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100 thoughts on “Chefs Review The “Flexitarian” B12 Vegan Burger

  1. I usually like a James but I don’t like how against meat substitutes he is. Most vegetarians and vegans don’t stop eating meat because they don’t like the taste. It’s because they don’t like the ethics or the health affects. So him being against meat substitutes because it’s not actually meat or because he for some reason thinks buying “high quality meat” is an appropriate substitute for people who just don’t want to eat another animal, just doesn’t sit right with me. And for anyone who thinks I am one of the judgements vegans (who most vegans and vegetarians also hate) I’m not. I have been vegetarian for 9 years. All of my friends and family eat meat and I go out with them all the time. I just don’t think it’s right for someone who eats meat to be so critical of meat substitutes. Like he wouldn’t even understand why we eat them. I wish James would talk to an actual vegetarian or vegan to understand why “just eat higher quality meat, less often”is not a proper rebuttal to meat alternatives. 😢

  2. You always see people trying to make their veggies taste like meat, but never the other way around…

    Imagine walking into a restaurant and being given a burger

    "Here you are, it's 100% beef but tastes like peas, mushrooms and potatoes! enjoy!"

  3. I really appreciate this test where you had two chefs, one blind folded and one not. Also, not telling them what it was so that they could give their personal and professional review. Very nice.

  4. This is an issue I've always had with veganism. I don't believe you can be truly against the use of animal products, if you want to replicate meat products. Or replicate the taste of meat. Surely that's just imitating the flavour, which is admitting the real meat tastes better than faux-meat. Which in itself is discouraging normal people to take up the vegan diet and lifestyle. I think it'd be better to celebrate all things vegan, and actually look to creat unique flavours that cannot be replicated by meat. Then you'd have an edge, and a reason to eat the vegan cuisine.

  5. I've had this and I thought it was terrible. :/ I'd be willing to try the Impossible Burger if it makes its way to these shores.

  6. I think middle ground items are always needed,and apparently this actually tastes good while meeting the sensory expectations.

  7. I would love a vegetarian cookbook review. I'm currently looking for one that has simple, low cost recipes that aren't made with a ton of ingredients that are difficult to find. And maybe that even talk about the nutrients they provide. I've gone back to being a vegetarian this year, I've done it on and off for 24 years, but I'd like to expand my repertoire and not have to take iron supplements.

  8. James's turn around weirdly reminds me of those 1st appearance of male protagonist in disney teenage movies 🤔 but anyway it's cute

  9. I agree with James cutting down how much meat I eat but when I do eat meat I buy the best quality I can find.

  10. I don't understand why vegans/vegetarians would want to eat something that even looks like meat. Maybe if you have to give it up but you still enjoy eating, this would be a fine substitute, but abstaining for ethical reasons eould make this seem ridiculous.

  11. Ordered this at one of the Al Chemist's in London with cheese, genuinely had to ask if they gave me the wrong order. I hadn't eaten meat in over 6 months so I may be bias but it was incredible, definitely the best meat substitute I have tried.

  12. This 'burger' is NOT vegan, just as Ben says that Parmesan cheese is not vegan. B12, an essential nutrient for brain health- can ONLY be found in MEAT. That alone proves that eating vegan is not healthier. Combine with that, numerous enzymes and other nutritional substances that can ONLY be found in meat, the human body cannot maintain optimum health without eating meat, including red meat.

    I have googled many times, all those scientists who went looking for that totally vegan culture and how healthier they are….only, each one of those scientists discovered: 1. The cultures DO eat meat, and they do so to be healthy; even the most primitive cultures listen to their body's needs and gorge- eat massive quantities- when they crave meat. OR 2. Those cultures who do not eat meat, have several Chronic Health problems because they are missing the critical enzymes, vitamins, and nutrition found in meat. The Indian culture is one that is not healthy for lack of meat.

    If you don't want to eat meat, that is certainly your choice, and I won't condemn anyone for that; but be well informed before making that choice. One cannot be healthy, and vegan. Even B12 Supplements must come from meat.

    As to the Proteins in this product: since they have been removed from their original source- it WILL contain MSG- monosodium glutamate.

  13. In a Sorted binge, wonder how long will it take to finish it all. Wonderful and interesting videos as always hope you'll continue creating more in the future.

  14. I will be waiting for synthetic meat and remain true to my normal beef, pork and whatever the hell my butcher provides but it is cool that such a thing exists.

  15. So, as a meat eater that also enjoys high quality vegetables, I think that the answer to Jaime's question is yes. Yes on both counts. I am personally trying to reduce my personal consumption of meat. I only eat red meat once or twice every two weeks, and I am really trying to only eat white meats like chicken and turkey three times a week. Something like this, or like the Impossible Burger are very helpful to me in achieving that. I also really enjoy things that celebrate high quality, delicious veggies, and (like James) I don't like things like seitan or traditional meat "substitutes".

    Also, stay grumpy, James, stay grumpy. Your snark is amazing and very amusing.

  16. An American company makes a Beyond Meat burger that has very similar ingredients and in Canada the burger chain A&W offers them. I have tried them and had the same reaction you did to these. I have no problem eating them and I'm a meatatarian.

  17. just watching the beginning. why make such a horrid burger? double patty? this thick? i wouldnt like it, if it was meat. continuing watching.

  18. 1. Cheese is not vegan.
    You always ask for more suggestions….
    Can you please take some favorite recipes that have glutens (like pasta and breads) And make them gluten-free? I have Celiacs but love pastas, pizza and bread. But I also want it to have the same texture and not fall apart.

  19. I left a comment below asking about gluten-free GOOD substitutes because I ha e Celiacs.
    However, I wanted to also let you know how I love your videos. You guys are fun! And I love to cook.

  20. My question, as a chef is this. How much more sustainable is it. Coconut oil has to be grown, transported and processed. All the veg needs to be grown and transported. What quantities of such ingredients are required to make it? Seems like there is a lot more work, post consumer and would probably take more land and use more fuel and what not than grazing some cows. Also you are taking veg that could be used to directly feed people and processing it to make some patties. Idk, seems like a draw to me. The ones in America, the "Beyond Burger" literally tastes like cat food. lol

  21. It's just simple if you want to be a vegan be a vegan if you want to eat meat go ahead, no one cares other than the crybabies. I don't see anyone trying to make beef taste like lettuce out there. people are just stupid.

  22. As someone that had been vegetarian for the last 15 years, I've had the same opinion as James; celebrate great veg, rather than create bad imitation meats. They usually turn out terrible. However, this new crop of mince and burger products are really promising and intriguing.

  23. Why not make something they can put their mouths around? Just bugs me when people make a burger that you cant even eat. Just stop with the huge unrealistic burgers.

  24. I've been vegetarian for 8 years and I'm irritated when people tell me that since I've chosen not to eat meat I shouldn't be trying to find replacements that may not taste as nice. I chose to stop eating meat for environmental and ethical reasons, knowing that meat consumption is actually the number one biggest contributer to global warming on earth (51%). Knowing this I felt irresponsible continuing to contribute to this massively underrated issue, but that is not to say that I do not enjoy or miss the taste of meat and do not wish to find that same satisfaction in ways exactly like this burger. Yes, celebrate vegetables and more creative dishes, but in the same way that many of you do not wish to give up meat, I enjoy meat substitutes.

  25. You can find these in so many places across the UK if you look for them online. I found that they can taste quite different depending on how they're serve and the relish, but if you get a good one they are truly amazing!

  26. I think the more effort that people put into plant items to transform them into sometimes gimmicky, sometimes legitimate mainstream meat substitutes, the further away they get from their original nutritional punch. Sometimes I eat fries bc I crave them-that’s not eating for health and I get that and I’m ok w that occasionally. However, I think meat substitute ‘vegetarian’ craze subverts the original intent of most vegetarians’ diets and its potential benefits if people start eating these sorts of items as their main proteins instead of focusing on the bounty of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains in their more original form (I haven’t read the comments yet so someone may have said this already).

  27. Please try "impossible burger" – another vegan substitute meat. You might also try "finless seafood" and those kinds of alternative meats

  28. This is a vegan burger for non-vegan eaters aren't it? Cause I don't think vegans would actually want to taste something meat-like. Of course there's probably vegans who missed it, maybe?

    But I would eat this to lessen my meat intake. This is an awesome product.

  29. James reminds me of an art teacher I had in college. He would toss our work on the floor if we didn't do a good job. 😆

  30. … heres a question… how would vegans know what a real burger feels like after so long never actually eating one????

  31. I have had the beyond burger and I enjoyed it the ONLY real draw back was it was mushyISH BUT I kind of crave it now once in a while. I am not giving up burgers in ANYway but I will choose this one over those once in a while

  32. It seems like the most successful vegetarian and vegan foods are the ones that don't try to be fake meat, they just try to be the good food they are.

  33. I'd say if a burger is "bleeding" that means it was just harvested from the animal because their is no blood in commercially available meat. Myoglobin looks like blood but certainly does not taste the same. If you were eating blood it would taste like blood.

  34. why is it that vegans protest about eating animal and at the same time create simulated animal meat , their contradicting themselves.

  35. BUT.. how pricy is it? I'd super like to try it. It looks fine, and the ingredients list isn't the worst I've ever heard of.

  36. Both James and Ben have a good take on the ethical and environmental issues related to the meat industry, as any good chef should. Kudos boys

  37. 😂😂 "it was just fear, because i dont trust you."
    Perfectly sums up Bens relationship with Barry and James 😅

  38. Great video. I think one of the biggest reasons people don't try alternative meat products is that they taste and feel like utter crap. This one looks promising.

  39. A vegan oxymoron due to cheese. And nothing said about the source of B12. Nephew is 4 years in on being vegan. I'm surmising health problems in the future.

  40. You guys should try Beyond Meat burgers! No wheat, soy, bleeds like a real burger, tastes like a real beef burger. Insanely delicious. I eat all types of foods, but when I wanna get the satisfaction of eating a beef burger, I always go for the Beyond Meat burger!

  41. Seems to me it is extremely processed. And I am a firm believer that the less processed your food is the better!! Would never be a choice that would make!!! Especially with all the GMOs that are present in plant based diets these days….We grow most of our own veggies, fruits and legumes from heirloom seeds.

  42. Every idea that gets the world away from mass-produced meat with animals leading horrible, shortened lives as "thing to eat" no living being deserves is a good thing. And it helps our environment, too.

  43. Im totally down to try these if I could actually find one for sale. I feel like in the end its gonna come down to price more then any other factor. If the burger tastes similar to the real thing its trying to imitate then the only thing that would really put me off if it was quite a bit more expensive. From what I have seen of meat replacement products in the past its not uncommon for the fake stuff to be a good deal more expensive then the real thing, and if that is the case I dont think I would bother.

  44. Yeah no, that burger looked as much like the real deal as Spam looks like ham.

    But that's ok, once it is in your mouth the texture and taste are more important. And it doesn't look gross per se.

  45. I've been a vegetarian since I was a kid (15+ years at this point) and I personally find the "don't look for a meat substitute, just celebrate the greatness of plants!" thing coming from meat eaters really frustrating.

    I get the sentiment and I agree that if you want to go meatless, you're not going to be satisfied trying to find one-for-one replacements for all the meat in your life that you love. Trying to do that is not a sustainable way to be vegetarian for most people. I get that.

    But, like, sometimes I just want some chicken nuggets! I don't want a chicken to die so I can get a chicken nugget and I don't want to give up 15+ years of going without meat to get one, so meat substitutes are really important for moments like that. Which is what makes attitudes like James's really frustrating sometimes. Let me have my 'chicken' nuggets, dude! You're not going to eat them anyways, you're going to go for the real thing haha

  46. Burgers do not a bleed. It is myoglobin that is from the muscle tissue.
    What is shown in the video is not a burger. Burgers must contain beef. That is a vegetable patty.
    "instead of animal blood" Moving Mountains actually realized how stupid that was and removed it from their description.

  47. They still need to work on the price. The only supermarket in my area that sells Beyond Meat charges more than twice as much it than for ground beef. They're charging the same for it that they do for the ground bison.

  48. I'm not a huge fan of meat substitutes because I'm concerned that their failure to live up to the taste and feel of animal meat may put people off the idea of vegan or vegetarian food. There are plenty of delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes if you go straight for a veg recipe that stands on its own rather than being a poor second by trying to be something else. That said, if something decent can be produced then it might encourage meat eaters to eat less meat which has to be a good thing from both an environmental and ethical perspective.

  49. I think being vegan /vegetarian should indeed be about celebrating fruit and vegetables and how delicious they can be. Meat replacements defeat the whole purpose, in my opinion.

  50. I had a burger like that in javea at a restaurant called vthos this June if I didn’t know I couldn’t tell the difference

  51. If you must go meatless, it is better to go to raw food, not processed. Soy has estrogenic properties which under normal concentrations can be used as part of a balanced diet (see Asian cookery). However, when it is concentrated it turns on a breast cancer gene. Too much estrogen especially when coupled with xeno-estrogens from plastics dysregulates the conversion of Tryptophan to Serotonin. Decades ago, margarine was promoted by the "experts" as the alternative to butter. There was a massive campaign against butter. Now there is a massive campaign against "meat" to substitute more processed food. I suggest you look at this video https://youtu.be/vpTHi7O66pI before talking about sustainable farming. In order to re-green the deserts, we need more animals not less.

  52. My biggest issue with meat subs is price. I'm willing to bet those 4 patties cost 3-4 times more than an equil amout of meat.

  53. I've never seen the point in meat replacements, I feel like there's so much variety out there these days that even if you choose not to eat meat, there's something delicious to have instead. I like the chewiness of soy protein or quorn, but they taste better in stews and soups or something rather than 'meat'

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