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Chef Colin Hall

The Pastry Peddler has been in Millbrook for
six years now. We started at the Peterborough Farmer’s Market in Peterborough seven years
ago. Our business is pastries, food, and my friend Eric Freeman-Roth has a bike shop upstairs
from our cafe. It’s all about cycling. The community up here is really stunning for riding
whether you’re on a road bike. You’re into trail riding out in the Ganaraska, and if
you just need to come in and get some lunch, come to the Pastry Peddler. For all my beef
dishes at the Pastry Peddler I use French’s beef, John and Susan French they just live
up Highway 10 and I just find their product is absolutely stunning. I’ve had nothing but
great things when I work with her product. I met them at the farmer’s market, they’re
really good people. I try to support local when I can obviously, as seasonally as possible.
I use Circle Organics, Chick-a-biddy, both are organic farmers. It’s important to keep
educating people that good food can come from amazing sources and you gotta get to know
your farmers. Music Playing

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