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I am Ann Reardon Today we are making a chocolate peanut caramel
bomb, this is a very rich dessert so you might want to share it. Firstly we need to temper our chocolate, there
is a video on how to temper chocolate on the channel I’ll link to that at the end of this
one. Place the tempered chocolate into a hemisphere
mold and spread it out so it covers the edges. Now I am using dark chocolate but you can
use milk or white if you prefer. Tip it upside down and give it a shake to
let any excess drip out. We will use that excess chocolate later in the recipe so keep
that. Flip it back over and use a spatula just to
flatten off around the tops. Then turn it back over and leave it upside
down to set. Now to make our chocolate cremeux which will
fill the bottom half you need some milk chocolate and the left over dark chocolate from making
our spheres. Put them in a bowl and place a sieve over the top.
Then next mix together your egg yolks and sugar, All the recipe quantities that you need for
this are on the website in grams and ounces and cups and everything
that every body needs. Pour your cream into a saucepan and heat it
until it just starts to boil. Add a little of that hot cream into the egg
yolk mixture and stir it the whole time while you are adding it.
Then add the at back into the cream in the saucepan and stir it in. Return it to the heat and stir continuosly
now you don’t want to overheat this or it will split and become lumpy. We just want it to heat it until it gets to
85C or 185F. Then pour it back through the sieve onto the chocolate. Leave it for a moment for the chocolate to
melt and then stir it in and keep stirring it until it comes together into a nice smooth
rich chocolatey custard. We want to let this cool down until it comes to room temperature. To get the hemisphere out of the mold just
hold the edges and push on the top with your thumb or fingers and just peel back the mold. Now if it is properly tempered like this it
should be nice and shiny and smooth. Now we want some crunch to our dessert when
we are eating it so for that we are going to make some peanut brittle, Just pour some
unsalted roasted peanuts onto a tray lined with non-stick baking paper and spread them
out to a single layer. Then heat your sugar and water over high heat
stirring it until the sugar dissolves. Then take a pastry brush and wash down the
sides of the pan, this gets rid of any sugar crystals that are on the edge, if you don;t
get rid of those it can make your sugar crystalize back out at the end instead of being smooth. Then let it boil unstirred until it starts
to go golden. Now it can be hard to see through those bubbles if it is golden or not. So just
take it off the heat, let the bubbles die down and look it the colour, if it’s not golden
put it back on and let it start boiling again. Now here I’ve taken it off the heat and you
can see it’s golden, if you’re not sure just take a small amount and put it on a cold surface
or a plate and it should set up and straight away and start to go hard and then you’ll
know it is ready. Then pour it over your peanuts. Do not touch this as it is hotter than boiling
water and it sticks to you so you’ll end up with a bad burn. While we are waiting for that to cool down.
mix together your peanut butter and the maltodextrin powder adding just one tablespoon at a time.
Now maltodextrin is very slightly sweet but hasn’t got a flavour of it’s own so it just
takes ont he flavour of what you are mixing it with so we are just going to get a peanut
butter flavoured powder that we can use in our dessert here.
Once your peanut brittle is completely cold you can snap it into small pieces ready to
use. i On a plate place some peanut butter powder.
Then a chocolate hemisphere Then fill it with chocolate cremeux, now your
cremeux will set firmer if you put it in the fridge so if you want it firm just refrigerate
it at this stage. Then sprinkle it with peanut brittle.
Then take another hemisphere and press it onto the base of a warmed pan. This is just
going to melt the very edge so you just want to melt that quickly and put it on top to
make the sphere. To make the caramel sauce is really easy put
the cream, butter and brown sugar in a bowl and stir. Then microwave on high heat for
2 minutes and stir again then keep giving it 1 minute bursts and stirring it until it
is hot and thickened. And you can use this on icecream and any desserts that you want.
Place that into a jug. Serve your dessert to the table and pour over
the hot caramel sauce. Now the top hollow part of the sphere will
melt revealing the peanut brittle inside. And then you can eat that rich creamy cremeux
with the crunchy peanut brittle and smooth caramel sauce.
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100 thoughts on “CHOCOLATE CARAMEL PEANUT BOMB How To Cook That Dessert

  1. Now at around 3:15 you said dont touch it or it will stick to you and leave a bad burn, that happened to me at one of my sleepovers. We were gonna melt chocolate since I had strawberries at my house, but we didnt have any so we just used tootsie rolls. I got burned and it atuck. When I washed it off I got a REALLY bad burn and now I still have the scar

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  7. "Don't touch it", should've seen this 2 years ago. I wanted to put something in the microwave and my mom had some sugary stuff in there that spilled a bit. Unlucky me touched it. poured water over it and luckily, the sugar fell of. Still hurt like hell. Good thing that fingers are sturdy in that regard. Healed completely.

  8. it was soo yummy i can't imagine my guests were happy eating this… thanks for the recipe and i hope i can watch more videos like this balls… and plz give me a reply

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