Cooking Orbeez in a Microwave
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Cooking Orbeez in a Microwave

[Captions by Y Translator]
In today’s video, we’re testing out what happens
if we put Orbeez into a microwave. Cal is strangely
attached to her Orbeez. Have you seen them? I think just
because they’re colorful. They’re so shiny. Can you explain to us
the simplified version of what Orbeez are? They’re kind of
a children’s toy, they’re also used for types
of plants to keep them watered. Very, very simple. They come in tiny little packets
and little bead forms. You put them in water
and four hours later, you have a jar full
of colorful beads. So just so you guys know,
as pretty as these are, you don’t want to eat them. No, really, that was
my first thought was… She tried to eat them. I did try to eat them. They are full of copolymer
of sodium acrylic acid. It’s not really good for you. The polymer that these
are made of absorbs water at a fairly astounding rate. And that’s what happens. That’s what change
them from the tiny little plasticy-looking beads
to these much larger, almost gelatinous beads. And I thought microwaves do
a very good job of exciting the energy in water. So since these have
absorbed so much water. What would happen
if we put them in a microwave? So, of course this experiment
of putting them in the microwave will absolutely
not hurt my Orbeez, will it? They’re gonna die. Why would you do that? Oh, no, I have to resort them
before we can start. The idea is pretty simple. We’re going to try
putting a lot of Orbeez. A small amount of Orbeez
and then just a few Orbeez into a microwave and see
what happens to him. Let’s take this jar of Orbeez
and pop them in the microwave. The back of the microwave is
just a single metal plate, and we actually cut
a small hole into it and have attached a cell phone
back there using some duct tape. We’re hoping that this way
we’re going to be able to film the inside of the microwave
and really see what’s happening. This is like $10 total
and I am very entertained. All right, let’s start
with I’d say… Two minutes! See how that goes. Nothing yet. Well, not much happened. It looks like a jar
full of Orbeez. Are they warm
to the touch at all? The jar is warm. Yes! Protip: that’s not the way
you should test if something’s hot. We didn’t get too much
of result with two minutes. Let’s try longer. My jar is
considerably hotter now. That’s that’s impressive. Oh wait, this is weird. There’s bubbles in them now. Did we start boiling
the water within? There were bubbles and then before. We’re going to go ahead
and try a smaller container. The big ones, they are so many that it takes
a long time for it to heat up. That has run for what,
five minutes now, I think? About that. How long should I
put these ones in? Five minutes?
We can try. Five minutes. Oh, I hear
things happen already. What? Is that the water? Is that actually them? I don’t know. Something’s sizzling. Oh, one popped. Sounds like popcorn. No, one actually… Did you see that? You can see the pieces. One actually just burst. Whoa! Are there any
more in the jar? I don’t know. That was like a baby
explosion of orbs. Probably enough time. That was like one minute. Put it in for five,
and it hasn’t even been one. Okay, don’t put Orbeez
in the microwave. It’s been about 20
minutes of cleanup. So now we’re going to try
an even smaller amount, see if we can make that happen in an even
shorter amount of time. It’s making plasma. Oh my gosh,
that was set on fire? It’s plasma. Is that what that was? Yes. That was insane. They just lit up
the entire microwave. Oh the ones on top,
were actually fried. What? Can I grab them? They didn’t explode
the same way as before, but, like, they’re torn open. Be careful. They’re hissing
when I touch them, but they’re not that hot. Let’s try just setting them
on the tray without the bowl. All right, that should be weird. Let’s try that. That took no time. There’s that plasma. They are already gone. Wait, nope. It’s just like the arcing. Yeah, like, they’re
like all connecting. There goes another. I know. Whoa, okay, that one. That one actually
was at the wall. Like, jumped back. And now there’s smoke. Might be steam. Is it so?
Might be. What does that look like? They look relatively fine. I think these kind
of fused together. That’s awesome. But look at all the little fissures
running through them now. Yeah, right. I want to try again. But this time,
let’s separate all of them, so none are touching each other. Because I think that’s
what makes the plasma happen. Okay, it’s taking longer than it did when we had
them all clumped together. Nothing yet. Okay, so nothing
happened that time. So we’re going
to tip the microwave, see if we can get
them to collide, see what happens. I would have waited
just a little longer. That did it. So the plasma only happens
when they’re touching. Yeah. But weirdly it didn’t really
happen much in the bowl. They exploded in the bowl. Yeah, I think that was just
too many in one place. I think it just
built up too much, but one or two touching,
you’re getting that little… That arc of some kind. Yeah. Okay, you can see the ones
that ran into each other. They’re almost glued
together now. I wanna see them explode again. Yeah.
Here goes. At this point we just want
to watch something else go boom. Popcorn sounds, popcorn sounds. Well, things are popping. It’s like a bowl of popcorn
just explodes, but in color. Nothing, nothing, nothing, pop! Anything else you want
to see us do with Orbeez? Anything else you want to see
us film inside the microwave? Let us know down
in the comments. We’ve got a couple minutes. We’re going to take
some time and do some Q&A Jasmine Higgins asks, are you getting closer
to getting a female co-host? Yes. I don’t know if we’ll keep
that in but… Shalayla Wesh…. I think that’s the name here. Shalayla Wesh asks, “Why is it on some
of the videos you list where to get certain items for
a project, but not all the items? Like the magic faucet. You listed where to get everything
except the clear tubing. That would be a fun
project to try, but not if I can’t get the parts.” We do try. When it’s a project build, and we’re trying to give sort
of instructions on how you can complete the project. We tried to give instructions
and where to get everything. The real answer
there is probably that sometimes I just forget. In the case
of that plastic tubing, where did I get that? I got that at
a specialty plastics store– that happened to be about
two miles from where I live. That was after ordering
some clear plastic tubing on Amazon that… I got tubing on Amazon. It ended up being just a little bit too big, then I went
to the plastic store, and they said that they could get it for me
like the next day, so I was like, “Oh, that’s even faster
than Amazon Prime!” And Amazon Prime had
the smaller tubing… Sorry, Amazon had
the smaller tubing but it wasn’t available with Prime. So it was gonna be
like five days. So I was like, “Okay, so I’ll just
get it from them.” And then, it ended up taking them
like five days anyway, but… So the real answer is that sometimes I forget
and that you should go to
and make a post saying, “Hey, where did you get this?” And I checked
that pretty regularly, and I’m likely
to see that question and answer it for you. So yeah, it’s I forget and… Just search on the internet because that’s
how I find things. I look online. If I look online and I see that it’s available
at a local store, off to the local store
because it’s faster. If I looked online and I
don’t see it anywhere local, then I order it from online. User Paul Sun says “How do you upload daily
with very hard projects?” I think we’ve answered
pretty similar to this before. We have a team, so I don’t have to come up
with all the ideas myself. I have Grant help with that, and I talked with Grant about
how best to present the ideas. I have a cameraman. I have a team of editors. I have an animator. And so it’s… That’s how we’re able
to do is we have enough people that lightens the workload, so no one person
is bogged down too heavily. So it does make it so we’re able to put
out five videos a week. We actually don’t
usually do every day. Most of the time we do five, and then sometimes we have
like a little bonus month where we’ll do a video
every day for that month. Stuff like that. That’s the Q&A for today. If you’ve got more Q’s,
send ’em our way. We will A them. Hey guys, you probably noticed
that since we introduced Callie and our Captain
America shield video, every new video
has had secret codes and graphic glitches and other
secret elements hidden into it. Keep track of what you see in the time stamps
of when you see it. We’ve got some big
prizes to give away, and finding the codes
might make you our next winner. [punch]

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