Chef Lena Tries 12 Of The Weirdest Chocolate Cake Recipes To Find The Perfect One
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Chef Lena Tries 12 Of The Weirdest Chocolate Cake Recipes To Find The Perfect One

– I’m gonnna show you how to make the best chocolate cake recipe. I just have to figure
out what that is first. I’m gonna try a bunch of different recipes some that are pretty wacky. Recipe number three, all mayonnaise (gasping) Hopefully, by the end of it, we’ll have the best chocolate cake recipe ever. There you go. I got to check some too. I don’t think that anyone
loves chocolate cake as much as my grandma
did and my dad has been making the same chocolate cake recipe since before I was born. I love it but it’s not the ultimate. The first thing I’m going
to do is bake the cake that my dad always makes, take some notes, see what I want to
change, see what I like. My dad texted me a photo of the recipe and I just printed it out. This particular recipe calls for coating with flour as
well, so I’ll do that too. It’s kind of nice to spray
the bottom even though you’re putting something in
because that way it sticks. And it’s really important
to take all precautionary steps to lining your
cake pans because there’s nothing worse than
doing all this hard work to make a beautiful
delicious chocolate cake and then it comes out
of your pan in pieces. Some things to note about this recipe, or things that I’ll be
paying attention to, there’s no cocoa powder
at all in this recipe. It’s purely just baking chocolate. There’s sour cream, which
I’m a big fan of baking with so I’m excited about that. There’s both baking soda and baking powder and we whip the egg whites, so there’s a lot of leavening going on. So the first thing that I’m
doing is heating some hot water to boiling and then I’m going to pour it over our baking chocolate
and our butter to melt it. And then I’ll be stirring
in vanilla and sugar. That is a big old mound of sugar. Egg yolks. So I just whipped these
egg whites to stiff peaks as you can see. And we’re going to fold
it into our cake batter . And I’m doing something
which is pretty typical when you’re incorporating
whipped egg whites which is to add about a quarter and folding that in before
I add the final amount. And that’s just to give this
batter a lighter texture. If we were to pour the whole thing in, the weight of the batter might deflate a lot of the bubbles. So just gently folding a
portion of the egg whites in will help them maintain
more air in the long run. She’s ready. I’ve got an oven preheated to 350 and this should take about 30 minutes. At least I’ll start
checking it at that point. Moving right along to recipe number two. The first recipe that I
just made is all butter, this recipe is all vegetable oil. This also uses espresso powder
which they say is optional in the recipe but I want
to give it a try because I’ve heard it helps sort of
amplify the chocolate flavors and doesn’t necessarily make
it taste like coffee at all. We got flour and we got sugar. This recipe calls for dutch
processed cocoa powder. Similar to cocoa powder
but it’s been put through a process that takes away
all a lot of the acidic notes so it’s a much smoother flavor. I’m going to add a half a
teaspoon of espresso powder. Now all we need is vanilla, vinegar, vegetable oil, and water. So this is baking at 350 once again for 30 minutes to 35 minutes. Goodbye cake! All right, well, I think
I need to do some dishes because I’ve exhausted all the bowls, all the measuring cups already. Cake number one is potentially ready. So let’s just give this
one the toothpick test Looks clean, looks good. So, I’m just going to pop
this on the cooling rack and then we’ll turn it
out in maybe 10 minutes when it’s a little less hot. Ahem. Recipe number three is all mayonnaise. Well, not all mayonnaise,
there are other ingredients but there are no fats
besides the mayonnaise. So we’ve got all of our
dry ingredients here and then all that’s left is just water, mayo, and vanilla. I’m interested that like
all of these recipes use vanilla when like, I
don’t know if it’s necessary. I think maybe tomorrow I
might try doing it without, just because it’s like,
maybe vanilla brings out the chocolatey flavor but
maybe it’s just muddles it. (upbeat music) This cake is looking
a lot lighter in color than our last two. We are putting cake number
three into the oven. This will be for 25 to 30
minutes in a 350 degree oven. And I am going to flip out our first cake and I’m going to… (oven beeping) Cakes abound. Clean. Recipe number four has a very interesting secret ingredient. Shout-out to my girl Lauren
for sending me this recipe. It is a chocolate mashed potato cake. Never heard of it before
but I’m excited to try it. So, we’re starting with two potatoes. I’m going to peel them,
chop them up, and boil them and then I’m going to mash
them and then that will get added to our regular old cake batter. It’s funny, it’s kind
of acting like butter. It integrates pretty easily. (upbeat music) All right, this cake bakes for an hour. So, I’m going to pop it
in, let it do it’s thing. All right, so I think
our mayo cake’s done. I’m going to pull it out, give
it the old toothpick test. Looking nice and clean. We made it to cake number five. This one, I’ am testing mostly for the inclusion of buttermilk. And a quarter cup of
of veggie oil, an egg. And then we’re going to add a half a teaspoon of vanilla. We’re also adding brewed
coffee to this one. (upbeat music) 35 minutes in 350, going in. All right, I’m just going to
give this a quick clean up. (snaps) All right, very excited. The moment I have been waiting for: trying the cakes. We are starting with my family recipe, which I’m about to rip apart
and build back up again. Sorry dad. Mmm. The texture’s really nice, really smooth Soft, tender crumbs, it’s an eight. I want to make it a 10. I’m afraid to go home now. Cake number two, super dark
and I think that’s because of the dutch-processed cocoa. The texture is looking really beautiful. It’s like got that really
like tacky, sticky top. Mmm, it’s definitely a lot more moist than the first one. So, onto the mayo cake, which looks great. It’s super dark, I don’t taste the mayo. But the cake does have
this interesting, like, mouth flavor. Mouth flavor, it’s a very technical term. It’s super chocolatey,
it reminds me a lot of something I had as a kid. A Hostess cupcake, with
the little swirls on it. Potato cake, it looks interesting. It’s got some weird
bumps on the top of it. But, it looks nice, even, smooth. Not the best cake I’ve tasted so far. I do like, and they
mention this in the recipe, that the top would get a little crunchy. It’s nice to have that
little mix of textures. Nothing too special about it. It’s nice and light, but it
just doesn’t have the flavor. I’m glad I don’t love this
one because if I had to end up boiling potatoes
anytime I wanted to make a chocolate cake,
I’d be kind of annoyed. I’d say interesting to
try, but not our hero. Not our ultimate. Last slice of the day, buttermilk cake. Mmm. Very chocolatey. This is about what I expect
a chocolate cake to be. The salt levels are really good. I would still wouldn’t mind a little bit more chocolate flavor,
but in terms of texture, it’s pretty great. I’m going to take the
weekend, really think about everything I’ve learned. I’d say, veggie oil’s
definitely in the running. Buttermilk’s definitely in the running. I still am not sure about
chocolate versus cocoa powder. Got a lot to think about. I will see you on the flip side. (upbeat music) Hello, welcome to day two
of chocolate cake something. I had the whole weekend to think about it, and I have a pretty good start I think. I really pulled out the two favorites and both of them had buttermilk in them, so I’m definitely going
to try to incorporate that into my recipe. More coffee flavor, I’m
going to try a version that has both espresso
powder and hot coffee. I thought that the best
textured cake on Friday was our second cake, which had no eggs, so I’m taking the eggs out of my recipe. And, as much as I love butter,
I’m going to give it a try with all veggie oil and then
I’ll do a version that’s part butter and veggie oil and
see which one we like better. (upbeat music) Day two, number one, going in. Wish it luck, cross your fingers. Number two, I’m doing a combination of vegetable oil and butter. So I’m doing three
tablespoons of veggie oil and two tablespoons of butter. (upbeat music) Into the oven, test number two. Let’s keep making cakes. Cake number three. Back to the original formula
that I had for cake number one, but I’m trading in all of the
white sugar for brown sugar. Brown sugar tends to add a
little moisture to baked goods, and I want to see if maybe
the flavor and the moisture that brown sugar brings would pair nicely with the chocolate cake. I don’t know if you remember
the very first recipe but we coated the inside
of the pan with flour. I’m going to try doing the
same but with cocoa powder, just to double up on the
flavor, see how we like that. Popping it into the oven. Right below our first
cake that’s almost done. And, see you in a few, dish time. (oven beeping) Oh, gotta check the cake, sorry. So, I have not tried these
cakes yet, I’m very excited. – That one is my favorite, just based on looks alone. – Really? – Yes, it looks like, denser than… – Yes, it does, it looks
fudgier, it looks so oily but I like the darkness of the third one. – Mmm. I did a lot of espresso
powder in that one too, and I’m not tasting it. – I taste it. – You do? – I don’t know if I
like the texture as much as I thought I was going to. It might be too much, too
dense, maybe verging gummy. – Is this eventually going to have buttercream or frosting? – It’s going to have,
yeah, a whipped ganache. – Then I would not like texture
with even more chocolate. – Too fudgey. – Yeah. Like a whipped cream would be amazing, but more chocolate is too fudge. – [Lena] Number two. – It has a nice bounce. It’s nicely aerated, it
has a really nice crumb. – It seems less chocolatey. – I’m not a fan, it
tastes like a watered down version of that one, both in terms of moistness and flavor. – Interesting. – So, dutch processed versus
Hershey’s unsweetened. So, oh, and the other
difference between these two is this is basically half
butter, half vegetable oil and this is just vegetable oil. – I’m a vegetable oil kind of girl, so. – Very clean break. Doesn’t it feel less
sweet than the other two? – That might be my favorite one so far. – Really? – And I think the texture’s perfect. It’s not gummy, it’s not
gluey, but it’s still very moist in your mouth. – So what were the difference? – So the difference between
these two is this is all brown sugar and this is all white sugar. – Brown sugar always does the trick. – So if we like this, do we
think that 100% brown sugar is the way to go? – Well, the texture in
this is 10 times nicer than the texture in this one. – So, I’m going to try
to perfect the method for this one. Excited, oh my god. That taste test was super
helpful, really excited hoping I might just have one more test before the final bake. Trying a few different
things on this last one, still using all brown
sugar, like the gals liked. But, I am going to try
not doing any cocoa powder in the pan, just to see
what the difference is. I do really like the way the
cake sort of baked up the pan and it was easy to take out. So, we might keep it in, but
I didn’t taste it at all, so I don’t want to waste
cocoa powder on that if it’s not worth it. And, then I’m going to do
a tightly packed 3/4 cup instead of a loosely packed one cup. And, I’m going to add the brown
sugar to the wet ingredients see if the integration’s
a little bit better there. I had it in my head that chocolate
cake doesn’t need vanilla but I feel like I should probably test it with just to make sure. (upbeat music) This is going to go in
the oven for 35 minutes. Please be good. This better work, we don’t
have time for another test. I guess I’ll clean again, bye. All right, trying our, I
don’t even know what number test this is at this point. We did five yesterday, three,
eight, nine, our ninth cake. It looks good, it baked totally right. Adding the brown sugar in
with the wet ingredients was totally fine. Texture looks nice. Mmm. It’s good, I think I
can taste the vanilla. And I’m not a fan, I think
I’m going to leave it out. It gives me a little
bit too much of a like, birthday cakey vibe, it’s not
quite as sweet as I want it. So I think we’re going to go
back to a cup of brown sugar. All right, okay, was there
anything else I tested that I need to think about? Oh, came out of the pan just fine without the cocoa powder, so
I think I can leave that out. I think we’re ready, I think we’re ready to make our final cakes, I’m so excited. (upbeat music) Okay, last round 350, 35 minutes, and we can frost these babes. Alrighty. Tomorrow, we’ll make the frosting, put it all together,
it’s going to be awesome. See you then. Day three of cake, let’s talk frosting. Buttercream is great,
it can be really sweet. And I want a frosting from
my chocolate cake that’s not too sweet, still has a
lot of chocolatey flavor, and I love ganache, but
you can’t really frost an entire cake with ganache
because it’s very thin. So, I’m going to make a whipped ganache and I’m going to add in some cream cheese to make it a little tangy,
a little less sweet. I think it’s going to be really good. So, the first step is to make a ganache. So, all we need is chocolate
chips and heavy cream. If you want a really thin
ganache, then you would have more heavy cream,
and if you want thicker, more spreadable ganache,
then more chocolate. But for this recipe, we’re
doing an equal amount of both. So, I’m just going to put
it over a medium flame and as soon as we start
seeing bubbles forming around the edge of the cream, we know it’s hot and we can put it on top of our chocolate. Now, we just have to
wait a few minutes for the chocolate to melt. I’m just going to slowly gently stir it. It’s still a little bit warm though, and I want it to be room
temperature when I whip it, so, I am just going to set it aside. It should only take like 30 minutes or so to come to room temp and then
we can make our frosting. To start, we are just going
to whip our cream cheese by itself and that is because cream cheese is notoriously clumpy, so if you mix it in with anything else, it’ll
never really get smooth which is infuriating if
you’re trying to make a nice, beautiful,
luxurious, velvety frosting and then you got little specks of white, it’s the most frustrating thing ever. This is room temperature. (mixer stirring cream cheese) It’s looking nice and whipped. And now we’re adding just one
tablespoon of granulated sugar and while I’m mixing this,
I’m just going to add a pinch of salt, just to
balance out the flavors. I made the ganache in
a measuring cup because it’s the perfect vessel
for me to slowly stream it into my cream cheese. To start, I’m just going to add maybe like a quarter cup, just to get things going, make sure everything’s fully
incorporated, no lumps, and then we can start
slowly adding the ganache in and whipping it with the cream cheese. This is looking really good. It’s doubling in volume
almost because of the cream. We’re just getting it nice and whipped almost like you would a whipped cream. I’m going to pop this
in the fridge and let it stiffen just a little
bit, let that cream cheese and the chocolate sort of harden up. See you in a few. While we’re waiting for
our frosting to cool, we’re just going to trim
the dome off of our cakes. This isn’t necessary,
but if you want your cake to stand straight and be even,
then you do have to level them off, that doesn’t
mean it has to go to waste, I mean, you can still eat it. We are just going to take
the domed portion off so if you can see, actually,
something that makes it really easy to do this, is the line where it was still touching the cake pan, so we know that that’s going
to be even all the way around so we can kind of use that as a guide. That being said, I still
am a little cautious when I’m cutting and I
usually start a little bit higher than I know I’m going to finish. You can take more off, but
you can not add back on once you’ve taken it off. So I’ve got a nice big serrated knife. You want one that is at least
the length of your cake. And I’m just going to.. I’ll start high, just to start, I’m just trying to keep
an eye on both sides to make sure I’m cutting evenly. So I can take this whole
piece off and I have a bowl here that I’m just
saving all the scraps in. As you can see, pretty close
to the edge right there But need to do some more
trimming on this side. See, I’ve got bit of a border still. So, I’m just going to
go back in with my knife and just as I go, I can
just toss these scraps, op, You want, you want? There you go. I got to try some too. It’s a good cake. – [Chels] So we’ve got our icing. – It’s been chilling for like 30 minutes, it’s a bit thicker now,
it’s had a chance to cool, you can see it’s kind of
holding on to those peaks which is what we want I’m, again, not a huge frosting person, so, I think an even layer in the center, and an even layer on top
is the perfect amount to go with the cake. To start, we’re just going
to add a dab of frosting right in the center and
we’re just going to spread it out a bit and this is
just like a little bit of glue to keep our cake from sliding around while we’re decorating it. And then, what I like to do
when I’m adding my frosting is just to put a big dollop in the middle and kind of move it out from
there to get to the edges. And then, I have have my
handy-dandy offset spatula your best friend in the cake decorating. Second layer on top, since
we have this perfect smooth layer that was our bottom,
I’m just going to use that as our top. So, I will flip this upside
down and then gently, looks pretty even to me. I think we’re good. So, I’m pretty much done, I’m just putting some final swooshes on top. There’s a few different
ways you can style your cake but there’s something
about the nice little peaks that are sort of
reminiscent of a diner cake that has the glass case over it, you know? That’s always like the
most inviting cake to me. And something I like to do is just do like a sort of S-shape and lift my spatula. Why not just add one
more chocolatey element to our super chocolatey cake. Well, doesn’t that look
just like the most inviting chocolate cake you have ever seen? I am so excited to cut into it. (upbeat music) It’s so good. I love chocolate cake. Cake’s are super chocolatey, super moist frosting is like very light,
but also very chocolatey Fork for Chels. – [Chels] Aah. That’s so good. – We did it. I am sharing the cake, cause
I have to, social norms. I can’t wait to share my
chocolate cake with you guys. This is my perfect
chocolate cake that I’ve been developing for three days and I hope you guys like it, please let me know what you think. – If you insist. – Do you need a fork? – Yes, please, thank you. – The curls on top are
a nice artistic touch. – The frosting’s so soft. – It’s quiet. – Is there cream cheese in the frosting? – There is. – It’s got a nice tang, and it’s like fluffier than it looked. – It’s actually a whipped ganache, and then I whipped cream cheese into that. Because I was like, it’s deslish,
we need some cream cheese. – That’s the best chocolate
frosting I think I’ve ever had. – Wow. McKenzie. Your check’s in the mail. – It’s the best one I’ve ever had too. – Well, I can’t wait
for my dad to try this. That’s all I have to say about it. (laughter) – I’m just concerned there’s
chocolate in my teeth. (upbeat music)

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  37. I have watched this video before, and while it was great fun to watch, I must say that chef Lena's ultimate chocolate cake is not my own ultimate chocolate cake.

  38. Enjoy the mustard from the mayo in your chocolate cake. Idc if it's a small amount of mustard you still have mustard. in. your. chocolate. cake.

  39. Choc cake doesn’t need essence or coffee but they both enhance the flavour. However, taste is a subjective thing so whats good for one may not be good for another. Ganache can and is quite often used for the outside of cakes. My brother’s wedding cake was layered and coated in ganache and it was gorgeous. Unwhipped ofc. Its up to you how thick you make it.

  40. Hi, I’m in England and I don’t use cup measurements, any chance of get it in grams and fluid please, I so want to try this cake of yours, it looks like the cake I want for my little book, it would be great if I could get it, it was great watching you go through all those cake, i hope you had lots of friends to help you get through them. Great video heather xx

  41. I can't believe I just spent 23 minutes watching someone bake chocolate cakes that I can't have 😭
    Why do I do things like this to myself!? I need winter to come so I can use the oven more, lol

  42. The recipe on the link asks for 3cups of flour, the video asks for 1 1/2cup the ratio of dry ingredients to wet ingredients was 2:1

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