Cleaning can get messy cleaning motivation
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Cleaning can get messy cleaning motivation

Come on in. Welcome to my home. It’s
cleaning motivation day. This is a whole week of me cleaning my house. and you can clean along with me. or you can sit back, watch, listen to the music. So it’s the entire week of me getting things done in my house and then today, right now, because I edit these videos all at once today I actually do the big whole house cleaning and I mean whole house cleaning. Of course it’s the house
is not huge but it is big enough that doing that cleaning does take some time. If you check the descriptions you’ll see the links to some of the products that I
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and let’s get started Okay well that actually took longer than
what it seemed like Simply because an accident happened while I was cleaning. While I was cleaning the light underneath the kitchen cabinet fell and broke and it’s a fluorescent lights had to clean up all those shards that happened off camera I didn’t record it simply because I knew I needed to get up the shards of glass
right away before I grabbed the camera yeah but I did have to vacuum the floor
really well that that’s on camera and I mopped the floor and I took a rag to
make sure that all the glass shards were up and everything but ya know now
overall that’s why I’m leaving that alone the house wasn’t that dirty wasn’t that
dirty at all it’s sort of like thought it was nice to be able to clean I am
sort of getting back into that groove of cleaning without decorations up and
without things in the way and like I’ve said a billion times I know you’re tired
of hearing me say this I love cleaning when you can actually either say move
things around and before you know it it’ll be time for spring cleaning. I know it’ll be time for spring cleaning way before you know it so that is something
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get to see you again next time

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