Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pizza!  – Eat The Pizza! #14
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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pizza! – Eat The Pizza! #14

I think I have a bunch of black stuff in
my teeth when it… Hey! I’m Alyssia. And I’m Christian. And welcome to Eat The Pizza. And today we’re celebrating National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day And we are making a…what are we making? We’re making a chocolate cookie dough cookie pizza Whaaaaat? *SINGING* Daylight come and me want eat cookie! So we’re getting started on the crust of
our pizza which is going to be a pizza cookie, a huge cookie, so we’re starting
with some flour. Flour. Oh wait! Look what I just found. This doesn’t happen that often. These always go missing! Because I put them in here and then I forget. Whoops. Going into the bowl: flour Cornstarch. Baking soda. Salt Alright so that looks like all the dry ingredients Butter, ooh, we did not soften the butter so I’m gonna have to just soften this up. Well, soften it up with your, uh, hands and your breath. We only need, um… And I’m gonna give us a little extra butter. because I love butter. Don’t lick a knife. Christian hates when I lick a knife. I truly do. Alright so… Sugar! Time to add the sugar! Wow this is…a brick Egg and vanilla: goin’ in! Okay, let’s talk about the different
chocolate chips here, we got white. I think we do some white and some regular. I agree. Ooh! Ohhhh noooo! What? We just lost a bunch. Now we gotta flatten this. I hope this is a big enough pan… It’s kinda thick, isn’t it? It is kinda thick. You know what they say Eat some of the dough to make room. So here’s our crust, going in the oven. And now it’s time for…the pizza fact of
the day! Did you know the biggest chocolate chip cookie in the world was made in 2003 in North Carolina. It was a hundred and two feet in diameter because it was in fact a circle, and it weighed 40,000 pounds. That’s 20 tons. So that is as big as half of a football field, about. Almost, or to put it in perspective
a school bus can weigh up to 30,000 pounds. So that Pizza weighed 25 percent
more than a school bus. Than the biggest school bus. And that’s wild, and I wish I
could have had a bite of it. And that is a lot of pounds. That’s pretty crazy! Now we’re going
to make the topping of our pizza which is actually going to be edible cookie
dough. 3/4 cup of… Score! And then we’re adding into that some brown and white sugar. Milk. Salt. So now we are going to scoop this into
little balls that we can refrigerate, let them cool, and then we’re going to chop
them up for toppings on our pizza. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh! All of the elements are ready. This edible dough has
become quite firm. Look at this it’s all melting up! Uh, boi-oi-oi-oi-oi-oi-oi-oi-oi Here we go with the ganache. Spread around that ganache. Sauce is on our pizza. Just think about what this is. This is a huge cookie pizza topped with
chocolate ganache, gan-etch, and then topped with cookie dough.
Edible cookie dough. Topping. Ooooooh here we go! Mmmmm! Look at that! And now it’s time… To eat the pizza. I was worried this was going to be
cereal pizza all over again and be way too sweet, but because of the
saltiness of the cookie in the dough, it actually just tastes like a really
really indulgent cookie. I could go without the chocolate ganache, but I’m not
a huge chocolate fan. This cookie base is delicious.
No the dough is delicious too, but even the cooked cookie…cook…sorry.The ganache is
gluing my mouth together. This is delicious but it is very indulgent. Well the time has come to enjoy it. Delicious. Well I give this cookie pizza my
recommendation. If you’re a freak for cookie, if you’re your freak for pizza and if it’s national chocolate chip cookie day, I’d say give it a try give it a try. Give it a try. The recipe is on our blog at, you can find all of our social @EatThePizzaShow. Down here, somewhere. Thank you so much for liking commenting and subscribing and we’ll see
you next week. On Eat The Pizza. I think I have a bunch of
black stuff in my teeth.

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80 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pizza! – Eat The Pizza! #14

  1. Nooooooo, i hate when people put knives in their mouth too!! so dangerous!. I love you guys still…hilarious, love the chocolate chips in your teeth in the beginning…

  2. lmao! Pizza looks great you two, but without ganache (I luv Chocolate but Ganache I'm kinda on the fence about!) maybe with Nutella and Toffee Pieces or a Carmel and Salted Peanuts instead.

    Really enjoy both channels Alyssia and sharing your videos on my blogs. You and the whole family at "Eat The Pizza and Mind Over Much, take care and have a great weekend!


  3. Enjoy as is! You have a healthy food channel that you could do a healthy pizza. This is a full on Indulgence channel

  4. Love pizza facts. Can you guys make a pizza with a Puerto Rican flavor? For inspiration on puerto rican foods you can check out two you tubers that are great and it's in English "the frekin rican restaurant" and/or "sweets and beyond" that would be really out of your league and challenging lol

  5. 1) Healthify! it'll be a great challenge although if you just found butter replacements you're pretty much home (lol). 2) The thing that makes me laugh EVERY TIME: the lawnmower sound for the mixer. Literally always funny…keep it up!

  6. DAMN! thats what i call a dessert pizza! daylight come and me and wan' a cookie, lol anyways i hope you have an awesome day!

  7. Take a drinking glass (it's important for the glass to be MADE of glass) and fill it with hot water. Let it sit for a few minutes, and then pour it out and put the glass over your cold butter (like a dome). It doesn't take very long and it softens butter better than the microwave!

  8. Hey Alyssia put your brown sugar in a container with a few puffed marshmallows. The moisture from them will keep the brown sugar nice and soft #useful.

  9. In answer to your "healthify", the answer is a resounding NO! Life is too short, just make as is & have smaller portions. On another topic, you guys need fair warning, you seem to enjoy being loud, my youngestson is the same way. He now has loud kids! Lol! Just a glimpse into your future! Lol

  10. This pizza reminds me of a classic Italian sweet treat which is called "sbriciolata", it is actually a pie with some extra crust crumbled on top!

  11. Another one I'm definitely making.

    I was wondering if you had considered making a flourless pizza???? My sister cannot eat ANY GRAINS AT ALL! It's crazy. Literally no grains. But, she LOVES pizza and I haven't quite figured out a delicious way to make her pizza.

  12. I literally laughed out loud when she threw the spoon from the flour and when she licked the knife. You guys…😂

  13. Only thing missing was a glass of milk. 😊😊. Have got to add this to the Make When The Nephew Visits list. Thanks!!

  14. been binge watching you guys all night and moning…running out of videos (NOooooOooo 🙁 ) so going back over to mind over munch… love it. keep being awesome and making amazing content.

  15. Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? A chocolate chip cookie pizza? AMSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. You had me worried Alysia, when you licked the knife. Whew, glad you're o.k.
    This pizza looks good!
    I'll try it!

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