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Cooking with Ayesha Curry

– Ladies and gentlemen, Ayesha Curry. (audience cheers) – Let’s get to the food then. – Yes!
– ‘Cause I’m excited. What are we making today? – So we are making a vegetable ratatouille with some cheesy grits. So a ratatouille is basically
just a mixture of vegetables cooked down in a tomato sauce. – [Steve] Oh I didn’t
know that’s what that was. – Yeah!
– All I knew was when you said grits I went okay, cool. (audience laughing) – Well you’ve got your power suit on, I’ve got my money suit on,
(audience cheering) I’m in green today. So we gotta put these aprons
on that just so happen to be my aprons. Alright, we have some cocktails here so that’s what we’re gonna start out with. (audience cheering) – Hell yeah! – Cheers! – Yeah, cheers, what is this, Moscow Mule? – Absolutely, yes. – Yeah, I got these at home. You know my favorite drink, Moscow Mule. – That’s actually one of my
rules, you shouldn’t be cooking especially we’re cooking a dinner meal without a nice little drink. (audience applauds) – Food should always be a celebration
– Oh we got real alcohol in here.
(audience laughing) Uh-huh, oh. – It’s real! (laughing) – Oh it’s just what I need. (laughing) – Alright, I’m gonna put
some olive oil in here. – Yeah, no problem. – Got some red onion, in the pan there. You wanna sweat the onions,
you don’t wanna brown them. So it cooks them down,
you release all the flavor and it’s gonna flavor up the
rest of these vegetables. – My best work I was sweating. (audience laughs) – Okay. Listen, I put salt and pepper in here– – I like the way chefs do
that, they grab it by the hand. – You gotta salt high and a pinch is not, so some people think a pinch
is their index and their thumb, it’s not it’s three fingers. A pinch is up here, it’s three fingers. So when people are
underseasoning their food, it’s ’cause they’re using
their index and their thumb. – Yeah. (laughing) – Eggplant. We have bell pepper–
– Yeah, come on girl. – You wanna cook this down
for about five minutes, so when that cooks down, what
you then wanna do is add in your tomato sauce, your
garlic, so we put that in there and then some water to thin it out. Right in there. Mix that around, you wanna get everything coated.
– You better cook, Ayesha. – Yeah! (audience cheers) – Alright, we have some oregano here. It goes in and it simmers
for about 20 minutes. I’m not gonna make y’all
sit here for 20 minutes. – Yeah.
– No look at this, so we take this, I’m
gonna cut the stove off. – Bam!
– There it is! (audience cheers) – [Ayesha] Now Steve,
doesn’t this look beautiful in my pot that I created
from my collection? (audience cheers) – You got some pots, too? – I do, I do. I’m all about the home and family so I have a whole cookware collection of all sorts of amazing things– – See that’s what you really want. You want a woman that’s fine and can cook. – Alright, I heard you
have a severe preference on your grits because
you’re from the South. – Well I do cheese on my grits sometimes. – I’ve got you covered! We’ve got some butter. this is not vegan I’m sorry. – Nah, don’t worry about that. – Some oil, so we actually
put some truffle oil in here so if you smell, I have
two types of cheese, sharp cheddar and Fontina. – Girl, look at all that cheese. You got the same amount of
cheese in there you got grits. (audience laughs) – And?
(Steve laughs) Look at this, that’s how
your grits should look, cheesy like that.
– Oh you did it too! – Oh I did it, yeah, we’re good. Alright, so we’re gonna
plate this up here. Just because you’re vegetarian for a night doesn’t mean it doesn’t
have to taste good. That’s what people don’t realize, like you can season up
your veggies really nice, put a nice side with it
like these cheese grits and you’ll be good to go. I’m gonna top that there. – You like it?
– Hell yeah. – Alright, well we need
to finish garnishing this. (audience cheers) – Garnishing?
– Yes! A dish is not complete
without a little garnish, but you don’t wanna just
throw something on the top. You wanna make sure
you’re adding in flavor. So we have some fresh basil here. Two years ago, I wanted to grow
some tomatoes in my backyard and I didn’t think I could do it. And I did it! And it was good and it was easy! And so I actually created
these gardening kits here because I have three young
children and I believe in teaching kids where
their food comes from and showing them the process
and this allows you to do that whether you’re in an apartment,
at school, in your home. You put it right on your
windowsill, and it grows. It’s with Back To The
Roots and it’s amazing. – Well let me tell you about this, the founders of Back To The
Roots are in the audience. – They are. Where are you guys? Oh there they are! – Oh that’s them? Okay cool, hey fellas,
welcome to the show! What made you guys wanna
start this company? – We actually started
the company in college, we were at Berkeley senior year, heard that you could grow
mushrooms on coffee ground waste. Had never grown a thing in our lives. We were actually going into
investment banking in New York and grew a bucket of
mushrooms out of literally, out of our fraternity kitchen and gave up the corporate
world to grow mushrooms and collect coffee waste. – Yeah, we realized it was an opportunity to inspire every family, every kid to grow their own food at
home or in the classroom and created this whole line
of indoor gardening kits and we’re so excited to
launch this herb garden with Ayesha now and hopefully
get every single kid to grow their own food!
(audience applauds) – Okay listen to me, we wanna
make sure that you all get in on gardening so they’re sending everybody in the studio audience home
with their very own herb garden! (audience cheers) Yeah!
– Yeah! – And for all you folks at
home, they’re offering 20% off all garden kits all through the holidays. Just head over to BackToTheRoots.com. Head over to BackToTheRoots.com and use coupon code, HARVEY20. HARVEY20. Ayesha, thank you so much for being here. – Thank you, thank you for being so fun. – Great job, darling. Really good job. We’ll be right back, y’all!

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