Cómo Hacer Bolillos Caseros Integrales (Pan Bolillo)
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Cómo Hacer Bolillos Caseros Integrales (Pan Bolillo)

Hello, I am Rosy from
“Katastrofa La Cocina”. Today I would like to share with you
“Whole wheat bread”. They are crunchy outside and
soft inside. For this recipe I will only use
Whole wheat flour. I also have other “Bolillos” where I
use only all purpose flour. If you didn’t see,
I will leave link here. And now, let’s see “Whole wheat Bolillos”.
I Hope you like them. The first thing to do is to add
10 gr of Dry Yeast into a bowl. And mix with 240 ml of Warm water. Neither cold water or hot . If you have a thermometer, temperature
should be between 28 to 33 C. Mix well. Add 1 1/2 Tablespoon of Sugar. And leave from 5 to 10 minutes to
activate the yeast. You can also find the ingredients in
description box. Continuing with the recipe. Add into a bowl 500 gr of
Whole wheat Flour. Mix with 9 gr of Salt. Make a hole or well in the center. The yeast is activated. For me, it took 5 minutes. Mix, to make sure bubbles form, which indicate yeast is perfect. Pour in the well that we made. Start mixing incorporating slowly the flour. Add 100 to 105 ml of Warm Water. Little by little until get a soft dough. You can use spatula or wooden spoon. At the end use your hands and
check that you got a soft dough. Here we will add 3 Tablespoon of Oil. You can also use Shortening or butter. Incorporate little by little with the
Spatula or with your hands. When oil is already incorporated,
check the consistency of dough. If you feel you dough is dry,
add a bit of water. If you notice is too runny, and you cant knead it,
then put a bit more flour. Place in a clean and dry surface,
without adding more flour. Knead for about 15 minutes at least. Or until you get a soft and pliable dough. When we have dough ready , make a ball. Put a bit of the remaining oil in
the bowl and the dough. Cover and let to raise until
double in size. At 24 C, my dough rise in
1 hour and 30 minutes. For You It can take more time If
the place you are is cold,or less if is hot. After this time, remove from bowl and
knead for about a minute. You can weigh your dough and divide
by the quantity of bolillos you want. With this recipe you can get
up to 8 Bolillos. This time I wanted 7 Bolillos, so I measure
each portion to have exactly same size. My portions weight from
123 to 127 gr each one. But, if you don’t want to use the scale,
just cut in pieces of similar size. Shape into a balls. When all balls are done,
we will give shape to the Bolillos. Put them in a baking tray
with baking paper. Brush bit of oil in each one
to not dry the dough. Cover and let to raise up to almost
double in size. For me, it took about 50 minutes. After this time, with a very sharp knife,
make a cut in each one. Take to oven that should be already at
225 C (437 F). But before put them, add 1 Cup of Water
in a baking tray. Put your bolillos inside. After 10 minutes, reduce temperature in
your oven at 190 C (374 F) And leave them inside from 15 to 20
minutes more or until golden brown. In my case, bolillos were ready in
27 minutes. Extra tip: if you feel the crust is very hard, because maybe it was too much water or
maybe you pass a bit of the time in oven… Just sprinkle bit of water on top and
cover them with 2 Cloths, for 5 to 10 min. This You will only do if you get a
really hard crust. If not, is not necessary. You will get a bolillos crunchy outside
and soft by inside. Now, I would like to answer to one
question I had so much in my last bolillos. It was about the baking tray that I put
down the bolillos when I bake them. I make this, because I wanted a crunchy
crust and also wanted them soft inside.. If you don’t want to use water, is ok.
You will get more soft bolillos. But also will be delicious. You can reduce or increase the quantity
of water to control the crunchiness. More Water=Crunchier crust.
Less Water=Less crunch the crust. You can use whatever tray you have,
just need to be special to put in oven. And, that’s all, I hope you like how I
prepare these bolillos integrales. If is like this, do not forget you can
Subscribe. You can also leave me a comment. I love to read it. See you in the next video. See you.

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  1. Hola a [email protected] ❤. El agua en la bandeja como comento en el video es para que la costra quede crujiente, puedes controlar que tan crujientes quieres que queden…
    Mas Agua= Corteza mas crujiente.
    Menos Agua=Corteza mas blandita.
    No olviden revisar la cajita de información para mas tips.
    Que pasen un dia muy Feliz. Muchos saludos y abrazos 😊❤❤

  2. Hola Rosi, este pan me encanta, para el desayuno, como 
    me gustaría tener uno ahorita mismo para comer con 
    cafecito con leche jejejeje, muchas bendiciones besos.

  3. Another great recipe, when you broke it in half, it's soft on the inside, looks so delicious 👌💖💖

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  12. i really love everything in your tutorial very clean, neat, easy to follow and i love your camera too 🙂 what is the model of your camera?

  13. i really love everything in your tutorial very clean, neat, easy to follow and i love your camera too 🙂 what is the model of your camera?

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