CU Engineering Faculty: Kyri Baker
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CU Engineering Faculty: Kyri Baker

I’m Kyri Baker an assistant professor
in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering. I also
have a courtesy appointment in the Department of Electrical Engineering.
I think my passion somehow has gotten me here and when I get focused I can’t stop
thinking about something. If I think about an idea I want to build I can’t
stop thinking about it and I work on it for fourteen hours straight. It’s really engrossing
and amazing and I think that’s what drew me to engineering. It’s unlike any of my
other hobbies, like guitar or fitness. I don’t get as engrossed as I do with engineering.
I look specifically for interdisciplinary projects and my group
is very interdisciplinary. I have somebody who has degrees in civil
engineering, electrical engineering,
mathematics in my group. I look for projects where we’re going to span the bridge
between electrical engineering and architectural engineering so they need to
know about how a building works and how energy within a building works, but they
also need to know about large-scale how the color grid works, how energy is
generated and distributed within the grid. A large portion of the reason I became a professor is because it’s a very
creative job. I use my creativity every time I write a proposal or write a paper.
There are really no bounds. I wrote a proposal about the buildings on Mars, I
wrote a proposal about, you know, resilient micro grids and harsh climates
I wrote a proposal about smart buildings. So there’s a lot of room for creativity.
It’s really nice to come up with ideas and to be able to pursue them and to
bounce ideas off these students and help them pursue something that interests
them as well.

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