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Chelsea Baker, Parent Scholarship Fund

I know he’s so proud of me I hear every
day from his friends from my family it’s very bittersweet because this is what he
wanted he wanted me to graduate from Samford. Chelsea Michelle Baker Samford is a caring place it’s community loves and motivates one another it’s warmth is
one reason that parents don’t hesitate one bit to make this their child’s
second home certainly that was the case for Todd Baker Chelsea’s dad he was so
ready for me to spread my wings and you know dads and parents always made sure
about you could stay in state you can go right here next to the Community College
and you can commute right and I know you make jokes but he was so excited for me
to make this jump and become my own person and that freshman year is what
solidified my foundation here and just I look back on it now and there will
nothing can touch my freshman year I learned so much about myself as Who I am
and how I wanted to be for the rest of my life that was the coolest thing
knowing one little school was able to provide that for me be like hey we want
to help you we have all these opportunities for you have fun
in just a few short years Chelsea thrived in Samford declaring a foods
and nutrition major pledging a sorority and growing a faith to serve others
after her junior year though that faith is put to the test after a car ride home every year for school whether I was
coming up here for the beginning of the semester or coming back for Christmas my
dad would always drive with me so we had a good wonderful ten-hour drive together
the next day Sunday, May 21st and it’s like 10:00 a.m. I just have funny
feeling I don’t know there’s just something in my tummy something
wasn’t quite right this thought enters my mind and I instantly go what if
something’s wrong I opened the door I know instantly what is happening and
what had happened and what I had lost my dad’s laying there on his stomach on the
bed and I knew my dad was gone at the age of 52 Todd Baker passes away
unexpectedly I had lost the one most amazing person in my life who was my
rock he was my best friend he was my other half he was my dad with
her father gone Chelsea realized she not only had lost her dad she also lost his
financial support for her college education I was very worried that I
wasn’t gonna be able to come back to Samford because that was what my dad
wanted my dad wanted me to stay at Samford all four years and to graduate
from here that was his goal for me he was fixing up the house and going to
sell it so he could do that and to help my brother get through college and I
gotta have that all of a sudden fall away I was terrified
fortunately for Chelsea and future Samford students like her there is the
parent scholarship fund money given by Samford parents and set aside to support
students who are close to earning a degree but facing withdrawal from
Samford prematurely due to a family financial crisis I think I just sat
there and off for a little bit I was so grateful amazed
I felt a little unworthy I felt very grateful of it because it helped me stay
here when I thought again I wasn’t going to be able to but I was just so amazed
that someone was willing to say hey I think this girl’s story
this girl deserves to be here I didn’t dad they didn’t know what his dream was
for me me they didn’t know me and they said still said hey she deserves this
and I’m getting chills now talking about it because I’m so unbelievably grateful
for it I’m not one to take gifts I am a giver I am NOT a receiver into to
get something it’s it’s so heartwarming I have grown leaps and bounds since then
and I still to this day I think Samford has been the best thing for me
friends wise mentally wise emotionally I don’t know where I’d be without Samford
for sure

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