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100 thoughts on “Chefs Review ‘LIFE CHANGING’ Kitchen Gadget

  1. something to consider when cooking sousvide (i have a thing at home that i use a lot)

    it can turn those sort of cheap tough cuts tender after letting the meat cook for a while.

    it can make getting dinner ready a lot easier, and it makes getting fancy with food easy (cheese stuffed burgers where the cheese oozes out like lava when you bite them, as an example)

    it's not the cure all that will solve all your food related problems, but it will make things easier.

  2. I got one of these (slightly different model with no bluetooth) for $90. Used it for salmon and rib eye steaks. Perfection.

  3. I have considered getting one, because I have rheumatism in my hands, so even making soups leaves me ill, and this might help me not only eat microwavable dinners.

  4. I'm actually so surprised at the price, for something like that can cook food so perfectly with little to no monitoring, I was expecting £300+ not £120 🙀

  5. Serious question – any concerns about long term issues of cooking in plastic bags? Leeching of little plastic-y things into food?

  6. See, I like this for a variety of reasons, cause not o ly could you use it for meats/proteins, but it would also probably be really good for cooking veggies and starches and that to perfection too, if I had the money and a proper space to experiment with it, I would so buy it

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  8. No matter how perfect this method of cooking seems, the conventional method of cooking will always be more fun and practical than relying on electical gadget (that freezes) and a plastic bag (that is not good for our health or the environment)!

  9. Personally from watching this video 9 months ago, I don't think it's expensive or extravagant at all. If anything it has encouraged me to cook at home more because I can produce as good if not better tasting meat with my Anova (that's the one I bought because of this video, I assume most sous vide devices can give the same results) than my local restaurants can but at probably a quarter of the price.

  10. wtf guys… i have this machine, you have to sear your meat after cooking it in the anova, thy a brisket recipe in this circulator (36 houres) with smoked salt and freshly grounded black peper and sear it after with a ''searzall'' torch for the crust…… with a homemade bourbon black pepper sauce…. as tender as filet mignon.. ill give you my recipe, i am a thermo-circulator chef!!

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  12. after several months researching i finally bought a immersion cooker a few months ago and i'm kicking myself for waiting so long. it is a bit time consuming, an hour for steak, 3 hours for chicken, 8 hours for ribs, so it's pretty much a weekend thing, but that's how i cook. i make a big batch over the weekend to eat over the course of the week. i'm an old school smoker guy so during the warm months i do everything on my smoker. this technique is now my winter go to that turns out food even more tender than the smoke pit.

  13. I bought one and have to say it’s great, only thing you may need to do is sear your protein after cooking to make it more appealing

  14. I'm actually a bit curious what other things can be made with the Sous Vide gadget. Can we have a video where you go experimental like what you did with the Pizza cooker gadget, please?

  15. I cannot believe you haven't heard of this before! I bought one of these a few years ago. You didn't mention that a quick fry at high temperature at the end gives a nice seared finish.

  16. We have the same machine. It has cooked the best chicken breast and steak I have ever had! It's a bit pricy and the bags are a bit wasteful (need silicon bags to be a bit cheaper). But definitely recommend it 🙂

  17. I actually have this. I've used it once. got it as a gift…. I WILL say that my brother in law and sister got it as well and use it ALL the time. definitely about preference.

  18. The great thing about sous vide is consistency. Yes, I would prefer to put my meat in the oven and cook it faster, but then I have to judge the time based on volume and on how long I've browned it in the skillet first. So, it's a bit of a chancy process, especially if you are not very experienced, which I'm not. Result? I bought a sous vide immersion heater.

  19. I have one of these and love it. Very surprised they didn't finish the chicken in a skillet or with a torch though as that's always been my experience with sous vide. Cook it perfect all the way through and then hit it with a ripping hot skillet to char just the outside.

  20. I own 2 Anova. Love them. It's amazing what you can do. Cook, cook and freeze or the best creme brulee ever.

  21. I'm allergic to fish ,shellfish, chicken, beef, lamb… But I would love to eat salmon if I could 😢. I think I'm over the chicken/eggs…..see not all black people eat chicken .😂😂😂😂😂😂.sorry for laughing at my own joke

  22. I really don't like the idea of cooking things in a plastic bag. even if it is BPA free doesn't mean that it is safe over long time.

  23. I have an Anova cooker and I absolutely love it. I use it all of the time. It the moment of writing this I am pasteurizing eggs, because I live in America an want to have Carbonara without the risk of death. Also, it makes a cheap cut of meat amazing.

  24. Can you just have an opinion at the end? Say, definitely buy it or don't buy it or avoid completely or must have. Instead of this comment baiting "you decide in the comments below" crap. This video wasn't too bad for it but a lot of your others are.

  25. Pretty sure that Amazon affiliate link and the spotlight for the product in the video makes this video unlawful advertising in some countries. Not an expert, but you all might want to be more overt

  26. I have one and, yes, I bought it last Black Friday for about $70 US. Amazon Prime day is almost here though, same idea.

  27. What kind of monster makes someone cook a chicken breast without any kind of seasoning at all, let alone doing it to a chef.

  28. I have a SousVide water oven and an immersion stick They Do NOT cook the same, in that the water bath is far more accurate as the water bubbles up from a grate below the food rather then from around it, helps to keep the bags separated better (even with a rack they can touch and water circulating around can force the bags together) Also I brown my meat FIRST that way it stays they temp I want. I know most people do it the opposite way, but I actually talked to a Chef that uses one and he does it the same way I do it is more accurate finish. A SousVide will also REHEAT an entire meal Bag up some mash in one bag some veg in another and your meat in another drop it in and go about your business My Husband loves it when I am not home because he can get dinner for himself with no mess We just bag up meals and drop them if the freezer and he pulls out what he wants and cooks it from frozen (he uses the stick and make sure you get a rack!!

  29. I'd be worried it will become obsolete with the app developers stop updating it for the latest iPhone/Android device

  30. As a professional cook I will say that my work, we used one of these for our weekly steak night to great effect, always perfect results.

  31. Can we all just talk about the fact that when they said but, they use the damn picture of the peach. 😂

  32. sous vide is probably the best thing that has ever happened in my kitchen, i honestly don't think i could ever cook a steak again without sous vide, hell if it wasn't for the fact that sous vide cooking is making me go through plastic bags like crazy i'd cook everything sous vide every day

  33. ANOVA often do really good discounts during Christmas, black Friday, father's Day etc.

    One thing to note is the device is extra easy to use without the app. Once you have used for a while, it's kind of just free style

  34. The problem is you have to start this as soon as you start feeling hungry as apposed to im hungry 5 mins on the grill boom chicken done

  35. Man I'd use that every day. I'm always a sucker for custardy soft eggs for my daily lunch ramen, and love slow cooked everything! Simply a solid device. As long as it is easy to clean and BPA free don't see where it could go wrong.

  36. I use this to make lunches. U kan make loads in a large pot add rice or pasta or whatever and freeze in. I also use a vacuum sealer.

  37. This would be great for making dessert fillings and custards. Also it would be cool to see how it would work as a double boiler for making ice cream or confections. I think it be great to see how the boys would use it like this in a challenge.

  38. Does it work in a larger pan. I can see, maybe, it's great for a home cook. BUT, how about a restaurant operation?

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  40. I keep thinking of getting one, but then I think of getting all the plastic bags and all the extra waste I’d have… plus you need the vacuum sealer, though then I could dry age too… 😫 idk…

  41. As great as fish cooked this way tastes, it can't be good for you to eat stuff cooked in plastic at high temperatures?

  42. I like using sous vide, but it definitely isn't a replacement for other cooking methods. It's just a good way to ensure quality meat/fish cooking without much fuss (or cooking experience).

  43. I got myself a Sous Vide and while it took some getting used to. I enjoy mine because I can cook so many things with it. If you love your sear just sear it when it's done.

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