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Chocolate Pastry Recipe | Eggless Chocolate Pastry Without Oven | Part-2

These Chocolate Pastries are
very soft and spongy This Chocolate pastry is very
tasty and yummy I made this without using dark
chocolate Let’s see the recipe Take 5 Litre Pressure Cooker Or
Any Big Heavy Bottom Pan, Put Salt Inside The Pressure
Cooker, Place One Stand Onto It. Cover The Lid Of Pressure
Cooker, Remove The Whistle And Let The Salt Gets Heated For
8-10 Minutes On Medium Low
Flame. Meanwhile Let’s Prepare The Cake
Batter. In A Mixing Bowl Take All
Purpose Flour, Cocoa Powder,
Sugar, Baking Powder, Baking
Soda And Mix It Well. Dry Mixture Is Ready Let’s mix wet ingredients In Another Bowl Add Milk,
Vanilla Essence And Mix It Well. Now Gradually Add Dry Mixture
Into The Bowl Of Wet Mixture And Mix It Well With The Wired
Whisk Till The Batter Becomes
Smooth. Make Sure There Should Not Be
Any Lumps. Add Melted Butter, Oil And Mix
It Well In Cut And Fold Method
Till All The Oil Gets Absorbed. Lastly Add Vinegar And Mix It
Well. Batter Is Ready. Take Square Tin Grease With Oil
And Dust With Flour. Now Pour The Batter In Greased
Tin, Tab The Batter To Spread
Evenly. Now Put The Cake Tin Inside The
Pressure Cooker Onto Stand,
Cover The Lid And Remove The
Whistle. Bake The Cake On Medium Low
Flame For 35 To 40 Minutes Or
Till It Gets Fully Baked. After 35 Minutes, Open The Lid
Of Pressure Cooker And Take Out The Cake Tin Gently
From The Pressure Cooker. Let The Cake Cool Down For
Sometime. After Few Minutes, Scratch The
Sides With Butter Knife And Invert The Cake Tin Onto
Plate. Tab The Top So That Cake
Comes Out Easily. Once Removed From The Cake Tin,
Let It Cool Down Completely
Before Frosting. Lets make chocolate sauce In A Sauce Pan Add Cocoa Powder,
Powdered Sugar, Cornflour, Water
And Mix It Well. Now Put The Sauce Pan On The
Flame And Cook For 2-3 Minutes. Remove From The Flame And Let
The Sauce Cool Down Completely. Let’s beat the cream Put Whipping Cream In A Bowl And
Beat For 2 Minutes. Now Add Prepared Chocolate
Sauce, Make Sure Chocolate Sauce
Is Completely Cool. Beat The Cream Till Stiff Peaks
Form. Chocolate Frosting Is Ready. Once Chocolate Sponge Gets Cool
Down, Cut Horizontally With The
Help Of Serrated Knife Into Two
Layers. Take One Layer Of The Cake; Soak
It With Sugar Syrup To Make It
Soft And Moist. Now Add Chocolate Frosting And
Spread Evenly With Spatula. Take Another Layer Of Cake And
Put Over The Layer Of Cream,
Soak With Sugar Syrup And Spread
Chocolate Cream. Smoothen The Top With Palette
Knife. Cover All The Sides With Very
Thin Layer Of Chocolate Cream.

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