COOK and CODE – Deutschlands 1tes Programmiercafé / CROWDFUNDING Video
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COOK and CODE – Deutschlands 1tes Programmiercafé / CROWDFUNDING Video

You’re here because you know something. Something you can’t explain. This… This is Alex, the founder of COOK and CODE. Alex claims that coding is as easy as cooking pasta. For that he even leaves his house every now and then. Markus and Lisa live in a prison they can neither smell nor touch. They say, they have no time. Like a million others they just while away their lives and they have no idea. Who has time anyway? Marta wants to know everything perfectly. But the endless loop of tiring tutorials brings every burning cell to an halt. Thank god there is a solution!
I didn’t believe it until I got to see it with my own eyes. I know you’re not afraid.
You aren’t afraid of progress. I don’t know how the future looks like. I’m not here to tell you how things end. I’m here to tell you how everything starts. Together. Now. With COOK and CODE. You’ll turn on your laptops and you’ll get what you want. A world without confusion. A world full of technological self-determination. with awesome food and good company. In a world in which everything is possible. What happens next is entirely up to you. You can learn to play soccer in a soccer club. And to play guitar with a guitar teacher. But what if you want to realize an app or a website? We from Cook and Code have organized sixty events and demonstrated to six hundred people how much fun it can be to do some programming and that it isn’t complex at all. We truly believe that everyone can learn programming. This is why we now want to found Munich’s first programming café: On the one hand to bring together those people who already have a lot of experience in programming and on the other hand those who want to begin. For that, we need you! Because only with your help, we can make Munich’s first coding café possible! Support us on

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