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I hope you are having a happy and cozy day
I am so excited for this video I don’t even know what I’m gonna title it yet
because it is gonna be a decorate with me I clean with me a cook with me a host
with me it is gonna be so many things and it’s just gonna be so fun because
I’m spending the day at home my favorite place to be you guys know I’m a homebody
and I love just home life home decor and all that good stuff so I’m really
excited to be partnering with Bed Bath & Beyond for today’s video they have so
many incredible pieces for your home and gifts for the holidays and holiday decor
and kitchen gear they have it all that’s why it’s called Bed Bath & Beyond so I’m
excited to show you some of the pieces that I picked out and some of the gifts
so the first thing we’re gonna do today is we are going to spruce up some of the
decor we have in our apartment so if you’re kind of new here my husband and I
we just got married last February and we’re highschool
sweethearts were fresh out of college like young little newlyweds so a lot of
our furniture and like random little things Brandon just had in college or I
had in college then we kind of just like brought it all together and tried to
make it work so there’s some pieces that I’ve been really wanting to kind of
upgrade for more stylized pieces so I’m gonna showcase giving my little
apartment a glow up that’s the first thing we’re gonna do and then we’re
gonna vacuum and clean a bit and then we’re gonna cook dinner and bake a
little birthday surprise for Brandon because his birthday is on Monday and
I’m baking him some brownies and Reese’s I just got a mixed so that should be
easy and then his feelings gonna come over
and we’re gonna do a little game night and I know I’m gonna have like
appetizers and brownie is obviously for them so we’re gonna host a little party
and I think that’s it so it’s gonna be a fun day but first and foremost
get decorating okay so this is our one and only bedroom and the first thing I
wanted to update is I’ve been wanting some euro pillows for our bed because I
love our bed I think it’s really cute it’s kind of looking bumpy right now but
I really like it but the thing is we don’t have a bed frame or headboard at
all we just have like a little stand so it kind of looks like a little not put
together so I thought an easy fix would be to add some euro pillows at the back
to kind of add some height so I ordered two from Bed Bath & Beyond and they are
so comfy I ordered the euro pillows and then the two shams and I just wanted to
do all white because I love just all white sheets because then it’s really
easy to clean you can just bleach them and it just looks so crisp and fresh so
I love that so I’m gonna put these euro pillows behind our regular pillows and
hopefully our bed will look a little more luxurious yes look at this luxurious bed don’t you
just want to plop down okay the next thing I want to update is this noise
machine this looks like it’s from the 1800s
it is like such a strange color it looks so old it’s vintage it’s cute but I
think it’s definitely time for an upgrade like why do you have a noise machine are
you an infant are you a baby but no you’re not
clearly we just like it it’s really nice to have the fan on and then the noise
machine and thankfully we don’t have noisy neighbors but if you do have noisy
neighbors like this would be crucial and we really really love like it’s super
relaxing and will block out any sound if it’s noisy outside so I highly recommend
and I’m excited to show you them one I got from Bed Bath & Beyond because it is
so much more discreet and it’s also this nice white color look at it it just
looks like a little speaker so perfect and we already tested out the noises
because like once you’ve been using the noise machine for years and then you
switch it you want to make sure like the noises are equally as great or better
and it’s awesome so very happy about that
hey folks now we’re in the restroom and we are going to replace these stunning
bathrobes here’s one here they’re just so tiny brandon has had these literally
since he was at college like six years ago so I think we can get rid of these
but they’re still good like we took care of them and I wash them frequently so
I’ll just fold them up and give them away to Goodwill or something so we
aren’t just gonna throw them away but they are not sparking joy in my life
anymore I’m excited to show you the new ones we got it’s part of the French
Connection home from Bed Bath and Beyond and instead of two cotton bath rugs and
I love how big they are I mean the ones we have are so teeny-tiny and of course
I love the brightness of the white and again like if I need to bleach a stain
out it makes it a little easier that it’s a white color so love it love it
love it also so I’d know everything that I’m
showing you will be linked at my description in case you want to get some
matching bath rugs or some other things I’m gonna show you I don’t want to spoil
anything yet but I’m having so much fun at sprucing up our apartment okay the
next thing I’m at switching up is our paper towel holder it’s fine now but
it’s still like lightweight and flimsy that like when you pull a paper towel it
just kind of comes with you the whole thing oh my goodness
sorry that noise was atrocious but I had to show you I just had to show you why I
have the urge to give it a little facelift so I picked out this stunning
one from Bed Bath & Beyond it is a marble paper towel stand and I just love
how simple it is like it doesn’t have this extra little knick-knack thing
right here it’s just nice and simple and clean and it’s heavy which is great
because it won’t like the whole thing won’t come with you when you just take
one paper towel okay our last little home blow up is our
utensil holder this is just a stainless steel one that Brandon had in college
and it’s it’s cool it’s fine it’s just not my thing it’s just not my look and
it gets like these little it’s not that easy to clean because it’s like this
stainless steel material so I picked out this beautiful one from Bed Bath and
Beyond and it kind of already matches our fruit bowl back there so it just
goes really nice with the rest of the things we have going on and it’s a
little wider mouth too so we can fit more utensils which is amazing because
as you will see I’m ever-growing my kitchen supplies because you guys know I
love cooking so this is perfect I hope you guys enjoyed that little
apartment makeover I had a lot of fun and loved all the new pieces so now
we’re gonna make our brownies for Brandon and it’s gonna smell so obvious
like he’s gonna know I made brownies but I wanted to be a surprise so we’ll see
when he comes home but I have two candles he’s turning 25 so I got a 2 and
a 5 and then I got this brownie mix and I unwrapped a lot of Reese’s that we
just had in our pantry and I’m going to put the Reese’s in the brownies because
he loves Reese’s and chocolate like peanut butter chocolate is our favorite
combo so I think he’s really gonna love that also I realized I don’t have a
brownie pan I should have ordered that from Bed Bath & Beyond I’ll have to do
that later tonight but I have this pie dish which are hopefully will do the
trick also I love that my pie dish matches my new utensil holder like
almost exactly that’s amazing but I’m thinking it’ll be okay I’ll just
add some butter or something at the bottom just to be safe but I think we’ll
be okay okay so it’s looking good I hope I hope
this pan is okay so I put like half of the batter on the bottom and then I like
crumble up a bunch of ricci it’s probably about five of them like it
better taste good it’s literally just chocolate brownies and Reese’s it’d be
really hard to mess that up but you never know I’m just worried about the
pan honestly so I’m just gonna add the rest on the top and then I’m gonna
sprinkle some more Reese’s to kind of be the cherry on top but it’ll be very
season on top I’m kind of running out of battery though I don’t know if it’ll
spread out among all of my middle Reese’s that is my dilemma here taking perks so good okay so while our brownies are baking
and before we start cleaning a bit I wanted to show you some gift ideas so
they snagged from that awesome neon because I know Christmas is so soon and
if you struggle with like giving gifts or gift ideas hopefully some of these
will help you so the first one is kind of a gift for myself because we needed
one but I got this let Chris off let Chris set I don’t want to say it let
Chris set I want to say like croissant but it’s like Lego set mortar and pestle
from Bed Bath and Beyond and it’s I got the color white but you
can do a lot of different things with this but basically it’s good for
crushing garlic or making guacamole or hummus that’s basically what it’s used
for or like a little sauce or a paste and I’ve been wanting one for a while so
when they saw this on their site I definitely wanted to grab it and it’s
just such great quality and it matches everything else that I’m getting like my
youtube folder and all that good stuff so I loved that so that was a little
gift from me I’m guilty of doing that sometimes okay the next thing I got was
this drink local pint glass and this is actually for my mom’s husband and it’s
hard for me to get gifts for like adult males females like I get you more but
males it’s really hard but I know they like to go to like local breweries and
stuff so I thought this is really cool and it’s awesome because the AI is the
Florida State outline so I thought that was super cute and a fun easy simple
little gift and then this next thing is really fun so Bed Bath & Beyond has a
lot of games actually like board games and games like this so this is can jam
splash in I got this from my brother-in-law and kind of Brandon
because they love to play it together but we played the regular sized candy
and it’s really really fine but then I saw this can jam slash one and I thought
this would be awesome and it’s nice because it’s kind of
miniature cuz the actual regular can Jam is huge and I don’t know like if they
have room to store that so I thought this is a little more practical and
didn’t take up as much space so this is just kind of like a fun little gift idea
and then for my sister-in-law sister in love I likes color um I got her this
custom this personalized custom row and it looks absolutely delicious it looks
like the softest thing I like don’t want to take it out of the the plastic
because I want to keep it nice and clean and wait for her but it says her name uh
isn’t it so cool so you can customize it and I even picked the color thread for
it so I just think that is so cool and Bed Bath and Beyond has a lot of
customizable okay so I love that and she’s about to give birth to our nephew
so I thought like a cozy row would be perfect for those long nights she’s
gonna have nursing and all that good stuff so yeah okay the last gift idea is
something that I got for my mom I told my family not to watch my videos for
like the next month because I’m sharing somebody gifts I’ve been spoiling it for
them but lots of them don’t even watch it anyway so it’s like if this is the
Illuminations variable lighting three setting mirror and I just knew she
wanted one and Bed Bath & Beyond had like a few different ones to choose from
so I thought that was perfect and I actually kind of need one of these too
but I’ll give it to my mom I won’t be selfish and it’s so great for like
plucking your hair like your eyebrows and everywhere else so I think she’ll
really like this one okay so now we are going to vacuum a bit
kinda clean up and I don’t think I vacuumed this week yet in our house like
my hair is just everywhere so we definitely need a vacuum and then we’ll
start undoing the brownies seriously smells so good
and it still has so much time left but it’s getting it nice and crispy around
the edges I’m praying it doesn’t burn in this pan okay I’m about to get a head
start on dinner and tonight I am making Dutch oven
lasagna vegetarian lasagna with lots of cheese though and I got this Dutch oven
from Bed Bath & Beyond and it is truly stunning it’s from I used to crave line
and look of it dutch ovens are I’ve learned are an essential I have tried to
make many recipes but I didn’t have a Dutch oven so like I ended up not making
them but I’m really excited to try that the Dutch oven lasagna tonight and this
is just gonna look so pretty in my kitchen also I had to give a shout-out
to my airfryer my beloved airfryer which I also got from Bed Bath & Beyond and I
am truly obsessed if you follow me on Instagram you know my obsession is so
real because I’ve always posed heed about it and cooking with it it’s
seriously the most efficient thing ever and I didn’t understand like what the
big deal is about it until I started using it but basically it’s like an oven
a miniature oven and everything cooks so quickly since it is smaller than your
oven obviously so everything cooks super quick quick I make sweet potato fries
and just like diced sweet potatoes all the time that’s probably my favorite
thing to make in it but I also have cooked plenty of veggies in it as well
and it’s just great so I’ll link the one I have down below highly highly
recommend it is quite big though so make sure you have like the space to store it
or if like like you don’t mind putting it on your counter yourself thumbs up
for the airfryer okay Wow our home smells like magic
I always under baked brownies and cookies because we love like the gooey
half-baked kind of deal so I didn’t even test if it’s cooked in the middle
because I kind of hope it isn’t cooked all the way and now I am going to crush
the take quest by the way I’m obsessed with
my Dutch oven so beautiful and working so neatly the lasagna is bubbling here
let me show you a little look I’m hungry I’m starting to get a little hangry I
feel it so hopefully it stirred it’s all about the pasta we got to wait for the
pasta to cook through because everything else is like warm and strong my mouth I serve I I’ll link the recipe in my
description but I made a veggie lasagna but I used a meat recipe for lasagna
I just didn’t add the meat I finally found something to put in my airfryer I
always will find an excuse to use my airfryer but it says hold the corn
appetizer from Trader Joe’s literally cooked it in like five minutes so good it was the night before Christmas I was
closing down for business and that’s it the party’s over I hope you guys enjoyed
this video and had fun cleaning and cooking and decorating with me and
hosting it was such a fun night and I loved celebrating bee but again if you’d
like to shop any of the things I showed you in this video I’ll link them all
below and I can’t wait to see you guys soon bye

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