Curly Fries in Air Fryer | Homemade EASY Crispy Parmesan Fries
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Curly Fries in Air Fryer | Homemade EASY Crispy Parmesan Fries

today we’re gonna make a quick and easy
recipe delicious homemade curly fries in your air fryer so let’s get started welcome back to cooking with shotgun red
and this is Jennifer and this is Sheila yeah
and we’re back to do another fun little recipe we got to thinking about this we
were making our Philly cheesesteak and we said you know it would really be good
with like some homemade curly fries or something like that so well let’s make
some homemade curly fries so we decided we’d make some so we got our potatoes
all peeled and ready to go and we just chopped off the edges and this is my
handy dandy little spy roller yeah she’s got what kind of gadgets
around this house I do and you know I love this thing because I use this for
zucchini I use it for sweet potatoes I anything you want to spiral up you can
spiral it you could shred it you can do all kinds of things. it’s got these
little little doohickeys here what do you call them? Spikes! so it’s
got this little post that sticks it out you just push that potato on there and you
just clamp it up and it you can see it comes out like little spirals and so you
just turn it and this is really easy I know they make a lot of handmade ones
like the little hand things I think have electric ones but honestly this is the
easiest one that I have ever had and you want to break those up into french fries
otherwise that’ll be the longest french fry ever that’s the longest curly frying
I’ve ever seen what you could do is this would all be one kearney fry and Bend up
cut it yourself and you can see it just leaves this cute little thing in the
middle that you don’t use that part but anyways and then he just scraped it off
so you’ve got your potato you just stick it right on the little
post stick it out here you try to make it just make sure it’s level as possible
just slide that in and you turn and there’s hardly any effort to it at all
so if you’ve got bad wrists or anything like that
you won’t have a problem using this if you want to spiral something in the
kitchen aren’t you angry about something it’s in
a good look at all that don’t get a perm put my
hair like this somebody was asking me about this the other day I think I found
this at the grocery store I had a little hand twisting one just one that you’d
like turn and it was hurt my wrist that I was like I gotta find something a
little easier so this is a lot easier for me and it makes a lot very quickly
yes it does and it’s real it’s dishwasher safe if they did you want you
safe for me anyway cuz I don’t use the do part that’s true Sheila doesn’t use
dishwasher I hate you washes everything by hand she’s like my mom another thing
is it sticks to the like get that thing off it doesn’t slide around on you
because it’s got these little suction cups on the bottom and it’s really handy
you just I just take a brush to clean it and these these pieces all come apart
and you can easily just wash it up this slides out and it’s dishwasher safe
okay so we’ve got olive oil olive oil you use any kind of oil you want so I’m
gonna just sprinkle this in and we’re just gonna get messy I’m gonna get messy
now manthang yeah get messy just enough to coat so that you’re
seasoning and everything will stick to these potatoes so in here we have garlic
salt and garlic powder and I’m gonna let Sheila just kind of sprinkle that in why
I keep my messy hands in there just kind of lightly sprinkle that in okay and all
over and we wanted that make sure we get that coated on everything all right so
we’ve got some chili powder yes and some salt and pepper and I’m just gonna
sprinkle a little bit of that oh and also a little bit of paprika you can put
in there for color and you know it’s up to you how much seasoning you want to
put if you don’t like a lot of seasoning that’s okay and then of course we have
our grated Parmesan and we’re just gonna sprinkle that I might as well just a
messy Sheila as well I’ll just stay over here and and keep keep the mess going so
we’re just gonna grate get all that grated parmesan on there get it ready to
go now you can do these in the oven or you can do them in the airfryer we’re
gonna do them in the airfryer today because it’s just as easy for us to do
that but it takes about the same amount and I think we’re ready to put them in
the airfryer all right so we’ve got our airfryer here your basket because the
little draining thing we’re just gonna dump this entire thing right on in here
and just make sure they’re all spread out and this is going to go on for 20
minutes but we’re gonna open this up in between and make sure we flip these over
a little bit so that they’re not just the one side because the air fryer is
cooked from the top down so we’ll want to flip them over a couple times in
between with some tongs and we’re just going to put that back in I really love
my air fryer we’re gonna put it on 400 degrees and I’m gonna do 10 minutes and
then I’m gonna flip them over and we’re gonna do another 10 minutes you can see
those are browning up really nice and we’re just gonna flip those around a
little bit flip them over all cooks and we’re gonna turn it on for another four
minutes or so so that was another four minutes we’re gonna do another I’d say
I’ll try another four minutes and we’ll see where at so we’re gonna put this on
four on 400 for another four minutes see where we’re at okay so we’re back yes
and look at these curly fries yeah they were only in there for about 18 minutes
on my air fryer on 400 degrees and that was plenty for me this particular air
fryer your model might be a little different and remember you could always
do these in the oven too for on 400 to 425 for about 20 minutes would be all
you would need in the oven and you could spread them out but these looks so good
they got me the crunchies and soft and everything is all seasoned side it let’s
have a little bit like yeah doesn’t that look good maybe I got some ketchup here
if you want some ketchup and there’s it’ll it off I don’t have to make no
faces no no faces uh-huh hmm yeah so go make a meal out of this
ourselves heck you could make like chili cheese fries and oh guys stuff your kids
are gonna love these your family’s gonna love these so definitely want to try
these I love these she loves these well thanks for watching
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it ain’t it ought to be we’ll see you next time right here on cooking with
shotgun red bye I’m gonna have some more I’m gonna have
some more yey-hey toast toast well that’s she she and Jen Jen them two
girls haven’t too much fun we hope you enjoyed this recipe and we
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here on cooking with shotgun red is this the best David ain’t it ought to be

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31 thoughts on “Curly Fries in Air Fryer | Homemade EASY Crispy Parmesan Fries

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