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Crazy Dough Naan – Gemma’s Crazy Dough Bread Series Ep 3

Hi Bold Bakers! In a previous video, I made crazy dough. Now crazy dough is one dough that you can
make so many different breads from, both sweet and savory like cinnamon rolls and pretzels. Last week I used it to make pizza and this
week I’m going to use the exact same dough to make naan bread. So let’s get baking. So we’re going to start out with our dough. Now like I said, I made it in a previous video. It is really easy to make and all you have
to do is mix it by hand. The recipe for it can be found on biggerbolderbaking.com
and be sure to subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss any of my upcoming videos. So now I have my dough here ready to go. I’m going to cut it up into eight pieces. Now cut it up as evenly as you can. Don’t worry if they are not exact. And then, once they’re cut, all you want
to do is just roll them into little balls. A really easy way to roll dough is to push
it into the counter and let it pop back up into your hand and that will help you get
a nice round ball. Okay, so once your dough is shaped, I’m
going to take a tea towel and lay it over the dough. Now the reason that we do this is because
the dough needs to relax. The more relaxed it is, the easier it will
be to roll out. And you want to make sure that you cover it
tightly so no air gets at your dough. I’m going to let these relax for around
15 to 20 minutes. So it’s been 20 minutes and my dough is
nice and relaxed. So now on a lightly floured surface. You do not need too much flour. Sometimes its easier to roll the less flour
that you have. I’m going to take my rolling pin and I’m
going to roll my naan out to around eight inches by eight inches. Now if your dough starts to pull back away
from you, it means that it needs a little more time to rest. The gluten is kind of retracting and making
it small again. So just put another tea towel over it and
let it relax if it does. Otherwise just keep on rolling and try to
get the shape of a naan bread. I know it can be a little hard. It does takes a little bit of practice. Okay, lovely. This guy is eight by eight inches. Looking good. Nice and round. He doesn’t always come out round. So next we’re going to brush it with some
butter. Now I have some garlic butter here and all
it is is some fresh garlic and some melted butter. It smells delicious. Its worth it to go that extra step with the
garlic. And then all I’m going to do is brush the
top of the naan bread. You want to get it all nice and coated. Now I’m going to show you the reason why
we do this in a few minutes. Okay, so now we’re almost there with out
naan bread. Here’s the great thing about it. You don’t actually cook it in an oven. You cook it on the stovetop. It is really easy and fast to make. So we’re going to do that now. So now, for the cooking, I’m going to show
you the pieces of equipment that you’ll need. Here I have a cast iron skillet. Now you can also use a frying pan, use something
quite heavy. And I have it over a medium heat. Now the other thing that you’re going to
need is a metal bowl. Not a glass bowl. A metal bowl. And this will actually steam your bread and
you’re going to see that really, really soon so this guy is important. Then the other things you’ll need are a
pair of tongs and then a pallet knife so you’re able to lift the bowl off safely. So we have our equipment ready to go and here
I have my naan bread. Now I have the buttery side facing upwards. Now watch this little trick carefully. I’m very quickly going to put him butter
side down onto the cast iron skillet. Then, I’m going to take my hat and I’m
going to put it on nice and quickly. Now what we want to do is let this cook for
around three minutes. It will steam. It will get lovely and bubbly. And then we’ll check on it. Now if you don’t have a metal bowl, don’t
worry about it because you can always use a cake tin or something like that. It just needs a little bit of height so your
bread can puff up. Now I know this is kind of funny but you cannot
believe how good this smells, with the garlic going on on the cast iron skillet. Oh, yummy yummy yummy. Now you probably don’t know this about me
but one of my favorite cuisines is Indian food. I absolutely love it. Especially a tikka masala or something like
that. And then having the naan bread to wipe it
all up with. Yum. Okay, so its been two minutes and I can actually
hear the condensation dropping onto the skillet. Now I want you to look at this. Take a tea towel and carefully lift off your
bowl or tin. And just watch all the steam come out. Wow. Do you see that? That’s what cooks your bread and gives it
that lovely bubbly texture. Now just take your tongs and then flip it
over. Look at that. Absolutely gorgeous. Didn’t I tell you how quick it is to make
naan bread. Yummy. So on this other side, again, you just want
to cook it for another two to three minutes. Okay, so I think he’s done on the other
side. Let’s have a little peak. Aw, gorgeous. Do you see how it still gets bubbly on the
other side as it cooks? Fantastic. Okay. This is looking perfect. Now we’re going to take him off the heat. Now just go ahead and continue cooking off
the rest of your naan bread. So the reason I wanted to make this series
is because I don’t want bread to be intimidating for you. It is such an easy thing to make and make
sure to check out all of the other crazy dough recipes in the playlist so you can just see
all of the array of breads that you can do. I’m pretty proud of this naan bread. They are all done and now we’re going to
pop them into a basket. I like to line my basket with a nice clean
tea towel. Then I pop in my naan bread. Then I have some chopped cilantro here or
also known as coriander and I’m just going to sprinkle it over the top of the naan bread. Then I just go ahead and I keep on stacking
and sprinkling with coriander. And then when they are all piled up, I like
to take the corners and just cover up the bread. Keep it nice and warm. It also kind of softens the naan a little
bit and it keeps it nice and toasty in there until you’re ready to eat it. And your naan bread is best eaten warm. Now I’m going to rip this open because I
want you to see the texture that’s on the inside. Look at that. Do you see how soft it is and where the bubbles
were? This bread is absolutely gorgeous. Yummy. Oh yeah. See this is why I love bread. Its so easy to make and it is just so great,
even by itself. But you know what? Try it with curries. Try it with dips. You’re absolutely going to love it. I really hope you enjoyed this episode. Make sure you check out all of my other crazy
dough videos and I’ll see you back here next week for more Bigger Bolder Baking.

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