Crazy Dough Braided Nutella Bread – Gemma’s Crazy Dough Bread Series Ep 4
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Crazy Dough Braided Nutella Bread – Gemma’s Crazy Dough Bread Series Ep 4

HI Bold Bakers! In a recent video, I showed you how to make
Crazy Dough. Now Crazy Dough is one dough that makes a
variety of different breads both sweet and savory like cinnamon rolls and even pizza. Last week I used it to make Naan bread and
this week we’re going to use the same dough to make sweet Nutella Loaf. So let’s get baking. So like I said, I made this dough in a previous
video. It is really easy to make. You just mix it up by hand and you don’t
need a stand mixer. The recipe for it can be found on
and if you’re new to my channel then welcome and make sure you tap that subscribe button. Okay, so I’ve got my dough here ready to
go and I’m just going to cut it in half. So I’m going to keep one half here and then
I’m going to put the other half over to the side. Now you want to cover him with a tea towel
so he doesn’t get the air at him until we’re ready to use him. So I’m going to flour my surface and then
I’m going to roll out this piece of dough to roughly 16 by 9 inches. The shape we’re going for is a rectangle. So now as I’m rolling I’m seeing that
my dough is springing back. Don’t worry about that. That just means he needs to relax a little
bit more. So what I’m going to do is lay over a tea
towel, nice and clean one. Then I’m going to let this sit here for
around 15 to 20 minutes. And then after that time it’ll be much easier
to roll. Okay, so I think my dough had enough time
to rest so I’m going to start rolling again. There we go. As you can see, it’s starting to take shape. Try to get it into the best rectangle you
can. I know it’s kind of hard but try your best. Okay, so our dough is looking good. Now for our secret ingredient: nutella. This is going to make our bread taste so good. You can use homemade or store bought. One thing you want to make sure that it is
nice and soft so it’s easy to spread. So now with a knife I’m going to go ahead
and just gently, you don’t want to pull your dough, spread it all over the surface
of your dough leaving a little bit of a perimeter so it has space to spread. So I learned this the hard way but don’t
put on too much nutella because it can actually change the look of your finished bread. You just want a nice, thin layer. Okay, lovely. I mean, who does not love nutella? Nutella and bread? Come on, delicious. Our next step is from the long side of the
dough, just go ahead and roll it up nice and tight. All the way until it’s one nice, big log. Okay, so now we’re going to shape our dough. You know when you go on Pintrest and you see
these gorgeous loaves of bread and you wonder how did they do that? Well I am going to show you and it is really
easy. All you want to do is take a nice, sharp serrated
knife and then lengthwise carve a big line down the center of your bread all the way
to the end. So now you can probably see all the layers
of nutella. This is looking great. So now we’re going to bring the two sides
together and plat them. So take each piece and bring one over the
other and then over the other, you know how to do a plat. Keep on going until the very end. You can really see this starting to take shape. And then all you want to do for the ends,
just give them a bit of a tuck underneath so they don’t roll out. It’s all you have to do, super simple. You probably couldn’t have guessed in a
million years how easy it was to get this beautiful look. So here I have a loaf tin and it has been
greased. And I’m just going to carefully pop my loaf
into my tin. Great. I’m going to wrap it with cling wrap. And then I’m going to lay a tea towel over
it. Now this is the exciting part. We’re going to let this guy proof. We want to get him to rise up nice and high
for around 45 minutes to an hour and then he’ll be ready to be baked off. So my bread has been proofing for around an
hour and just look at that. It is lovely and puffy. It has risen up to the lip of the loaf tin. Now just to finish it off, I have a little
bit of an egg wash here. I’m just going to very carefully brush the
white bits. You don’t have to brush over the nutella. Just brush the white bits of the bread getting
it all over. I really like to do this because it gives
a beautiful finish to the end of your bread. It makes it nice and shiny. Okay, lovely. I think I got all of my bits and pieces. One thing that I love about this dough is
that it’s never going to come out the same way twice. It’s always going to look different but
still beautiful. Okay, this guy looks amazing and he’s ready
for the oven. Bake your bread off at 350 degrees Fahrenheit
or 190 degrees Celsius for roughly 25 minutes. I’m really excited. It only took a few minutes to bake our nutella
loaf. And just look at how gorgeous it is. You can see all of those lovely weaves. It’s beautiful golden brown on top. And you would just not believe how great this
smells. I’m going to let this cool down for around
20 minutes and then we’re going to slice it. Now that my nutella loaf has cooled down,
it’s time to carve it. I think you know by now that I cut pretty
thick slices. I’m really excited to see how this looks
on the inside. Look at that. Look at all of the swirls of nutella. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Oh my gosh. Who would have known that that simple little
trick would create such a lovely loaf of bread. This loaf was so simple to make and just look
at the big and bold results. Everybody is going to love this bread. This is my favorite part of the job. Oh yummy. I don’t know about you, but I love bread
and chocolate. There’s just something so comforting about
it. If you love bread and chocolate, you’re
going to love this recipe. And it was just another fantastic way to use
our Crazy Dough. We know how to make so many of them now. I want you to come back next week because
I’m going to show you how you can take this dough and make an Italian focaccia. It’s absolutely amazing. I’ll see you back here really soon for more
Bigger Bolder Baking.

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7 thoughts on “Crazy Dough Braided Nutella Bread – Gemma’s Crazy Dough Bread Series Ep 4

  1. Hi Gemma! Thanks so much for being a really great YouTuber who answers our baking queries, not all people actually answer our questions, and we, bold bakers are fortunate because of you thank you, thank you, thank youuuu Gemma! 😊

  2. #BiggerBolderBaking Hi Gemma, I hope you'll read this ! I simply love all of your recipes ! Could you please tell me what the best way to store this bread (and any other loaf) is, please, so it doesn't dry out too fast and so I can keep it fresh for as long as possible ? Do I put it in a tin, wrap it up in aluminum foil or slide it in a paper (bread) bag … ? Love and blessings from Belgium ! 💝

  3. I did your dough yesterday and it was so easy, thank you. Then I did a cinnamon sugar bread instead of Nutella. It was so very good. Thank you

  4. I would love to add raisins to this and to the cinnamon rolls!!? At what stage should I add them to the dough?

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