Cooking with Apples – The Victorian Way
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Cooking with Apples – The Victorian Way

Autumn is a busy time here at Audley End and
the apple harvest has just begun. The head gardener Mr Verte assures me that
this Peasgood Nonsuch has lovely flavour and is perfect for baking. And I know just the
recipe. Lord and Lady Braybrooke love this, it’s Suedoise
or Apple Hedgehog as we call it in the kitchen. This evening Lord and Lady Braybrooke have
guests over. Now all their dishes must look spectacular so I have decided to make Apple
Hedgehog. For this you will need: Five or six goodly shaped apples. Some light sugar syrup. Enough marmalade, apple or apricot. For the icing, two egg whites. Two teaspoons of sugar. For the decoration, almonds. Currants. And cherries. Firstly, you need to peel and core your apples
and then stew them in a light sugar syrup. Oh they smell nice and sweet! You have to be careful not to overcook them,
this variety stew very quickly. And now for the icing. Mix two egg whites with two teaspoons of sugar,
and whisk until you can form peaks on the top. Now you’re ready to form your dish. Now that your apples are stewed, you can take
them out of the syrup and form the body of the hedgehog. You might need to cut one or two of them in
half to form the head. Eliza Acton’s version of this is very grand
and spectacular, but Lord and Lady Braybrooke have a sense of humour, so I am making my
hedgehog look like he’s out snuffling with a cherry for it’s nose and a raisin for it’s
eyes. Marmalading is a good way of preserving fruit
and here is some of our apple marmalade we have already made. You want to use this marmalade
to hold all the bits of apple together and to fill in the middle. And then layer the icing over your hedgehog. And now for the decoration. For the spikes of the hedgehog, you need to
use sliced almonds. Make sure you choose good slices. And poke them in all over the body. With the decorating done, place the dish in
a moderate oven until the tops of the almonds are nicely brown. And there you have it, apple hedgehog. A jolly
autumnal dish.

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100 thoughts on “Cooking with Apples – The Victorian Way

  1. So many adorable hedgehog-shaped puddings.
    Well, preferable to baking the poor beasts in clay like the Romans did. Doubly-so if you happen to be a hedgehog.

  2. I had a great uncle named Audley, I had never heard that name used anywhere ever before. Pretty cool your estate is also called Audley. 🙂

  3. This is a nice and easy recipe. I'll try it out once I get some almonds and marmalade. Hopefully it isn't ugly like the rest of my cooking, though.

  4. Any body here after meeting Edgar. Im definitly waiting for Ms Crocombe news recipe. Hopefully it won't come while Im at school.

  5. I'm here straight from the newest episode about Mr. Ashman and apple harvest! Can't wait to see Mrs. Crocombe's apple dishes for this year!

  6. Would Victorian cooks or kitchen staff have sliced the almonds themselves or purchased them that way? Silly question, I know. But I’m genuinely curious. This recipe looks like a fun one for kids.

  7. I can't believe I'm just now finding this channel
    I love this era and I've been trying to find content related to it

  8. “Whisk until you can see peaks” I literally thought she was going to grab an electric mixer and braced myself for the sound….but she grabbed an actual whisk 😂

  9. This lady is a direct representation of a word Polite. She is calming, charming, cute and polite woman. I wish people would be this calm and collected in the real world.

  10. The recipe is really sad, I mean I really do not like any of her recipes except the chocolate pudding, but still I keep on watching this, this lady and the entire set is a visual treat

  11. As and artist and a cook I grew up watching Julia Child on PBS..Later came art than Opera..They are all myself and APPLES are the perfect blend of autumn, class and style🍎🍏🍏🍎🍏🍎🍁🍂🍁🍂!!

  12. I am from Pakistan, I love these series, If you could please share with us, the recipe for making marmalade, my mother wants to make it, thanks.

  13. Apples look like apples from my childhood , not like those glossy synthetic things sold these days in supermarkets.

  14. Очень интересные передачи. Жаль, что нет русского перевода. Просто смотрю.

  15. I guess Edgar wasn't hired yet and she had to pick her own 😟. I'm so sorry Mrs Crocombe. 🍎🍏

  16. “eliza actens versión of this is grand and spectacular, but lord and lady braybrook have a sense of humor.” THE SHADE!

  17. Such wholesome cooking and video watching. Nice to see how our ancestors cooked way back when not to mention the layers of clothing in a hot kitchen.

  18. Can I please move into Audley End House? I want to have her make me a cup of tea and stroll about the gardens during a crisp autumn day. Come into the house and smell fragrant apples cooking, with lovely Mrs. Crocombe telling me I ought to know better than to ninny about in the cold lol.

    I just need a time machine 😭


  19. Pro tip= arrange apples first as the whites can begin to seperate or soften as time passes. Do this step right before layering icing on your apples/ hedgehog.

  20. If you pause the video while she's talking shes gonna whip yo ass like she whips them eggs

  21. Man, I was looking for this video for ages!
    I knew, I had seen the ‚Apple Hedgehog‘ recipe here, but I just couldn’t find it from the thumbnail/title.
    Finally 🤗

  22. It's a cute recipe, but as a dessert isn't it a bit boring to eat? It's essentially just stewed apple with meringue. Personally I'm not that keen on meringue.

  23. It was so lovely watching this while I peeled and sliced apples for an apple pie :3 I felt like I was cooking along with her.

  24. Watching this makes me realize how grateful we are to have the kitchen technology we have today. I tried to whip a merengue using a whisk and my arm was iN pain and I didn’t even make it to soft peaks. BUT the Victorians were out here whipping it up like nothing like dang, I need to strengthen my arm

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