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100 thoughts on “Chefs Review Kitchen Gadgets Vol.10 (Ft. The Automatic Plate Washer!?)

  1. Mike: This is a studio kitchen we don't have a running tap

    We have seen the guys use the studio kitchen tap in the cooking battles vlogs so the running tap /does/ work #confusedfannow

  2. "I'm gooey in the middle baby let me bake" was actually about the banana yum station, who would have thought?

  3. I've had that angled measuring cup for a few years now. Works great, survives the dishwasher. Definitely useful. Love the banana thing. My kid would enjoy making those.

  4. 2 Chef’s review World of Warcraft Cookbook. Since classic is coming out and dear god it would be nerdy and weird

  5. Is it that much trouble getting kiddos to eat fruit? They keep promoting that as the reason for the banana thing, but fruits are just mostly sugar anyway. I have never known a kid to turn down fruit…veg maybe

  6. "I think it needs a handle…"

    Your hand goes around the frickin thing to make it work, Captain Genius.

  7. Well now. Some of those are actually useful. Like, I'm actually about to go order one of those diagonal measuring cups off Amazon since I need one.

  8. We don’t get to see the final product of the chocolate chips and the banana? Did Tyrone like it at least?

  9. I cant stop laughing at the banana yum station – ben is having so much fun but james looks like he wants to quit

  10. I mean the first gadget was kind of cool, and honestly I would be interested in getting one if it wasn't for one tiny detail…… I HAVE A DISHWASHER!!!!! I have a machine in my kitchen that washes dishes for me. So I don't have to hand wash them.

  11. What is with the hideous off-lime-green color that keeps showing up on these products?

    Edit: I already owned the measuring cup with the angled face (it is genius), but you sold me on the squeezable one, which I have just purchased. I'm shocked that it works, but the video doesn't lie.

  12. The avacado tool is for use on CORRECTLY RIPENED avacado only. This is where the "avacado hand" comes from: idiots being trendy.

  13. that hand washing thing works so well for my mother, she has limited mobility in her hands and she loves it

  14. that moment when i realise that "Banana Yumstation" is Dutch and i completely understand the words that's on the box. I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD

  15. 8:03 retarded ass comment, how are you going to squeeze the thing with a fuckin handle you dusted dimwhit prick

  16. the plate cleaner and weird items like that are mainly used for people with disabilities. Like people who can't hold the dishes and obviously they probably can't afford a place with a dishwasher.

  17. As a Mexican millennial who can go to a the market and buy twenty avocados with the equivalent of £2, I think the avocado thing is a waste of plastic, rubber and steel. All the things it does can be done better by a small dull knife (if you’re not an idiot).

  18. I have a set of angled measuring jugs! They're quite nice for when I don't have a flat surface (ie crappy kitchen counters.) Because I can hold the jug level, since I can compare two measuring points. My one complaint is that one of them cracked on the bottom and it leaks veeeeeeery slowly now.

  19. "That's easy it's just math"
    It's funny because it's true XD
    E: and before you say NEEEEEEEEERD or any variant of the word, NO U

  20. After seeing the title I was slightly concerned this was a sponsored vid, glad to see you said it was useless. This is my fav of your series

  21. More Cookbook Reviews Please!
    Suggestion: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Official Pizza Cookbook

  22. I suspect you end up using more time clearing the dish cleaner than it would take you to just clean the dishes yourself. Every little joint on those arms will get foul.

  23. I also had doubts about the avocado peeler. I live in California, where avies are cheap and abundant, and I eat them often. I also am one who can cut themselves on the hand holding the knife at times, klutzy and nervous. But I can safely cut, pit, and slice my avies without hurting myself with that device, after a little practice. Worth the $9US, have used it for years!

  24. CHECK OUT the Euclid measuring cup! It is actually an exact cup for liquids without the built in error in measuring.

  25. They're finally reviewing things that I've seen in multiples peoples kitchens. I can't believe it

  26. well seeing as they used that silicone measuring cup again for the banana cudler I guess its not so useless after all huh? haha

  27. Best series ever! 😀 Keep it rolling, guys. With more videos like this, your channel could be better than Netflix.

    Blessed week.♡ Xx

  28. That angled measuring cup is honestly really cool. I have a set of them and they are my favorite measuring cups I have ever used

  29. I have that silicone measuring cup. I love it because it also doubles as a blender cup for my immersion blender.

  30. Today put a banana in your yum stations and some chocolate in your squeezy jug in commemoration of this video

  31. The silicone measuring cup is great for poured sugar or isomalt. However, I don't think I've ever seen one that large.

  32. I challenge sorted food to purchase and review 10 kitchen gadgets marketed to help people with disabilities.

  33. Ben, the dessert you described is a very common dessert in Luxembourg (mainly among the scouts) and we call it "Choconana"
    I was happy to hear foreign people knew this staple!

    PS: Will you marry me!

  34. Come on, guys, you're not stupid. People with mobility issues exist, just because you don't have them doesn't mean products for them are bad.

  35. We did the same thing to bananas when we went camping, fill with chocolate chips and mini marshmallows and let it roast 😍

  36. Barry and mike's face after they gave ben the banana surprise went from giddy to shock to disbelief then finally frustration. It happened so fast but it was everything lol!

  37. I have the slanted measuring cup but in Canada we have them at the dollar store….for a dollar. I dont know who would pay $8 for it, thats crazy!

  38. So. The kitchen I work at actually had the avocado multitool. We make our own guacamole and when you aren't actually a trained chef. It's nice to have something that does the job you need fast

  39. I’m going to be using “put your banana in the yum station” at some point in the future. And I won’t be able to help it 🤷🏻‍♀️

  40. I actually have owned the angled measuring cup for several years and I love it. I don't have any motor control issues but it's just nice when pouring to be able to see the volume without having to get to eye level.

  41. Oh my gosh!! Ben's family cook bananas the same way mine do! Except we would slice from top to bottom & put slices of snickers or mars bars and BBQ them.

  42. Yall please do this one! https://www.amazon.com/Handheld-Portable-Sealer-Kitchen-Gadgets/dp/B07T1GYXZ2/ref=sr_1_34?crid=1BVJP8M3WAPWX&keywords=kitchen+gadgets&qid=1569699177&s=gateway&sprefix=kitchen+g%2Caps%2C260&sr=8-34

  43. I always get so upset about people peeling then chopping their avocado. Growing up, I learned it two ways: 1) slicing and then removing the skin off of that one slice, or 2) slicing without going through the skin and then using a spoon. I don’t think I will ever understand why people don’t do it that way 🤷🏻‍♀️ but that’s just my Mexican showing.

  44. Ok, if the first one could be like built into a sink or an attachment that you just set the plate, bowl or cup in and it automatically cleaned it and then you could take it out and put a new one in while you’re washing silverware or wiping the counters or whatever else, uhhh that’d be awesome! Lol

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