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Crazy Pizzas, Weirder Toppings | Mad Dough

– We’ve got custard we’ve got whiskey cream and all of this shizzle… that’s mince pie. – Oh! – This is Crazy Pedro’s. You’ll get incredible mezcal! You will get nachos in a bin lid! However, it’s the pizzas
that are something special. You will get pizzas like
you’ve never had anywhere else. You’ll get a chippy tea
on top of a pizza. You’ll get crickets
on top of a pizza. This is pizza on
another level. Owner Lyndon and some of
the Crazy Pedro’s family are creating some of
the concoctions that you’re gonna see on future
specials at Crazy Pedro’s. So come on… Let’s go see where
the magic happens. Here we are, Lyndon. – Oh my god, you can’t
come like this. – What’s wrong with the
way I’m dressed? – Get a lab coat on. We’re getting busy, come on. – Never worn a lab coat
before, let’s do it. – We’ve got about 12 different
pizzas to go through. And we’re gonna finalise
them all today, ready for the whole year. And it’s your input, your input, your input, my input. All them lot back there. – Hang on, so I can
actually have a say on something that
goes on the pizza? – Yeah, absolutely.
– I’m in. Okay, let’s do this. Is this the research team? Is this the crack pizza team? – I mean, this is a crack
something team, yes. – Cheers boys. – Is tequila and beer
an integral part of it? – It seems weird not
having pizza and beer and tequila in Crazy Pedro’s. – Let’s say someone’s never
been to Crazy Pedro’s. They’ve never heard of it,
they don’t know what you do, how do you describe it? – Crazy pizzas, which we
change monthly with crazy specials
and they run alongside, probably the biggest mezcal
and tequila selection in the UK, give or take a few bars. It’s buffalo chicken, on a pizza. – Oh that’s good. I think you should
go more French. Why did you start all this? – I had a site but I didn’t
know what to do in it. I really wanted tequila,
and I really wanted pizza, and I was like, surely,
these things can go together? It’s not a very big
science to this thing, how I’ve come about it,
but all of a sudden, I was like, Crazy Pedro’s
Part-Time Pizza Parlour. Let’s just have this little pop-up and do these crazy pizzas
with chicken and waffle, or weird, weird different flavours. And get people drinking
tequila and shots of mezcal and see if all this works together. It does. Coconut chicken, Rum roasted pineapple, and coriander. – That’s a lot going on mate. They’re gonna basically
take the ingredients of a pina colada and
put it on a pizza. Let’s see. I’ve never had coconut on a
pizza but I think that works. – As time goes on and you’re doing a monthly special each month, you’ve gotta go a bit crazier and you’ve gotta think
outside of the next box, never mind the original
box that you were in. Oh my god, f*cking horrible. – I’m gonna say that’s not for me. That’s a nice crunch when you cut it. So cheese on toast on a four cheese pizza. – Yeah. Have you ever had a
shot of Worcester sauce? – That’s horrible. – Nah that’s good! – It’s horrible! – We’ve got to the
point where people will try it once or twice you know what I mean? And I think putting
crickets on a pizza is a really sh*t business idea. Like it’s ridiculous. But it’s for a month, isn’t it. And actually, we sold
quite a few of them. – Spam is a revelation. – Pie Hard, you’ve got custard sauce. – Why wouldn’t ya? – Merry Christmas!
– Cheers! – I’ve never had anything
like this before. – I think some of the
specials we did when we’re testing could
end up on the menu. I think some of them
are actually really good and seeing as we’ve been
open for like four years now. It’s crazy that you’re actually
coming up with one of them– 12 of them a year
is pretty difficult. – What we really need
to do is take some out into Manchester and see
what the people think. You must worry that you’re gonna
eventually run out of ideas because they’re getting
more and more crazy. – I feel like we’re The Beatles. The Beatles never ran
out of songs, did they? – Well, they did, and
they stopped recording, and most of them died. – Oh yeah. Sh*t. – This is cheese on toast… on pizza. Does it work?
– Yeah. – Would you order that
in a restaurant? – Yeah, because it’s
really, really tasty. – Okay. – It’s made well, part of it
there that I can see is toasted. Which is what I like. – Yeah, the toast is toasted. The thing is you can see with that, it’s got very good quality. It’s got great quality,
not good, great quality. I’m gonna have another
bite, hang on. – You get stuck in,
finish that. Check this out. It’s got a custard
base, instead of tomato. – Ugh, I don’t know
about that. – Mince pies, cinnamon,
whiskey cream! – Mince pies. – No way! – He’s going back for more. – So we’re marking this
down as a success? – Yeah, I would say. The snow’s falling, the
Christmas markets are here, it’s gonna make you feel
Christmasy isn’t it? – I mean it would make
me feel Christmasy, but I don’t know if I like it. – Well its weird because I was initially hit
with a sweetness when I put my face to it. – It’s definitely a dessert pizza. – I’m not putting words
into your mouth but what your saying is this is
the nicest Christmas pizza you’ve ever had in your life. – It’s the only Christmas pizza and it’s very nice, so it sets the bar high for
future Christmas pizzas. – Needs some peppers. You do like spice don’t ya. Love you. Put it in your mouth
and tell me what it is. – I’ve heard that
so many times. – The main ingredient
is mince pie. It’s blown my mind! – I actually like this.
– Yeah it’s nice. – Why are we on camera? Are we on TV? – We’re on TV!
– No thank you. – Come on, try it, try the pizza. Jason try the pizza! So there you go, mixed
reactions on the streets of Manchester from the people. But what do the experts think? My mate Maurizio owns Salvi’s. Traditional Neapolitan pizza. Let’s find out what
the experts think. I’m doing some taste tests. We’ve been all
round Manchester with some Crazy Pedro’s pizzas,
some of them a bit crazy. I thought I better
come see an expert. You’re the man for the job. – So this is the first one Maurizio, this might blow your mind. – Surprise me. – Cheese on toast, on pizza, with a little bit of Béchamel
sauce just to liven it up. Ah, look at this,
professional already. That’s how you eat pizza. Okay, so the magic will
happen when you get to the cheese on toast bit. – Hangover, yeah? – Good for a hangover? – Number one, I think. – Okay well yeah, I’ve
been in Crazy Pedro’s there’s a lot of people
with hangovers. Check out that bad boy. – Oh yeah, what’s this? – So, this is gonna be
the Christmas special, see what you think. Just pretend it’s Christmas. – Let’s see. Merry Christmas. – Merry Christmas Maurizio. What we saying?
– It’s weird. – It’s weird, it is weird. – It’s got a nice flavour Whoever has done this has got a lot of
fantasies in his mind. You know what if I’m with
my kids, I might do that. – Kids are gonna love this! – Yeah, they’re gonna love it. – How do you say happy
Christmas in Italian? – Buon Natale.
– Buon Natale? – Yeah.
– Buon Natale Maurizio. Thank you very much.
– Gratsi. – I’ll take these off, see you soon! – Cheese on toast, on pizza. – That’s actually mint,
that’s actually brilliant. – What we saying? – Yeah, that’s good that. – That’s the spirit Luigi! – Very good.
– Luigi’s just happy. True Italians say this is perfect and they were definitely
Italian, Mario and Luigi. I’ve been pedaling this
cheese on toast pizza all around Manchester all day but now it’s time to ask an expert. I’m gonna go see my mate Dan at Northern Soul Grilled Cheese, see what he makes of this,
come on! – Matty, how are ya? – Alright mate, how you doing? – Need you to do me a favour. I’ve got a cheese on toast pizza and you are the cheese
on toast expert. – Grilled cheese expert. – Sorry, grilled cheese expert. Will you come outside
and just eat this with me and see what you think? – No problem. – Are you ready for this?
– Okay. – Are you sure you’re ready?
– Okay. – The cheese on
toast pizza, Dan. – What are you saying? – Another Crazy Pedro’s
mad mash-up? – Alright, let’s eat it then man. – So you dig in,
choose your weapon. What you saying? – Nice melt. Worcester sauce? – Worcester sauce my friend,
very astute. – It feels like what
I do after a piss up. Pizza in the fridge, cheese on toast on the grill, put them together, you’re at
a whole new level aren’t you? – What would you advise
the guys at Crazy Pedro’s? – Crazy P’s? I don’t know. Maybe this, this, Breville, 1980’s. – So you’re talking a
little Northern Soul Crazy Pedro’s collaboration? – You bring the pizza, We’ll bring the grilled
cheese, let’s get it on. – Thank you for your
help my friend. Take it easy, Dan. Keep grilling that
cheese baby. Well there you go, that
brings an end to my day with Crazy Pedro’s and
what have we learnt? Well, three things… Firstly, we’ve learnt that if you’re gonna do a pizza special tasting
brainstorm session, you’re gonna have
to do it with tequila. I learnt that the hard way. Secondly, we know this isn’t
authentic Neapolitan pizza but Maurizio, he liked it, he
had a little twinkle in his eye. Get stuck in, he’s liking that one. And thirdly, and probably
most importantly, we’ve learnt that the
people of Manchester love the maddest flavours
that these lot can make. So get down to Crazy Pedro’s, check them out on Instagram. Just search Crazy Pedro’s
you’ll find out all the specials they’re doing and the other
stuff they’ve got going on. I am going for a lie down,
this place does that to ya.

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