night…needless to say it was a hit with the kids! I roasted my tomato slices though and did eggs with cubed salami as a side….perfection!!! Thanks so much for your inspiration.

  14. OMG, i cant stop watching. They are looks so simple and good. Thanks for sharing. Im your new subscriber
    💐 💐 💐

  15. OMG, SOME DELICIOUSNESS going on in here ! Yes, look so good. Ooh I wish I was there, love fresh baked bread !! Can’t wait to prepare !!! Thank you !!!
    Great video !!

  16. какой же у вас прекрасный канал !!!!!!!!!! смотрю и слюнки текут

  17. Que delicioso felicidades me gustaría que lo traduzca a español ya que soy de México 😘😍😘😌😘

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