Comethazine Does ASMR with Pizza Dough And Cotton Balls, Shares His Life | Mind Massage | Fuse
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Comethazine Does ASMR with Pizza Dough And Cotton Balls, Shares His Life | Mind Massage | Fuse

Hey, what’s good? It’s Comethazine, and this is Mind Massage. (clapping) (shushing) I’m from St. Louis, Illinois, and it’s the fuckin’ grimy jungle out there, it goes down, but I made it out there, bitch, so we lit. We have here a Tech Deck. I’m real nice at this shit, you feel me? I hope you caught that, you feel me? That was a tre flip, nigga, get on my level. But now it’s just all about music, but when I was growing up, this was the shit that got me through the day. It was like two niggas in the hood were skating. Me and my nigga, Phillip, rest in peace. If that nigga was alive, I would probably still skate, but fuck it, it’s not even fun no more. We used to skate everywhere, nigga, the streets in East St. Louis. Grimiest fucking thing, we was just skating on dirty-ass concrete and shit. Getting good, though. Ground tricks was amazing, feel me, lazer flips, hill flips, very good hill flips, you feel me? All that shit. (bursting) Oh, yo, what’s poppin’?
Oh! Hey. (bursting) I had a number of different jobs. I made pizza and shit in the mall, all the bitches would pull up and want a slice. I’d get their number, and feed ’em another slice later on that night. (bursting) I had many jobs, I still have many jobs. Yeah. That sounds good. Dough, I make this shit. I blow this shit, I grow this shit. I need some more of this shit. (thumping) So, along with making pizzas, you know a nigga had to get some little more fucking money, so, I became a mechanic for two weeks, doing what it do, knocking shit in place, fucking nigga cars up and shit, you feel me? Into the dough. Ah. (clicking) Yeah. (clicking) I worked at a car dealership, and I worked at Dobbs, and I still got that nigga’s flashlight. You want that shit back, see me, nigga. Always was doin’ music before the jobs. I was doing music in the womb and shit. Came out doin’ music. Got my first drum set when I was five, you feel me? (drumming) Never made beats, though. (whapping) Uploaded my first song to SoundCloud, 2016. Then my SoundCloud got deleted, then I got signed, Alamo got it back, then we was back on track, with our (mumbles), took over SoundCloud. You can hear that shit? Yeah, I don’t what it sound like, ’cause I can’t hear it, but I bet that shit sound crazy. Yeah. (crinkling) I’m takin’ this shit to the crib, nigga, yeah. I lived in Chinatown, in New York. It smelled like fish, it was real crazy. I lived above a restaurant, they had a box that was good as fuck, and I ate it everyday and I gained weight. I got a big-ass house now, so, shout out to Chinatown, they sheltered me for awhile. If you’re trying to make it out of your hometown, leave that motherfucker, and then, eventually, you’ll probably live somewhere else, like I did. ‘Cause when I first left, nigga, I ain’t even got no crib, so just leave. Trust me, you can live somewhere else later, ‘kay? But if you good, chillin’, stop bitchin’ and cryin’, and just chill, but if you gotta get the fuck out, get the fuck out. If you wanna get outta your hometown, just say you gotta leave, right here. (whirring) Whoa, come back, come back, come back. Yo, just like that, disappeared, not in-sight. Yo, I really fuck with my time here. Mind Massage shit, you feel me? We really had a lot of fun. I wish they had more objects in the fuckin’ box, though, ’cause I’m not really ready to leave, but I gotta go, I guess. (shushing) (beeping)

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  1. Whole time him playing with the biscuit dough is him plotting on pulling someone brains out there head or sum

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