Daily Sax 062 Das hohe G – High Notes auf dem Saxophon lernen
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Daily Sax 062 Das hohe G – High Notes auf dem Saxophon lernen

Hi there! It´s me, Bernd from Saxbrig. You are here on the Saxophone Channel on Youtube Today I am going to show you a fingering for the high note G I show it on tenor sax and than on alto too. The fingerings are a bit different on each individual instrument. Just by knowing the keys doesn´t mean you can play the high note automatically, no.. Flageolets and high notes aren´t easy to play we have different exercises to practice before we are able to play in that high range and to get a feeling how it works a very good exercise, I am showing you right now, is to play only with your mouthpiece… take your mouthpiece and try to play the same tone you want to play with you sax, in our case the high G And play it only with your mouth and control it with your ears Ok, first I am trying to find the right tone on my saxophon I keep the right tone in my mind and now the same tone just with my mouthpiece now I show you the fingering on tenor we have a flagolet fingering for the F sharp, it is an alternative to the common F-Sharp Key. You need that, when you play a vintage horn. On older Instruments there is no F-Sharp key. I always play the high F Sharp like that On modern saxophones you can use both fingerings. Here is how it works This is an A. Now, just lift your index finger a little bit up to the flagolet F. Don´t forget the octave key. Now you have a high F the lower hand presses the side Bb and the F with your right index finger here it is: F Sharp Now, to get from F Sharp to the high G is easy: On your lower hand just lift the middle finger and the same with your upper hand: lift the middle finger. On alto we have a different fingering. First you play a D with the octave key then lift the middle finger on both hands. This is a common fingering on alto for the high G sometimes it is called a fork-fingering That is a high G Now we try to play the same note just with the mouthpiece. To be able to play flageolets, the fingering is not as important as you might think. 70 to 80 precent, the tone is made with your embouchure and your mouth You need to hear the tone in your mind before you play it. The better you can imagine the sound the better you can play that If you´d like to check out further high notes and the right exercises to get them you can find a course on saxvieotraining.com. It is our SaxFX Course There you´ll find a full chapter just with that topic. you get a lot of good exercises and you get familiar with the high range. The fingering alone are only the half job… Althougt you might be able to play the high notes, but it could sound thin and without gusto and often it is too sharp, intonation is bad and so on… Now you have new stuff to practice. Try to play the two fingerings… I guess it will work for you. If not, don´t be frustrated. Just try it over and over, one day it will work for you If you liked my video please share it. I´d appreciate your comments, your feedback and your questions we have english subtitles this time someone asked me for that, and now you can understand what I am talking about even in english maybe I will do a video in English some day in the future when I´m more fluent in English see you in the next videos. Take care and bye bye…Yours Bernd

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6 thoughts on “Daily Sax 062 Das hohe G – High Notes auf dem Saxophon lernen

  1. Englisch müsste ich auch mal üben, nur brauchte ich bisher kein Englisch.
    Aber in der Musikerwelt sieht es anders aus na ja.
    Bis dann

  2. Bei mir wollen die Dinger einfach nicht… Ich denke, Leute wie ich kaufen einfach Flageolets in der Dose. (Dazu Lammkoteletts und Rotspon.)

  3. I really enjoy what I hear you play but it will be wonderful if I understand what you saying is it possible for English subtitles

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