Cooking with a 3-Year-Old: The Mac & Cheese and Communist Celery Edition
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Cooking with a 3-Year-Old: The Mac & Cheese and Communist Celery Edition

Good morning Hank, it’s Tuesday So Hannah Hart asked people who donated to her kickstarter to show off their kitchens because she might come cook in them [Henry:] Daddy? [John:] Yes? [Henry:] Are you hungry? [John:] I’m not hungry are you hungry? [Henry:] Yeah [John:] I am too. I was lying before. [Henry:] Me too. [John:] Alright, we should eat some dinner So, we’re gonna cook dinner and show off our kitchen for Hannah Hart! Do you think we should start with a drink? [Henry:] Umm, okay! [John:] How about fresh squeezed grapefruit juice? [Henry:] No! [Henry:] How about we make grapefruit juice. [John:] You wanna make grapefruit juice? [Henry:] Yeah [John:] I’m listening. I’m into it, let’s try it. Alright, Henry, what is the first step in making grapefruit juice? [Henry:] What? [John:] We have to get- [Henry:] Grapefruit [John:] That’s correct! [Henry:] Who does cutting with sharp knives in this family? [Henry:] You. [J:] That’s right, who doesn’t? [H:] Mama. [J:] No, it’s you. Who-, by the way who is the better cook? Is it daddy or mommy? [H:] Umm, you. [J:] That’s just not accurate. [J:] Whoa!! Every great meal starts with a grape juice. You wanna have a little bit of grapefruit juice and then you wanna spike it. [Henry:] And then you wanna spike it? [John:] I recommend spiking with water. Mmmm [John:] Mine is delicious, how is yours? [Henry:] Sour! So Hank, once you have your first cocktail, you’re ready to start cooking and in our house that means… what’s for dinner? Macaroni and cheese. With a side of whatever we can find in the fridge. [Henry:] No I don’t! [John:] Everybody likes asparagus. [Henry:] But I don’t. [John:] Really? It’s like the fruit of the sea, but it’s from land. [Henry:] I don’t like it. [John:] Hmm. Alright, let’s see what we’ve got here. Oh, leftovers are always promising. But that appears to have kale so that’s out. Alright, so we’ve got asparagus, mild cheddar cheese, celery, blueberries, sweet potato fries, mac and cheese, and tortillas. This is gonna be great. But, we’re missing one thing. [Henry:] What? [John:] Blueberry muffins. Okay, step one: Feed your kid a blueberry muffin because you should have served him dinner like 30 minutes ago but you were screwing around with grapefruit juice. Then you’re going to want to heat six cups of water for your macaroni and you know, like a regular amount for your asparagus. Now Henry, experts will tell you to wait until the water is boiling, but I am not cooking for experts, I am cooking for a 3 year old. So you can really throw the asparagus in at any time you want. Pro tip: put your iPhone underneath the washed asparagus? You take the celery and then add like peanut butter and raisins and then it’s called ants on a log [Henry]: No. [John]: No? [Henry]: I don’t want peanut butter on it [John]: You don’t want peanut butter on it? [Henry]: No! [John]: What are you, a communist? [Henry]: Uhm… Yes! [John]: You are? [Henry]: Yeah. [John]: That’s a surprise. [John]: But you know what, I’m just happy that you’re politically engaged at your age [John]: I think that’s great At this point you want to start plating your freshly washed blueberries, your communist celery Meanwhile, you get your asparagus started And now is when you give up on the idea of cheesy tortillas, which, let’s face it, was a terrible idea in the first place. Agreed? [Henry:] Yeah. [John:] Put the sweet potato fries in the microwave for maximum sogginess, which is how Henry likes them, and have a drink. ‘Cause you’re getting there. Ah. Sour. Pro tip – so, the best way to know that your asparagus is done, is when you’re bored and you don’t want to wait anymore to eat it. Also, don’t forget to put your macaroni on the wrong stovetop so that it never actually boils. Take out the asparagus, that water is finally boiling. You don’t want it al dente. [Henry:] No. [John:] You want it soggy. [Henry:] Yes. [John:] You and I are on the same page, buddy. [Henry:] Yeah. But I want cheese on it. [John:] Yeah, soggy and cheesy. Once your pasta’s good and cooked, you take it from there, and you put it in the little strainer thing. Ahh, this is where it can all go wrong. But it all went right. Then you add your milk. Yes! Oh, it just looks delicious. [Henry:] And I’m done! We have to st-stir it. [John:] And at last, you add in the pasta! [Henry:] Pasta! [John:] Then, plate and enjoy. So, Hank, and Hannah, that’s how Henry and I make dinner together here in Indianapolis. DFTBA. I’ll see you on Friday. Say DFTBA. [Henry:] DVFTVA? [John:] That’s pretty good.

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100 thoughts on “Cooking with a 3-Year-Old: The Mac & Cheese and Communist Celery Edition

  1. Henry is going to be one of the smartest kids in the the world, given that his dad just uses his usual vocabulary and jokes with it: "Are you communist?" Now I'm thinking about Henry watching CrashCourse videos just for fun 😁

  2. Protip…
    His John just screwing around with Dan and Phil at this point is'nt he…
    Ladies and Gentlemen… My hero.. Henry Green, and that John guy whoever he is.

  3. Is it weird that I watched this video like 7 times by now because YouTube recommends it to me from time to time and it just makes me so happy to see them cooking and improvising.

  4. The sentence "Then have a drink, because you're getting there" has got me through so many long days of study. #hydration #inspiration

  5. I just want to mention that ever since this video I've used "protip" in sarcastic ways. I honestly thought at first that that was how you were supposed to use it.

  6. Okay I have watched this video dozens of times over the years and it just hit me that I don’t understand why that celery is in a jar. Is it a thing to store celery in a jar full of water? Have I just never encountered that in the wild?

  7. 🤗🤗🤗Loads of hugs and good luck to you and your kid!! JOHN PLEASE LIKE MY COMMENT, it would really make my day. PLEASEEEEEEEEE

  8. Sometimes if I am having a hard day or I just want to watch something nice before bed, I like to watch John cook with Henry. Thanks for making things that consistently cheer me up.

  9. I don't know why but this is one of my favourite youtube videos ever. So every time it comes up on my recommended, I watch it. And I am happy for 3 minutes 58 seconds.

  10. This video is aggressively cute and every time Henry is in a video I am in awe of what a good father John is and how naturally he talks and interacts with Henry.

  11. john is such a good father and i love that he talks to him like a human and not a dog that's so good for henry and for john omg

  12. I bet John and Hank are the best dads ever. Like they probably teach their kids awesome lessons but like are also super fun and dad like. Their children are gonna be so smart and quirky and just awesome.

  13. It has been more than five years since I first saw this video and yet, every time I make any sort of pasta dish which requires me to drain pasta in a strainer I think or much to my wife's annoyance "This is where it could all go wrong… but it all went right!"

  14. John you are doing such a good job and thank you for being a good example for the rest of us that hope to raise kids some day

  15. its been six years since this video came out and i am feeling very nostalgic. i am not super involved in the nerdfighter community anymore but honestly when i was it was probably the best part of my very dark middle school years. so thanks

  16. You're only supposed to cook pasta al dente if you're going finish cooking it in sauce later. You shouldn't be eating it that way

  17. This is simultaneously the most entertaining, cute, and funny video I've watched in a long time. Thanks for that John. Also you're a great Dad.

  18. It's been six years and I still think "This is where it could all go wrong, oh but it all went right" every time I'm making mac and cheese and I have to pour the boiling water into the colander

  19. I was annoyed that I woke up four hours early but then YouTube recommended this video and it made it all better. Except now I'm hungry. 😂

  20. I was about to pass this up but when I saw "communist celery" I immediately knew I had to watch it. Coincidentally, a literal translation of the Russian word vodka is "little water". Supposedly, to a Russian vodka tastes a little like water. Maybe 🙂

  21. Okay, it needs to be noted that this is saved to my "Watch Later" playlist because whenever I'm feeling low, I watch this. It brings me so much joy. Absolutely because Henry.

  22. imagine Henry, Alice and Orin make a channel called "Vlogcousins" and be like Gooood morning Uncle hank or Uncle John, Today I'm reacting to Brotherhood 2.0… That would be amazing.

  23. I just LOVE this video, its one of my favorites to just rewatch along with the other Cooking with Henry video. It's so wholesome and cute and really shows off what a great dad John is. I know we're all human, but this always reminds me that this is how I should be with MY kids and that no, I am not overreacting, my parents actually do kinda suck at being parents (though they try their best). It's just a good reminder of how things should be, and it warms my heart 🙂

  24. This video shows up in my recommendations every once in a while and I always want to watch it, no matter how many times I've seen it. It's so lovely to watch

  25. I love this. And you’re so nice to him. My 4 year old would’ve gotten a “I JUST SAID GRAPEFRUIT JUICE!” Gotta work on that lol

  26. My sister used to talk to my nephews from the first day they were an baby talk or talking down to them.and ALWAYS made eye contact…it annoys me to no end people who talk baby talk to their kids or pets.. love how.john.talks to his son..notice hes careful not to show his face too

  27. John I know its been six years but the fact that you didn't put the celery in the "c" part of the plate and the blueberries in the "b" and the asparagus in the "a" keeps me up at night.

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