Cooking Fast and Fresh with West: Episode 1
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Cooking Fast and Fresh with West: Episode 1

So it’s harvest time, we’re up in Canada, and there’s a lot of really amazing, delicious food that is in the stores right now, and we’re just gonna go make a meal. Uh, we’re gonna go shopping and get some of this really fresh, yummy stuff, and show you how quick and easy a really yummy fall harvest meal can be. Right, Bug? No. Westy, what shoes do you wanna wear? Shoes. Shoes. You wanna wear your boots? Can you put ’em on?
Yeah. OK You wanna bring the stroller or the bike? I need to remember to get the keys so we can get back in. You have the key? No. Uh-oh. West, we’re going to the grocery store. Come on, let’s go. Can you put down your foot? So, West, what do you want to have for dinner? Ok, do you want to go get some food? [French singing on soundtrack] Ok, let’s go get some other stuff, Westy. A plum, too? Ok. Oh, and some brussels sprouts? Just one? Put it in the same bag as this brussels sprout. Let’s find some other stuff. Come on. Ok, but we already got one of those. Remember? A giant cheese. I think we have enough cheese, probably. No? Some vitamins? Ok, that’ll make us strong for tomorrow. Can you put that in the basket, and then we’ll go to the check-out right now. Yeah, let’s go. Come on. We gotta make dinner. Westy, let’s go. This way. Just one Westy. You just put one in. Not… not two. Nope. Just- just one. Ten! Ten? Yeah. Ten? That’s a lot. West? We have to wait to put our stuff up there, until those other guys are done. So, we have here, um… a pound … butter… Mini Grills Legacy brand meat product. Solid assorted cheeses… One green pepper… Here you go. One brussels sprout… Three quarters of a brussels sprout. One apple… and some Adult Centrum vitamins for seniors, 50 and up. That’ll come in handy, sooner or later. So, let’s get started. You ready to cook? Yep. All right. I guess we need to put on a pot of water… Because we’ll clearly be having pasta for dinner tonight. Oh, there’s peppers in here. The challenge is to use every ingredient in some way. Everything we bought will be used. You want to put some of that on the nachos? You can if you want. Great! Wow, these cherry tomatoes look like they’re really in season. Yum. Is it in season? Yeah? It’s in season! You really wanna mash up the butter when you’re making this sort of autumn pasta. Otherwise you get clumps of butter… in your meal. Um… And this phase is really important so you wanna make sure you get all
of the lumps out of the butter. You can’t take shortcuts on this one. This part can take 5 to 7 minutes. Um, but it’s worth it. It is definitely worth it when you’re done. You wanna test the water out, with just a few noodles at first, and that’s an important step. Also, it’s a good idea to put some of the uh, noodles into all of the pans on the stove. Good shot. Yeah, ok. And this is the final spiral pasta. It’s different from the other pastas, because it’s made of spirals. Great. And again, you wanna test it out first. You can’t dump it all in at once. You want to do a single piece of vegetable at a time. Ok, can you put this, this mystery meat in that pot? We’re not sure what it is. I don’t think we’re going to be able to eat all of it tonight. So, what we’re doing is we’re combining meat sauce in a can with the mystery meat that we don’t know what it is. And, you always want to do that again in its own pot. Put some of the salt in, into the pan. And all you do is you take and spoon that back out again. Um, just to give a zest of salt in that part of the pan. OK, those hors d’ouevres look great! This is an important step. You want to gently tweeze the florets of broccoli. Makes it much more tender, you don’t have to steam it for nearly as long. You ready to steam it? See? That’s the point. You gotta keep tweezing. Keep tweezing for longer than you think you need to. I’d like this to just basically be cooked into oblivion. If you see any colour in a meat like that whatsoever it’s basically not safe. That’s right. And if there’s any extra on your hands, you can just wipe it right on your shirt. ‘Cause it will stick to you. That’s right. That’s what we wear the shirts for. Tell me when. Now would you be… are you going to be trying the mystery meat? The meat in the bag? Yep? Ok. We forgot the dip! Dip! For our hors d’oeuvres. Good. Hot! It’s not hot. The meat sauce… Also good. I don’t think it’s in season. Um, but that… I would go for that vegetarian one. Yeah, you’re getting into it. Well this has been a really, really, uh, lovely, quick way to whip together a dinner in the autumn. Get some fresh foods, some not so fresh foods. Put them all together, and, uh, that’s how we make dinner. Right? You want another bite? [West babbling] This is only for those of us who are 50 and older, West. You want help?

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