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Crazy Dough: One Easy Bread Recipe with Endless Variations – Gemma’s Crazy Dough Bread Series Ep 1

Hi Bold Bakers. What if I told you that out of one simple
dough, you could make a variety of different breads? In this series, I’m going to show you how
you can take one bread dough and make it into pizza, naan bread, even cinnamon rolls. One dough with endless possibilities. So let’s get baking. So we call this crazy dough for the simple
fact that it is pretty crazy that you can make sweet and savory breads out of the one
dough. Now I know bread making can be intimidating
but trust me, it could not be easier. I’m going to take out all of the fear for
you in this video. We’re going to get started by mixing together
our wet ingredients in a jug. So pour in some lukewarm milk. Now you want it to be warm because it helps
the yeast grow. Next we’re going to add in some sugar. It’s really important because yeast actually
feeds off sugar. And then next we’re going to add in some
dried yeast. Now you can use active dried yeast or just
regular dried yeast; both work really well. Then just take a whisk and whisk them all
together until your yeast has dissolved. Then just set this aside, let the yeast activate,
and you’ll see it bubbles a little bit. Now next we’re going to mix together the
rest of our ingredients. So now in a separate bowl, we’re going to
add in some yogurt and an egg and then whisk them together until well combined. If you don’t eat eggs you can leave them
out and add a little more milk. Okay, that’s whisked up. Now we’re going to set this aside and mix
together all of our dry ingredients. So into our large bowl, we’re going to add
in some plain flour. Now for this recipe you don’t need bread
flour; plain flour works really well. Next we’re going to add in a little bit
of salt because all doughs and baking need salt to give it nice flavor. And then we’re going to add in some baking
powder. Now it might seem weird that we’re adding
in baking powder because we already have yeast, but we are making a variety of different things
so it does need the baking powder. And then just take a whisk and shimmy them
all together. Okay, so that’s that. Now we’re going to combine all of our ingredients
together to make our dough. Go ahead and add in your yeast mix. And then follow that with the yogurt. Okay so now take a spatula or a wooden spoon
and just bring all of your dough together. So now I’m seeing that my dough is a little
bit dry. That’s totally okay if yours turns out like
this. All we’re going to do is add in a small
bit of extra milk, just to wet the extra flour, and then keep on mixing. And then likewise, if you find that your dough
is too sticky, add in a little bit of flour and that will make it a little bit stiffer. So now you’ve probably noticed that you
mix this dough by hand. You do not need a stand mixer or a bread machine
to make this. It could not be easier. Okay, so our dough has formed a nice ball. This is what we’re going for. Now I’m going to take some cling wrap and
then tightly cover the top of your bowl. You don’t want any air to get in here. Lovely. Then you’re going to take a nice clean tea
towel, lay that over the top, and what we’re doing it making our dough lovely and snug,
giving it a warm little bed so it can grow. We’re going to se this aside and let it
proof for two hours. So our dough has been out at room temperature
for two hours. Now, as you can see, it has probably tripled
in size. It is lovely and big and light and fluffy. Now our dough is ready to be used at this
stage. But if you don’t want to use it straight
away, you can pop it into your fridge for up to three days. And best of all, you can actually freeze this
dough if you portion it up, put it in baggies, and pop it into the freezer. But for now, one of the variations we’re
going to make is a cheesy loaf of bread. So go ahead and turn out your dough onto a
floured surface. Now just cut your dough straight down the
middle because this recipe makes two loaves of bread. So now the best thing about this dough is
that you can make one loaf of bread and then maybe you can make a naan bread as well. You don’t have to use it all to make the
one thing. That’s the beauty of this. Then, just with your hand, flatten out the
dough. And then we’re going to sprinkle over with
some cheddar cheese which I absolutely love. Now the best thing about this dough also is
that you can add in whatever you want. You want to add in sundried tomatoes, some
herbs, it will take whatever you want to put in there. Okay, now our cheese is on there. And all you want to do simply is just need
the dough and get that cheese all the way throughout. So now every Sunday I’m going to be releasing
a new video of the different variations you can make from this dough like pizza, cinnamon
rolls, even nutella loaf. So make sure you stop by every Monday and
see what we’re baking. So our cheese is all kneeded in. So now what I’m going to do is roll out
my dough to kind of a sausage shape. Lovely. And then I’m going to pop him into a loaf
tin that’s been greased with oil. Now because I love to decorate things on Bigger
Bolder Baking, I’m going to sprinkle even more cheddar cheese on top. I love cheesy bread. This is going to be so good. Then our next step is to cover this loaf in
cling wrap nice and tight. Make sure there’s no air getting in there. And then we are going to take our dough and
leave him sitting out at room temperature until he doubles, maybe even triples in size. It will roughly take an hour, an hour and
a half. So it has been around 45 minutes or so and
our bread is proofed. As you can see, he has risen up to the top
of the tin and he’s nice and light and fluffy. Now depending on what country you are in and
how hot it is, your timing may vary. But just look for this stage, when it’s
risen up and lovely. Okay, this guy is ready for the oven. Bake your bread at 400 degrees Fahrenheit
or 200 degrees Celsius for roughly 30 to 35 minutes or until your bread is golden brown. Our bread is done and it looks and smells
amazing. I’m going to leave it in the tin for it
to cool down for around 20 minutes. After a few minutes, turn your bread out of
the loaf tin and place it on a wire rack until it cools down completely. When you’re bread is completely cold, now
is a good time to slice it. This bread is great for sandwiches and also
it makes delicious toast, but the way I like it is simply fresh with some butter. Oh I love this bread and it is so cheesy. I know you’re going to love this recipe. Now make sure to come back next Sunday because
I’m going to show you how you can turn this dough into pizza. It is absolutely delicious. I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you back
here every week for more Bigger Bolder Baking.

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