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Chef Mom vs. Chef Dad Challenge | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– You sure you don’t want
another bite of my chicken? – Well maybe you should
try your own chicken. (laughter) See how it tastes. (upbeat music) – Hi everyone, I’m Odin. [Interviewer] Odin tell me,
who’s better at cooking? Your mom or your dad? – Do I have to answer that? – [Interviewer] Who usually
cooks most in your house? – Who cooks more, is daddy! And normally his food tastes better. – [Interviewer] Today,
you’re going to be judging a mom versus dad food challenge. (excited squeak) All right, are you ready? – Bring out the competitors! – Open your eyes. – Open your eyes. – You both made pizza, really? (mom laughs) – Chefs, what have you made for me? – I made garlic shrimp and lemon. – I made garlic shrimp, but
with oyster sauce and ginger. – Oh. – Well I’ve prepared a
delicious vegan pizza, and it has a nice olive oil
and herb base daiya cheese, finished with basil and
some kalamata olives. – Dad, what’d you prepare? – Well, you know, some fried chicken. Kenzie’s recipe. Some macaroni and cheese. – Yeah I kinda do like the shell one. – Yeah I know, this is from (mumbles) and then we have some string beans that have seen better days. – Look at those string beans. (laughter) – I got some garlic chopped up in there, some basil, turkey pepperoni. – Yummy. – I like the way this one smells, and I like the way this one looks. – Oh, mine looks like a
party, just ready to be eaten. (laughter) – Guys, time for the taste test. – Okay. – All right. – Mom. – Mackenzie. – What is the stuff around it? – Just the fried part of the chicken. – This doesn’t taste like real crisp. – Well right before I made
this, I broke the thermometer that’s supposed to keep
the oil at 350, so. – Chef, are you making an excuse? – Well I don’t taste the lemon, but I do taste the deliciousness! – Hey, you need to save room. You have to try mine, too. – Notice how tough it is
to cut into that pizza? I want you to think about
that when you’re chewing. (laughter) – I’m getting a lot of olive,
some garlic, a lot of cheese. (mumbles) Good job. – Thank you, buddy. Thank you. – Hey, no talk to the judge. – Whoa. (laughter) – Mmm. Mmm. Mm, okay. Mm, okay. Let’s move on, wait after this. – What was your inspiration for this? – My inspiration was the way
that I grew up with the shrimp. We all cooked it with
oyster sauce and ginger. – I can definitely taste the ginger. – So far so good. I like how it has like a rubbery feeling. I like that feeling. – Thanks, I try really hard on that. – Like the crispiness is perfect. It’s perfect, okay. Dad’s fried chicken is good! Another plus for dad. – Who cooked more? – In my house? – Mhm. – It’s actually pretty equal. – Basically her whole family cooked. – Basically, my whole family cooked. And I don’t cook that much. (laughter) – I loved your green beans. They are at the perfect
texture, they got a good color, and your plate looks so good. This taste really good. I love your mac and cheese. – Thank you. – And then the chicken, I
could just nibble on all day. – Have you made a decision, judge? – Yes, I have. – All right guys, it’s
time to crown a winner. Whoever wins gets the Kids Try Trophy. – Ooh. – The winner (drum roll) daddy! – Aww. (cheering) – Ahh! (clapping) – In your face. – Daddy! – Ooh. (clapping) – Kids Try Champion. (laughter) – Better luck next time. – Mmm. – Who’s shrimp looked better? Mom’s or my dad’s? Put it in the comments below. Thanks for watching! – We are the champions, we are the champions, no time for losers, ’cause we are the champions of the world!

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100 thoughts on “Chef Mom vs. Chef Dad Challenge | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

  1. I can't even judge my indian mom's(that doesn't mean other indian moms are like this) food because i know what will happen😂

  2. Reading the comments, I can say that all Asians were surprised the way that girl in the red top spoke to her mom. Such talks in Asian family only invite slaps. I must add that Indian moms are no less. My mom still slaps me if I don't listen to her. And, I'm 25. Hahaha.

  3. I was supposed to be one of the judges but my dad never came back after he said he would get one of his ingredients…

    Milk 😪

  4. Ok so im seeing a lot of hate towards the pizza boy. And it kind of needs to stop. If the family liked it, then let them be. Not because the pizza is vegan or doesn't have sauce means that its going to taste bad.

  5. Oh okay oh okay oh okay okay aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so gooooood 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  6. A dying race of families who are legally married, live in a stable environment, love their kids and each other, and have a planned baby with all the caring they need. True heroes!

  7. I don't know how this video is in my recommendations. Loudwire, Joe Rogan and Kids Try? I love it though! The kids are so funny! I binge watched all of them! Thanks!

  8. 3:42 okay I can relate to the mom because in my household they all cook and yet I dont really I know my way around the kitchen but I'm no chef like my parents

  9. Ok so I think my dads cooking is better then my moms on some stuff but I would never tell my mom that I didn’t like her cooking

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