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100 thoughts on “Cooking with what you have – End of month special

  1. There are even capitalist pigs who suffer from end of month. I wish they had it worse blyat

    Fun fact: Flour will also make you feel full for longer because of volume. Thank your Babushka when she teaches you this

  2. Since I watch all these "end-of-month" videos I am starting to cook on low budget, even though I have enough money.
    Because I want to feel like slav gobnik, even though I am greek.
    Boris changed my life.

  3. Give a man a fish and he'll feed himself for a day. Give a slav a fish and he'll feed himself for an entire month.

  4. I showed this video to my dad becouse he's a chef
    My dad: What?
    Me: Блядь 🙂
    My dad: 私はあなたの言っていることが悪い音が好きではありません-
    Me: hOlY-

  5. Tip for Boris:
    (If you have aces to water)
    You can drink a lot of water so that your stomach is fuller so that you don’t need to eat as much!
    (Also if you’re dieting)

  6. here in ph,instead of end of month we usually prepare cheap foods when it's friday(end of the week) and the usual food we prepare here is monggo seeds…

  7. a very importqant question: in russia local village guys make better vodka than any vodka aviable in shop? (just like in hungary for pálinka)

  8. Boris, I don't think this mushroom is good to eat. It has ridges. Dad told me that if a mushroom has a 'pillow' it is safe to eat.

  9. Protip for all hungry gopniks: you can find out if a mushroom is not poisonous by cooking it and adding a small bit of garlic. If the garlic remains white the mushrooms are good. If it turns yellow you don't eat that day.

  10. You get money from monetization. Stop pretending and playing some poor gopnik who you aren't. I'm more Russian than you, ass.

  11. Всё жду когда Борис приготовит сто килограммовый чебурек

  12. This kind of mushrooms is actually expensive as fuck in Poland. But when you know where to look, you get them for free 😛

  13. oh yes, I remember them salty fucking cucumbers.
    Except here we only have the 30cm ones.
    Pro tip: on pay day steal some money from mother, hide it. Get put over the knee,
    Then at end of month when father thinks of pulling out them salty fucking cucumbers.
    You can be the hero and come home with a 2l coke and 3 pies.

  14. Really tho no one actually is like that on end of month cuz we don’t get a day to shop and limited food stamps

  15. If you have some broth and an egg you can make egg drop soup, it's very nice. You can also add stuff you find like noodles maybe some meat or onions.

  16. Бля смешно, пока был в Америке всё время тебя смотрел. Продолжай

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