Chicken Lollipop | चिकन लोलीपोप | Chef Ranveer Brar
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Chicken Lollipop | चिकन लोलीपोप | Chef Ranveer Brar

Wanna to eat “LOLLIPOP”…! No no… I am not talking to “My Son” Ishan Thats what i normally asked him, today morning he had a Lollipop I am not talking that lollipop…! I am talking about…!! “Chicken Lollipop” Haha right… It is not a difficult recipe but One of those popular recipe which is “Pan India”… Means if you go to Punjab… “Punjabi style lollipop”… You go any Quarter bar in Mumbai There also “Chicken Lollipop” “Malvani” style Chicken lollipop India has taken “Chicken Lollipop” dish to another level And adapted it fully So, Let’s do that… ROLLING & ACTION…!! First, let me show you the technique of making a chicken lollipop This part is “Very Important” Look Carefully at this step, this is wing And this is winglet OK… there are some people Who make this type of lollipop in which they trim the sides from the centre bone And create the cavity which helps to pull the meat down which helps giving it a Lollipop shape Ok…! Once you have pull the meat down remove the small bone which is of no use There is only bone in Lollipop Remove it carefully Because if you pull the small bone forcefully Then the whole lollipop will tear apart See the trick is to have This pocket intact The Pocket should be intact So for that Remove the small bone carefully And break it Now let’s make another type Shall we…! OK…!! Now the second type of lollipop is We will not remove the winglet We will keep the winglet on Just the same Trim the skin along the bone And pull it down the same way This time we are pulling it down the other side Simple, Easy…! This…! Don’t waste the meat Every part is important After that Cut both the bones carefully from the Joint And this Second type of Lollipop Hmmm…! Lollipop number one… Lollipop number two Simple… Easy… Ya…!! I had already made lollipop and kept it Right… !We can directly fry it Or else we can stuff it also It’s is unique stuffing RB special… I’m going to show it to you It’s quick easy and tasty “RB special stuffing”…! No no i am not adding “Paneer” everybody is thinking that it is RB special stuffing So i will be adding panner into it Paneer is the only first thing which comes in mind if we making stuffing Bread crumbs Chilli paste Cheese And MIX…! Don’t add salt Not even a little Salt to be added Because cheese has salt Without tasting if you add salt to cheese Salt will be more Then people will stare at you…! You will stare ate me And then you will say ki “Ranveer aapne bataya nahi” OK.. so now all you gotta do is fill the stuffing YEH…! Add stuffing in the pocket and press it DONE…! Now it has become a Lollipop… See that…! Now it looking like a Lollipop…! Without stuffing It doesn’t take the shape of lollipop Most people don’t do it because requires lot of work “HUM HEI VELLE”(we are free) Hmmm…! Simple easy No rocket science Salt On the other hand Egg Ginger garlic paste White pepper After that nicely “Marinate” chicken lollipop in the mixture And keep it aside You could do a separate batter But i am gonna use the same The hard work should not be wasted so i am gonna make the batter from this Corn starch Refined flour(Maida) It’s our secret don’t tell anybody This is between you and me… Little oil For Crispiness And we make a batter of it Nice…! Hmmm…! batter should not be too thick, now in a bowl add refined flour(maida) Now after that Seal chicken wings in the mixture Hmmm…! now it looking like lollipop, i don’t know why people make it without filling Slowly drop it in oil So that it holds it’s shape otherwise it will stick in the bottom of the pan And then you will not enjoy And them you will say “Ranveer aapne bataya nahi” So..! I am happy with this…! Nice…! See the stuffing Isn’t it cool…!! Now the interesting thing is the batter is not to thick If you see that There is very Less batter around the lollipop It is just the Chicken and the stuffing YA…!! Thats nice…!! THis is what makes me happy At least for today…! There should be “Classic Indian” Chinese Accompaniments Schezwan sauce, chilli vinger And the Dark soy…! HERE WE GO…! NOW…! This makes sense Chicken lollipop is such a dish whose actual cost is five rupees People charge five hundred for it Above that people happily pay more above that people happily pay more for chicken lollipop To know more such recipes Of how to covert soil into gold All you gotta do is “SUBSCRIBE”…! LIKE…! SHARE AND COMMENT…!

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100 thoughts on “Chicken Lollipop | चिकन लोलीपोप | Chef Ranveer Brar

  1. Hi sir iam your biggest fan
    Iam a vegetarian but still I watch all videos of yours as watching your videos is worship for me

  2. Chef I am a very big fan of you and your AWESOME INDIAN RECIPES love you chef.One day I want to be like you chef.
    #God of India cuisine
    #love you chef

  3. Your Recipes are too Good Sir.. i am a Software Engineer, but my Passion is Cooking.. When i am in stress i always watch your show and i feel relieved.. Your Kitchen is a place of Zen for me..

  4. Ur presenting style is amazing or mujhe pure video me ap ke muh se "Ranveer ap ne…." sunne ke hi intezar hota hai woh bolne ka Jo style hai ap ki it's speechless

  5. While having chicken lollipops, i used to thought, "Ki Chicken chota liya hoga, leg piece chote h"
    Today I got to know that they are called as Drums of Heavens.
    #Ranveer ji ne bata diya.

  6. I am a big fan of yours. Tried so many recipes of yours like bread pakoda, momos etc. I love baking cakes and want you to give a good recipe on cakes. I will try this one as it looks delicious 😋. Thank you for sharing your delicious and easy recipes with us. Love u.

  7. Not Just bcz u said nichhe achhe comment likhna.. actually the way you present the recipe is very unique and doesn't get boring at any point of time.. like i actually smoled wen you say "ranveer aapne bataya nahi.." 😁 keep it up bro.. dunno if i m gonna try this recipe as it takes efforts and skill.. but i've tried others.. keep it up 👍

  8. Raanver bhai aap khane ke sath uss khane ki history batate hai,,, Mujhe dono sunne main bada maaza aata hai 😊😊😊

  9. U r amazing….ur way of cooking style….ur secret tips…and…obviously ur "ranveer, aapne bataye nhi😉"…i cooked lots of recipes by watching your videos like instant chicken, chicken curry, paneer, railway stn vali aaloo ki sbzi n all….i am a student but cooking is my hobby and i enjoy it with love…whenever i get free from my study i used to watch your videos…..tnx😊

  10. you are always amazing Ranveer…… i love your recipes and you too😍 varna aap kahoge ki aapne bataya nai😋

  11. Mitti ko sona kaise banaye yeh bas Chef RB hi sikha sakte hai… lot's of love and support ♥️💯🔥…raat k 3 baje apke video's dekh raha hu…bhuk laghi hai nonveg ki craving ayi but nhi kha sakta navratri hai but apke video's dekh kr mann aur pett dono bhar gaye😄

  12. Sir you are the best chef and mentor in my life…i love your way of talking and love to watch your cooking style….no one is like you

  13. Can I make without eggs chef otherwise my brother will say “egg tha aapne bataya nhi”
    He is allergic to eggs so is there anyway I can coat without eggs may be cornflour ??

  14. I have one question- chicken lollipop me chicken hona chahiye na?? Stuffing kaha se aya? Mene aj Tak aise lollipop nahi dekhe.. taste me beshak acche lagenge.. no doubt.. but isse me to lollipop nahi keh sakta.. sab hotel me leg piece hi Dete he na I guess?? Please clarify me..

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