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100 thoughts on “Chocolate Cake Recipe Easy-From Scratch by (HUMA IN THE KITCHEN)

  1. Instead of cake pan, can i used this chocolate recipe in LOAF PAN? Please reply asap, thanks in advance! Godbless

  2. I tried but egg ziada hogaya and essence available ni tha …
    abi cake m egg ka taste bht ziada araha hai
    ab kia karu key wo taste kam ya khatam hojaye
    abi tk cream kch bhi ni lagaya just bake kia microwave mai
    please help me out

  3. I prepared this cake today.. Taste was very good.. But centre part was not cooked.. T was watery n da centre.. Sides t was proper

  4. I love your video. Can you please let me know if I can freeze this cake? I want to mirror glaze it after it is done.Thank you!

  5. This recipe was fantastic and delicious! I topped it with some peanut butter icing and it was the best cake I have ever made! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  6. Honestly this is the best chocolate cake recipe ever ! I made it for a party everyone loved it, actually asked me if it was betty Crocker and a few even said it was better than betty. turned out great! yummy

  7. I baked this cake without using baking soda and it still turned out good😘😘love your recipes keep it up huma your really good xxxx

  8. Hi Didi..this recipe is awesome.. I have made this a number of times but always there are alot of cracks on the cake.. could you suggest something so that I get a smooth top!!

  9. The best recipe that i tried!!! So happy with the outcome. So soft, moist and most of all everybody loved it 😉

  10. What is the weight of this cake and can you please tell me what is the measurement of 1 pound cake

  11. Hi huma kindly tell me if i dnt want to add such a big amount of baking soda and baking powedr,my cake will b risd or not?

  12. our head teacher was leaving our school so some of the boys and i got together and made this cake recipe for her, we all added some love to your recipe and she enjoyed it ''thanks we enjoyed adding the ingredients too ''cheers''

  13. Oven me ghar ke bartain me bake kar sakhte h kya. Mere pass baking pan nahi h .toh ghar ka bartain chalega kya

  14. Thank you so much! It's my friend's birthday tomorrow (5th July) and I plan on wishing her a happy birthday and give it to her at 12:00 A.M. precisely. Also, it's the first cake that I've baked by myself. Thank you again!

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