Dal Makhani Recipe | दाल मखनी | Chef Ranveer Brar
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Dal Makhani Recipe | दाल मखनी | Chef Ranveer Brar

I really don’t know from where it started and how it started And the Popularity “Dal Makhani” has gained It is been quiet a journey And this “Dal Makhani” is so easy to cook But if you go through youtube you realise There are lot of people who don’t know how to cook “Dal Makhani” Well When i felt this Then i thought Let us give you my version of “Dal Makhani” which i have Learn in my time… Rolling &… …Action…!! The story of “Dal Makhani” and Aaa.. The credit should actually goes to 3 people There were 3 friends “Kundan Lal Jaggi”, “Thakur Dass Maggu” & “Kundan Lal Gujral” These 3 friends were working in “Lahore” Aaa.. At a “Eating” place(Restaurant) Making “Roti”, grinding masala and cooking food And after The partition they got separated And after the separation Suddenly, after partition Roaming in refugee camp, three of them “Met” again And then They decided if they going back to “Delhi” and became refugee again and want to start some business, Then let’s do the same which we where doing “Lahore” Then they Decided to open a “Restaurant” And in that restaurant They cooked the same dishes which they used to cook earlier The restaurant was named as “MOTI MAHAL” And the dish which they prepared in their restaurant Which Is till now Is your and mine conversation is “Dal Makhani” The true and original “Dal Makhani” Is actually a result of Friends getting together after the partition It’s a result of the The refugee drive to “Excel” It is the story of “Moti Mahal” So, for this the important thing is “Urad Dal” To this First Scrub and wash it properly with water Scrubbing and washing is very important Wash nicely And then Drain the water, you see that… All this “Dirt” Many people say that Wash dal Two or Three times Do Hard work Apply force and Scrub nicely Than it’s enough to wash twice After that… Like this Soak in water and don’t put anything in water Once it is soaked overnight Dal will look like this So, you see the difference between this and this Now we need to cook This dal for long period of time On a “Slow flame” Which is very important If it is cooked on a “High flame” or in a “Pressure cooker” It will look like “Dal Makhani” but the “Skin” of the dal will be separated from the dal At least an hour and a half on a “Slow flame” Ok… Here goes dal Add little Garlic water Chop garlic and put it in water And here goes After this Normally I never add “Salt” at the first go Once the dal is boiled for 30minutes Than you can add salt to it I feel if we add salt at first the the skin of the dal gets “Hard” So, that’s why add Salt always… Later “Scum” forming on top of the dal All the scum (Dirt) coming on top again and again Is important to regularly remove from the dal This… Has to go to the “Dustbin” Otherwise it “Dal Makhani” will become “Off” dal makhani and then you will say… “Ranveer aapne bataya nahi” And if you will say, than look at this video again cause “Ranveer” had informed Why “Dal Makhani” is only made in restaurant and not in our “Home’s” This is because It is impossible that for very long time gas range in our home’s can be empty So when “Refuges” Aaaa… Came to Delhi So, Dal was put on “Sanjha chula” in night only “Tandoor” actually which is known as Delhi “Tawa” and top of it dal was cooked So, in homes “Chole Maa ki dal” or “Rajma Maa ki dal” was cooked, “Dal Makhani” Is not Home cooked food Ok… Nice Now Dal… Has started to breakdown Once dal is breakdown add Butter From here The actual steps for making “Dal Makhani” begins Degi Red chilli powder for colour and not for spiciness Now, take it off the flame As soon as colour comes Add little water So that it should not get discoloured Here you can use “Canned” tomato purée Because colour of canned tomato purée is very nice I can compromise on colour but i will use only fresh tomato purée Canned tomato purée is much “Redder” So, that’s why it gives nice colour But not a problem We can compromise on colour But will use “Fresh” ingredients Ok… Here is “Mathani” With the help of “Mathani” we’ll just Traditionally, grind it like how it should be ground So, if you want very nice Taste Mash dal as much as you can And use a “Wooden” spoon And keep at it Keep adding butter as much you can But if you have “White Butter” White butter is the best butter to put in this Nice Now… Before it discolour Add Water And… Done Let me show you the consistency Here Beautiful… And some garnishes are Never meant to be messed with “Dal Makhani” garnish is also same Here it goes Restaurant style “Dal Makhani” All it needs is 6 ingredients Sometime Patience And love And it also needs you to subscribe And press the bell icon so go for it now…!!

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100 thoughts on “Dal Makhani Recipe | दाल मखनी | Chef Ranveer Brar

  1. I'm just dumbfounded to see the amount of butter n clarified butter you have put. I love your channel & love your style alot but this recipe is a pass for me.

  2. I love to watch ur recipes & excited to know about its history, as u explain it very well…!!! Even I have tried ur recipes, its turned out superb…!!! Thanks RB….!!!

  3. Its actually a simple and traditional style Dal Makhni👌 Loved it❤️ Also, you could have served it with Butter Naan instead of rice😀

  4. I think you forgot to add salt…..or is it understood?
    I'll stick to my recipe /method; far too much ghee/butter in this one.

  5. Thanks for sharing. I think you forgot to add salt 😊 You mentioned in the beginning to not add during the boiling process but not sure if you added later.

  6. Hi Ranveer! I am following you from Raja Rasoi! I love the way you tell all these historical facts behind traditional recipes. I live in the US and love to cook. Your recipes help a lot. Thank you very much.

  7. Ranveer ji shayd yeh pehli dish Essie hogi jismein aapne Hara Dhaniya use nahin kiya. And I already subscribe your channel.

  8. सर आप महाराष्ट्र के कोल्हापुरी तांबडा पांढरा रस्सा दिखावो

  9. Wonderful receipe! I followed it with a few changes like didn't add garlic water, added a small teaspoon of garam masala towards the end. Very very tasty, comforting and satisfying. Big thanks to you!

  10. Was just thinking of cooking dal makhani for my father in law n you post this video…. Am I the lucky one☺️ Got the best recipe from the numero uno chef. Thanks RB

  11. I came across your channel this morning by pure luck and ever since I have been hooked to your channel and videos related to you. The Dal Makni vedio is the first vedio I watched and it's the way you adress food that made me want to cook for tonight. Anyhow, I made this for dinner today it turned out addictive, deliciously addictive. To let you know, this is my first time eating and making dal makni. It was simply finger linking good. Thankyou

  12. It's my pleasure to watch recipe but I love to heart story of the dish …..
    But chef u r not afraid of use ghee 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋…..

  13. sir thank you… Yaha Mumbai mein delhi waali na to Daal milti hai na tandoor.. everytime you order DM, its a sheer disappointment.. I Love dal Makhni and I love to cook.. somehow its been on my list but kabhi banaya nai… ab banaenge… 😁

  14. Seriously m just die heart fan of this guy .. if this guy make 5 min video how boil water definitely I’ll watch this too

  15. You very good, I loved the history associated with the dish and then the way you demonstrated….you got a new subscriber today

  16. Ranveer will you stop adding butter already!
    Loved it… Authentic as always. I love the way you are all about preserving the original recipe.

  17. As usual fantastic Recipe RB, turned out to be great when I made..my takeaway from u – Less ingredients but more butter n ghee and simmering as much as possible and loads of love- all makes a tasty Dal Makhni…😋 Thanks for sharing the tips…
    P.S. – diet concious n weight watchers, sorry u miss this 🤭

  18. Tanveer, you said :" Jitni himat utna makhan dalo"
    I say" jitna blood me cholesterol, us ko dhayan me rakh kar Makhan dalo"
    Excellent recipe, Thanks.

  19. Hey Ranveer I live alone abroad and after watching ur videos I started cooking myself and I cant believe i cook so well.. Ur recipes are simple and awesome.. Thanks a ton.. Bless u 😊

  20. I love the way you express the story of every recepies n i love dal makhni but never try at home but know I will try

  21. How come you are so fit means that you don't eat your cooked food..You add so much of butter ghee oil…..Watching AkshayKumar..Anyways it's good to be fit

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