[COOKING] #iKON #연습생 시절 추억의 레시피 | 내가 농심 아들이#라면 ? 만들기 | SUB
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[COOKING] #iKON #연습생 시절 추억의 레시피 | 내가 농심 아들이#라면 ? 만들기 | SUB

Hello, Songnim of Songchelin Guide! I’m Chef Song, Yun Hyeong What I’m going to cook today is ‘Chef Song’s instant noodles of memories’ I’m going to cook instant noodle that my members and I ate when we were trainees I’m going to talk about the memories at that time It was the time we finished the early morning training You know, we were trainees and always hungry, and we had no money This is a pretty sad story though There were stacked of instant cup noodles in the YG cafeteria, We secretly took the instant noodles and enjoyed them. I wanted to remind the memory so that I decided to cook it today. If you look at these, these are just the same as in the past. Instant cup noodles (Shin Ramyun, Jjajangbumbuck, Neoguri, Squid jjamppong) I had only three or four hours to sleep when I was a trainee so I tried to cook the fastest way Instant cup noodles boil so quick when I cooked them all, so I could eat right away It’s not hard, so I hope you can cook it once and think about us Also, eating instant noodles only is not that delicious so I remember that I ate instant noodles and tuna-mayo, which is mixed tuna and mayo together I’m going to make Tuna-mayo Like this, there is a way Step 1. Prepare side dishes 1 – Tuna-mayo Leave about ⅓ of the oil of canned tuna and discard the rest too much tuna oil is greasy and not delicious 
so, open the lid half and push it back to avoid adding all Can you see the oil comes out? just discard it If you throw all the oil away, tuna must be dried and crumbled, so you should leave about ⅓ of the oil I have tried tuna-mayo for the first time in YG You know, my parents run a Barbecue restaurant and I could eat meat whenever I want
but, tuna-mayo was so delicious every time My members taught me this recipe I’m going to add more mayo, I think I added more than this in the past Stir it with chopsticks.. it was so delicious at that time I almost always ate instant noodles and tuna-mayo when I was a trainee Ta-da! Well, it’s good Yeolmu-kimchi… At that time, I couldn’t buy Bibigo Yeolmu-kimchi because it was expensive But now… I can afford to buy it (Allowance for sponsorship) I’m blissful Instant noodles with kimchi are perfect Step 2. Prepare side dishes Yeolmu-kimchi (radish kimchi)
Put the right amount of yeolmu-kimchi in the dish I also took care of my look when I was a trainee so that I asked NAVER Q&A section ‘how to avoid face swelling after eating instant noodles?’ and the answer was ‘drink milk’ So I always ate instant noodles with milk Anyway, shall we start cooking? It is my own way of cooking Open all the lids I’m never advertising ‘Nongshim’ (Interpretation: I’m waiting for ad from Nongshim) Dried kelp! it’s an important point! Do not throw this away Do not put all the soup powder, never Step 3. Make the soup powder Neoguri soup powder ⅓ I had never measured before (even 6 years ago) 
Just put them with your instinct Squid Jjambbong brings out the deeper flavor, so I’ll add more than 1/3 not up to ⅔… maybe 1.5/3 and Shinramyun, which is always delicious I’ll put ½. Shinramyun soup powder because it’s the base and the last one, I’ll add a small amount of Jjajang bumbuck soup powder because the color will turn black so just give a little taste, maybe this much? about 1/4 mix them all together roughly Making addictive (memorable) soup powder is completed I’m going to boil the noodles now Neoguri includes a dried kelp
I’m going to boil it first and this noodle.. this.. cup noodle… this… how to say that? this.. my brain stopped working The bowl(?) of the instant noodles… Do not throw this bowl(?) away My members and I used the cup of instant noodles as a personal bowl Second brain stopping (Conclusion: this=the bowl=a personal bowl) I loved Jjajang bumbuck and this size of the bowl is perfect, right? so I’m going to use it Then, shall we cook? Step 4. Making soup
Add the the kelp from Neoguri in the boiling water and simmer the soup Put the kelp from the Neoguri first to simmer I saw somewhere that (Not accurate information) Adding soup powder then noodles can lower the boiling point of water so that I’ll add soup powder first I think I need more water I don’t know exactly that since it’s been a long time Oh, it’s been so long Instant noodles have never changed even six years passed I’m memorable for a while (Reminiscing for a while…) (Searching for a memorable thing…? ) To quickly boil… I can’t wait because I’m so hungry (Bearing hunger) I’ll put the craftable soup powder It’s an unidentifiable soup (laugh) but it’s really great I can smell all four flavors I don’t know what the instant noodle is It’s all mixed noodles humm.. I put too much water I’ve lost my sense. Oh I’m lost If it’s not enough, I can put more water, right? There’s no right answer for cooking. Just make it to suit your taste Cough) Wow… it’s very hot Oh, it can’t be taste bad But seriously I don’t know what it taste like I think it’s just something new It’s very different from the original taste Step 5. Boil the noodles
When the soup starts to boil, add the noodle from Neoguri, which is the thickest noodle Neoguri has the thickest noodle! I will add Neoguri first Just put it all in When were trainees, we ate a lot We’ve boiled instant noodles up to 8 in one pot That’s when our appetites exploded, so we put it in as much as we could Step 6. Boil the noodles Put the remaining noodles, cover and boil And now you can put the noodles in any order Close the lid Isn’t it really simple? it’s done For the rest of the time, throw these three away because those are useless The combination of the instant noodles and tuna-mayo (ha..) (thinking…) I can’t express it in words (As always don’t remember what to say as usual) I can’t express in any word (As always don’t remember words as usual) If you are curious about the taste, you should try it It is impossible to express taste Wow, this is it I’ll boil it for 10 sec more Check this out everyone, it’s Song Chef’s instant noodle of memories Ta-da! It’s amazing, right? Then I will go to do ASMR. Let’s get it! I have to go quick before it gets soggy!

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  1. 아 외국이라 더 먹고싶어 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 연습생 때 먹던 라면이라니 너무 귀엽고 애틋해 ㅠㅁㅠ 그때 좋아하던 나는 중학생이었는데 어느새 유학생이 됐다니 ! 기분 좋은 영상 올려줘서 고마워요 송슐랭 ❤️ 얼른 한국 돌아가서 보고싶다아 👍🏻


  3. They worked so hard to be Ikon and we have to always support them and support Hanbin we all miss him so much…We miss them all…We miss Ikon and I'm sure Ikon miss Ikonics

  4. Ahhhhh… Reminiscing those old days… 😭😭 Yunhyeong-ah ‼️ why you made us 😢 💛❤️💜🧡💚💙🖤

  5. aaa miss you ikon!! i still love ikon with 7members cause i know in the past untill now ikon difficult and happy, sad and happy to go crazy together with 7members. saranghae!❤️✨

  6. こんにちは!わたしはiKONのジュネ、ユニョンがすきです。

  7. 국수가 매우 배가 고프더라도 자카르타 아이콘을 볼 돈이 없습니다 🙂
    인도네시아에 있지만 볼 수는 없지만

    우리는 같은 하늘을 본다

    건강을 돌봐주세요

    3 november 2019

  8. 7KON forever!!! 😭♥️ Thank you for this, Yunhyeong!!! We'll make more beautiful memories with the 7 of you!!! Fighting!!! 🤗

  9. 요즘, 둘러보기, 요점에 대한 아이콘 비디오를 자주 업로드하여 아이콘이 점점 더 좋아지고, 요즘에는 YouTube 아이콘에서 최신 황갈색 업데이트를 거의 볼 수 없습니다. Plis

  10. so it's just chanu and yunhyeong at that apartment? suddenly i think bout that, and it's makes me miss hanbin even more :"

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