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100 thoughts on “Chefs vs Normals: Reviewing High(er) End Kitchen Gadgets

  1. Try comparing that Norlan Whiskey Glass against the Glencairn Whiskey Glass, or other glasses. I'm curious what you'll find. The shape of the glass will change what you taste. That open mouthed tumbler will give you a face full of ethanol fumes when you drink. Iconic, but maybe not as pleasant as it could be.

  2. I am a proud owner of the microwave grill I was excited to see sorted review it because personally I think it's the best kitchen gadget I've come across

  3. At a certain point, after enough years cooking for this show, the normals will be way better chefs than an average person so I think at some point "normals" will become misleading.

  4. Ark. Can I just say, you probably shouldn't compare a Norlan glass to a tumbler but to a proper glencairn glass. They're about £20+ for 2. A glencairn and other tulip shaped glasses are probably the go to glass for whisky drinkers since the shape is meant to funnel the aroma better and gives you less alcohol burn.

    If I remember correctly, the norlan is basically a double walled glencairn, with the inside being tulip shaped and the outside is meant to provide isulation so your whisky isn't heated by your hand.

    On a side note, ice tends to dull the flavour of whisky by lowering the temperature causing your tastebuds to be less sensitive and by physically diluting it. Try drinking it near or with a splash of water.

  5. Just get a tulip glass I mean it looks cool but a regular tulip glass would do the same thing (coming from someone who is a whiskey nerd)

  6. So would the glass make ALL whiskey taste better? Sounds like some more testing is needed and I'm happy to make myself available!

  7. This week's Dad Joke of the Week is the second best farmer joke after:

    Did you hear about the farmer who got a Nobel Prize?
    He was out standing in his field.

  8. Saw a video at Epicurious of a designer testing gadgets for their usability. He introduces something called the "left-handed oil test." How about revisiting some of the tools that you said were useless but everyone says that it's for those with dexterity issues and see if they're still useless…?

    At least, if you haven't thrown those items out, you'd get another video out of them…


  9. That burger and grilled cheese thing is stupid. Not having an oven. Okay… not having a microwave… okay…. but who doesnt have a hob……….

  10. WHY did you compare that black glass with that pretentious AF description to a normal tumbler, not a proper whisky glass like Glencairn? (other brands are available, I guess ^^") And that looked like a higher-end japanese whisky, so I am also offended by the ice in the whisky. Isn't that only done with bourbon? (I am happy to adjust my opinion on the last part of because I have not tried that many japanese whiskies and don't know if that one is specifically recommended to drink with ice…. but I am still shocked by this entire segment!) still fun to watch…. but please give these guys a proper set of nosing glasses!!!

  11. I got a microwave cheese toastie maker, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. I suppose I should trust Murphy Richards…

    The only downside is, it’s probably quicker to use an actual sandwich toaster

  12. My guess is whoever wrote the whiskey glass description THOROUGHLY tested it right before.

    Nerd note: light does affect how things can taste and age. It's why some bottles are heavily tinted, blacked out, or traditionally kept in a dark space. Happy drinking! 😊

  13. The microwave grill does contain metal

    Material: Handles and bands: 100% Platinum Silicone | Plates: Non-stick coated steel. Heating element ferrite silicone

    they say that metal is safe in a microwave so long as its solid enough and has no sharp edges.

  14. At 10:50, it looked like Barry was sticking out his tongue, but it was just him turning around and sign behind him.

  15. I have the kitchenaid sheet cutter attachment and it's great! made some apple sheets for desert. beet and sweet potato chips (crisps). can make mayo in he food processor in about 2 minutes.

  16. Oh! I know this!

    The Norlan glass focuses the alcohol vapors into a more condensed opening, allowing you to smell more of the whiskey notes which in turn changes how it tastes.

    Also, icing whiskey mutes the flavor dramatically. So if the Norlan glass wasn't iced, they're naturally going to taste more of the whiskey.

  17. "Its 100 percent platinum silicon." So…those may be microwave safe but those are a metal and a metalloid right? So it is still metal.

  18. Here in the states I ENJOY a stroll through the "AS SEEN ON TV" stores at the mall. I get to use my brain cells in trying to figure out what the hell is this thing and then I get some laughs and then "I leave"…..a perfect end to a day out shopping.

  19. Can't have toasters at work but we have microwaves. Definitely interested in the microwave grill so I can have toasted bread again! Anyone knows the brand?

  20. Honestly might consider the microwave grill cooker just cause getting off work im not bringing out pots and pans after 9-10 hour shifts. I usually just eat cereal and milk. This might encourage me to eat actual food for dinner after work with less to clean up

  21. Please review this item (Philips Smart Pasta Maker, Avance Collection) I am someone with a degenerative muscular disorder, and can no longer make pasta by hand, II have had it on my wish list for years but the cost is high and I question if it's worth the cost?

  22. You know what, toasters are expensive for what they do and take up lot of space. I wouldn't mind that non-metal thing. Saves space and would be usable for more things.

  23. F* that glass. There are useful whiskey gadgets like a form for very large ice cubes (just fits the glass) that doesn't dilute your drink because it's so large it doesn't melt. Or you know, not a gadget but more of a tip, always use only distilled or deionised water to reduce your whiskey to drinking strength.

  24. Whiskey glasses – Number 1 is Duo that's supposedly best of all of them ($48, immensely expensive abroad) but it's fragile, the second is classic Glencairn whisky glass it's much much cheaper (actually makes sense), sturdier, widely available worldwide and very close to Duo. (So just buy the Glencairn glass over any other glass when you first buy whiskey/bourbon glasses). The Norlan is behind both of them and for that price you can buy a lot of Glencairn glasses. Probably more than you'll ever break, especially because the Glencairn is supposedly quite sturdy. (It's like 4.3x more expensive). I'll probably buy it myself cause even here in my country I can get one for the price of british fiver.

  25. Please make more gadget videos. I enjoys these so much especially when the gents have no idea what the hell they do!?!. keep up the great videos!

  26. Well here I was having finally decided those Norlan glasses were probably bs marketing and I didn't need them and now I feel like I definitely do. Thanks guys!

  27. How about "Chefs review foreign kitchen gadgets". The Japanese have some crazy kitchen gadgets, and I am sure you could find some other wacky gadgets from all over the world.

  28. So wait, what does the whisky glass do? I watched 3 times and all I can make out is it has stacked mirrors on the inside. Is that right?

  29. They should've tried drinking the whisky out of a regular ceramic mug for comparison, i'm really interested :p
    And i often drink from a mug, lol !

  30. It was the shape of the glass not it’s looks. Look up “tulip whisky glass” and it does the same thing. It really just funnels the aroma

  31. The microwave griddle is excellent as someone in a university dorm with no access to a proper stove that sounds wonderful. God I miss making my own grilled cheese.

  32. Betty BS since 1956 …
    The Swiss super market brand Coop own it , canned food from China and plastic gadgets from China is what this Coop thing is doing best … most of Betty food ingredients are from China or worst from reading there labels btw …

    The microwave grill I got for 15 euros in a shop in france but can't remember which one .

  33. As someone who bought the original Norlan glasses it truly makes spirits taste better….about to go buy the black set now…

  34. i live in a van and i have that grilled cheese maker thing and its a fucking GODSEND i love it to death i would pay 100 $ for it

  35. Microwave is actually the healthiest way to cook food. But do to the lack of external temperature it's extremely difficult to get a good texture, which is the biggest contributor to taste. That device is very interesting.

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