Crazy Dough Cinnamon Rolls – Gemma’s Crazy Dough Bread Series Ep 8
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Crazy Dough Cinnamon Rolls – Gemma’s Crazy Dough Bread Series Ep 8

Hi Bold Bakers! Recently I made a video making Crazy Dough. Crazy Dough is one dough that you can make
so many different breads from, both sweet and savory like nutella loaf and even pizza. Last week I used it to make a savory stuffed
bread that was absolutely delicious and this week I’m going to use the same dough to
make cinnamon rolls. So let’s get baking. Okay, our first order of business: the recipe
can be found on and as always, don’t forget to subscribe to
my Youtube channel so you don’t miss out on any upcoming videos. Okay, now our first step for our cinnamon
rolls is to make the lovely filling. So here in this bowl I have some melted butter
and into it I’m going to add in some brown sugar and then some cinnamon. Add that in there and then just mix all of
these ingredients together. Okay, super simple. That is our delicious buttery filling. Now we’re going to get started on our dough. So sometimes people are kind of intimidated
by making cinnamon rolls, that they’re a really big process, but they’re actually
really easy to make and if you’ve watched my bread series, you’ll know how easy it
is to actually make bread dough so I really hope you try out this recipe. So now let’s talk dough. Here it is. Now I made this in the first episode of this
series, so you can go back and watch that. The dough is really easy to make, you do not
need a stand mixer, and you can just mix it up by hand. It takes two hours to proof and you’re ready
to go. It’s really really fast. So I have a floured surface here. I’m just going to roll out my dough. You just want to roll him out to around 20
inches by 14 inches. All these measurements will be on the website. What we’re looking for is a really big rectangle. Nice big surface to spread all of our cinnamon
butter over. If you find that your dough is sticking, just
put a little more flour onto the surface. Okay, lovely, I’ve got the size that I wanted. So now, I’ve got my filling here, it’s
been chilled a little bit. And I’m going to spread it all over my dough. Spread your filling in a nice thin layer,
getting it all over the surface. And just be careful not to bring it all the
way to the edge. Leave a little bit of a space. Now in cinnamon rolls, some people like toasted
nuts or even raisins in the middle. That will go really well too so just scatter
them on the top there. Okay, this is looking good. It’s nice and well spread out. So now we’re going to roll it up. So lengthways we’re going to very carefully
just roll it tightly up. And then just keep on going until you see
that lovely big roll form. Fantastic. Til it all comes together. Beautiful. Now here’s a funny bit of trivia but I always
get asked what’s the most common pieces of kitchen equipment you should get. I would say a ruler is one of them. I always need a ruler in the kitchen because
I need to measure my tins, measure how long my dough is, to make sure everything works
out right. So invest in a dollar ruler and you won’t
be sorry. So for our cinnamon rolls, I need to cut them
two inches thick. So they’re nice big guys. So just go ahead along the log, and with a
serrated knife, carefully carve each one two inches. You’re going to end up with lots for your
friends and family. And then once you slice it, do you see the
inside? See how pretty that is? Do you see that lovely swirl? This is what all our work is going towards. It will all be worth it in the end. So this will make eight to nine cinnamon rolls,
nice big guys. So here I have a ten inch tin lined with parchment
paper. You can also use a square tin, that will work
well too. And then we’re going to just go ahead and
lay in our cinnamon rolls all around. Try to space them out evenly because remember
they’re going to grow up and proof together. Okay lovely, they’re all nice and snug in
there. Once they’re all in there we’re going
to take some cling wrap and then just lay that over the top of your tin to make sure
no air gets in at them while they are proofing. And then what I like to do is take an extra
towel and put it over there to make sure they’re nice and snug, they get nice and warm, and
they grow big and beautiful. So now I’m going to set these aside to proof. They’re going to take roughly 45 minutes
to an hour and they’re going to get nice and big for us. So my rolls have been proofing for an hour
and let’s have a little peak. They look perfect. As you can see, they’ve probably doubled
in size. They’ve grown nice and big. So at this stage now, they are ready to go
into the oven. Bake your cinnamon rolls off at 375 degrees
Fahrenheit or 190 degrees Celsius for roughly 40 minutes or until golden brown on top. While our cinnamon rolls are in the oven,
we are going to make our cream cheese frosting. Because you cannot have cinnamon rolls without
cream cheese frosting. That’s like the best part. So in this bowl I have some cream cheese. So if you can’t buy cream cheese in your
country, do not worry because I have a recipe of how you can make your own on bigger bolder
baking, super super easy. So into this I’m going to add in some room
temperature butter, some vanilla extract, and some icing sugar. All that good stuff in there. And then you can take a hand mixer or you
can actually just do it by hand, and then just beat all of these ingredients together
until you get a nice kind of a paste. Okay, there you go. Cinnamon roll frosting ready to go, absolutely
delicious. So actually I just heard my timer go off so
let’s check on our cinnamon rolls. These cinnamon rolls look absolutely gorgeous
and they smell amazing. There’s something about cinnamon rolls,
I’m not sure if it’s the cinnamon or the fact that they are so warm and gooey, but
they are really comforting. Oh, yummy. So now all we have to do it take our cream
cheese frosting and then spoon it over the top, when they’ve cooled down for around
five minutes or so, just so it doesn’t all melt off. Lovely. All around the top. You can never have too much cream cheese frosting. Gorgeous. So now, of course, cinnamon rolls are one
of those things that are best eaten in the first few hours that they’re made. So what you want to do, because this is the
style that they are, tear and share. Pull yourself a nice big one. Look at that. So beautiful. And the swirl? Oh my gosh. This smells amazing. My favorite bit is the bit in the middle. Seriously. What can be better than bread, cream cheese,
butter, cinnamon? Breakfast of champions. I hope you saw that its not complicated to
make cinnamon rolls. It’s really really easy. All you have to do is get through the steps,
assemble it, and you’re ready to go. If you haven’t already done so, check out
all of my other crazy dough videos and I’ll see you back here for some more Bigger Bolder

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