Coldmirrors Cooking Corner – Bratkartoffeln mit Bifi
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Coldmirrors Cooking Corner – Bratkartoffeln mit Bifi

Hello and welcome to Coldmirror’s Cooking Corner!
Which I only called that because “Kaddi cooks” would’ve sounded like I stole “Tom cooks” and today I’ll show you how you can use old food, that you should’ve thrown away long ago, and barely any imagination to cook really fucking sick bullshit! Today: fried potatoes with Bifi you need: old potatoes! floury so they’re actually not good for fried potatoes salt and pepper: almost empty “Rama” or any other kind of oil – almost empty and, finally, the most important ingredient: Bifi yeah, and before we fry the potatoes we have to peel them and for that we use a PROFESSIONAL potato-peeler “Hate” this is the potato-cut-simulator it almost feels like you’re cutting the potatoes yourself, right? this is possible thanks to: Tits! perfectly secured the potato slices have to be so thin that you can look through them. I hate fried potatoes that are disgustingly fat and still taste like… potatoes. I only want leftover flavour Here we have the pan it’s on the top right so let’s turn this to 4 so it gets nice and hot *flirting* oh yes pan! oh, are you already hot? Now old “Rama” or other frying oil that you have at home. OLD though. Come out! So! Now fry it till it’s nice and liquid! …yes! That’s enough, ok. Ha! So.. This is how it actually should look like Good I think I used too much… Oh who cares! Butter is good! Do you also want to become sexy like I am? *wobbly* BUTTER! *wink* makes my skin nice and silky Now we throw this small heap of cut potatoes that we did into the pan old salt and old pepper *potatoes alone taste really boring *that’s why you have to use a loooooooooot of salt and pepper Now we leave this alone for 10min and hope it won’t burn see you in a second Like you can see the potatoes are already slightly roasted and full with pepper… And fat! YEAH! while the potatoes are being cooked – Let’s get to our secret ingredient Now we have to remove the “foreskin” And now we cut cute little slices We throw those mini-bifi slices into the rest And mix it under… And the Bifi gives the whole thing a slight… Yea… Bacon taste You could’ve used Bacon but I wanted to get rid of old shit That’s why I just cut that into it it tastes surprisingly good! So! And when the whole thing turned into this undefinable, brown pile the Bifi-fried-potatoes are done! Now we will serve them knightly Of course you can only truly enjoy a meal after you’ve took a picture for Instagram Bifi fried potatoes #like a housewife This is Bifi-fried-potatoes. Very easily made stupid cheap meal made of ingredients that you actually wanted to throw away Enjoy your meal!

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100 thoughts on “Coldmirrors Cooking Corner – Bratkartoffeln mit Bifi

  1. Gerade als ich mich vom Bifi-Lachflash erholt hab kommst du mir mit "Möglich gemacht duuuuurch…..TITTEN!" Ich brauch ne Pause xD

  2. Hab grad random nach Bratkartoffeln auf YouTube gesucht. Das hier war das 3. Video von oben.
    Möglich gemacht durch: TITTEN!

  3. Ich bin vegitarier was soll ich tun ich mus wohl verhungern was soll ich tun kannan auch statt Wurst einfach catzen Schuppen nehmen oder eben catshup

  4. Sie ist und bleibt die beste!!
    。✨ 。🎉。🌟
    。🍀。 🍸。🎉。
    🌟。 💫。 🎶 💥

  5. hey hey hallo lies mal diese produktbeschreibung

  6. Du bist so lustig ich mag dein humor ,ich bin zwölf weswegen ich so ein schönes YouTube noch nie gesehen.

  7. Ich wollte das immer nachkochen, aber mein Salz ist leider nicht fast alle, weil ich da son 5 Kilo Sack habe. Das dauert also noch.

  8. Auch wenn ich die Videos schon hundertmal geguckt haben komme ich trotzdem immer wieder! 😀 Kaddi ist und bleibt die Königin

  9. Mir ist zwar grad das Essen dezent vergangen aber ich feier es trotzdem. Nun darf der Hotdog abkühlen.

  10. Liebe deinen Kontent(natürlich japanischlampen einbezogen) und finde es Mega das du auch bei längeren Videos keine Werbung schaltest😁😄

  11. natürlich fehlt der disclaimer, dass man das eigentlich nicht machen sollte, ohne die kartoffeln vorher zu kochen. wär ja nicht assi genug… ^^

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